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This Is What I Want...

Updated on July 19, 2022

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."


May World Peace Gently Kiss Us ALL...

Love is the only consciousness where we can all know ourselves as one on the most extraordinary planet imaginable.

...And I know I can do it

On days when I actually feel the power of the universe coursing through my body and mind, I experience what it feels like to Co-Create with God. I can imagine being in a state where we all come from joy. So what I want is to experience co-creating with God and being in a graceful enough consciousness that everything I perceive is perceived as extraordinary, phenomenal, peaceful, loving, and mysterious.

I recently saw the movie, "Eat, Pray, Love." again. There was a phrase that Julia Roberts used and although I had seen the movie once before it was here that I really heard it. She said, "God dwells within me as me." It touched my heart instead of my head and gave me a renewed sense of purpose. Daily life is an awesome phenomenon. We are making decisions at the speed of light and we are making them from a lot of different places. If there are approximately 7 billion of us here, I am guessing, there are about 7 billion different places we can all be coming from.

I am not saying we should all be exactly alike I am saying we have tried a lot of views that are not joyful, could we all start by agreeing on one thing. Please leave a comment expressing what the one thing is you could agree on with everyone in the world.

I could agree to the following and these are the things I want:

I could agree to live in the present. I could agree to have integrity. I could agree to treat you the best I am able to at any given time we are together. I could agree to speak only well of you. I could agree to be peaceful. I could agree to respect you. These things and much more I can agree to with you. What I have come to see in all relationships is that what really works is telling people what you want and need and giving them time and space to accept or decline the request. I have come to see that I cannot hold others accountable to give me what I want and need if I do not ask them for it. I will not know whether they have agreed to provide it. So, I wanted to tell you some of the things I want and need and see if we can agree on some things that would make each of our lives better.

I really always want the best for you. It improves my life for you to have the best life possible. We are creating our world together. I personally believe that focusing on where we can agree is more useful than reacting to each other out of fear. If you could give this a try I would be forever grateful and appreciative.

God dwells in you as you.




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