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This Is Where God Is

Updated on August 21, 2014

Where Is God?

There is turmoil all around me. Friction rubs against the very grain of my nature. The noise is insufferable, and fear and anxiety haunt me night and day. I struggle to fight all that is against me. I thrash about like a caged animal, fighting to break free from the steel bars that imprison me. I run, thinking I am running away from my worries, only to realize I’m chasing down more. I push and hit. Kick and scream. I struggle to take control, to take over, to beat my enemies. But they overpower me and chase me around in endless circles. Day after day, I fight the same battles until I am past the point of mental, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. Where do I find peace? Where do I go to escape the angst that stalks me night and day? Where is God in all these storms of my life?

I call out to Him, the One who saves, but the rattling noises around me drowns out even my own voice. I am hopelessly lost to the raging storms and the harrowing waves of despair. I try to run, but my legs are heavy with weighty burdens, causing me to stumble and fall. I reach out blindly with weak, trembling arms, groping madly into the deep foggy clouds that obstruct my way. Trouble reaches back, and with a grisly hand, pulls me into its monstrous grip. I weakly fight off its brutal attack, finally breaking free, just narrowly escaping the ill fated dooms that was sure to end in my death.

I run blindly into the murky darkness that holds even more unforeseen dangers. The path is crooked and narrow, and littered with rocks and sharp objects. As I grope through the shadowy unknown, I cut my feet on the sharp objects below, and cry out in agonizing pain. But I can’t stop running, for the darkness is quickly stalking, and driving me to madness. Insanity lurks just behind, looking for its next victim. I fear I’m losing ground, and control. Where is my God? Why doesn't He come and save me??

I stumble upon a large rock and fall helplessly to my knees. I cry out to God. “Where are you," I wail and moan in desperation. “Come and save me from this wretched misery! Deliver me from these troubles that are trying to destroy me!” I hear nothing in reply.The darkness is painfully silent. I look up to Heaven, past the blackened clouds that enshroud me. I rise weakly on trembling legs, determined to hold a face-off with my Maker. Tears, mixed with sweat, pour down my face, paving dirty streams down my cheeks. I am bold with anger. Words fly recklessly from my quivering lips, like rabid bats encircling in a cave. I demand an answer. I demand to know why my Creator has ignored me, and has denied my urgent pleas for help. I shake my bony fist and yell out to the ear-less sky above me. “WHERE ARE YOU, GOD??!! WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER ME??!!” Still nothing. The darkness stares coldly back, its haunting laugh echoing relentlessly in my head.

I stare deliberately and sharply into the immense vastness of the sky. The answer is deathly clear. His silence is my punishment. He has abandoned me to my misery for eternity. I am not worthy of His salvation. He has turned a deaf hear to my pathetic petitions. I look around for another way out of my misery, but every path leads to gloomy darkness. In total defeat, I finally stop fighting. I wait for the end to swallow me up like a vulture, and carry me to my eternal damnation. I give up the tiresome struggle that has finally beaten me down. Like a weakened bough in the swaying treetop, I relent to the raging winds that are bearing down, sure to snap me into unrecognizable pieces within seconds. God is not here, I decide, and in bitter defeat, I stop searching for Him.

But then, something amazing happens….


Come Into the Eye...

The threatening winds suddenly die down. An eerie quietness descends and gently lands in front of me like a beautiful butterfly. The dark, foreboding clouds slowly start to part, and a bright light streams luminously through the narrow opening. The brilliant light mesmerizes and hypnotizes me to the point that l can’t look away. I feel my soul willfully leave my body and journey quickly toward the welcoming light. My mind and body eagerly follow. A voice gently calls out. “Come into the eye with me. Here you will find what you've been looking for.”Without hesitation, I quickly and obediently move toward the voice. Within seconds, I am basking in the most peaceful, serene, and calming place I've ever known! Instantaneously, my body, mind, heart, and soul are transformed and renewed. I stand in amazement at the transcendental beauty before me. Even greater peace envelops and encircles me like an armored shield. I feel safe, protected, and guarded like a fine diamond jewel. I am reborn into a new dimension of love, peace and blessings!

The voice speaks again. “Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you! I've been here all the time waiting for you. Here, you will find the peace you’ve been searching for!” And although I can’t see anyone, I know His voice. It is the voice of my God. Suddenly, I have an epiphany. I know exactly where I am! I am in the eye of the storm with my Maker! Of course! Why did it take me so long to get here? All my life, I've been fighting and struggling to find peace, all the while trying to get God to come to me, when all I had to do was GO to where He was! And where else would He be? But where there is total peace – in the calm, quiet center of the storm! The revelation becomes as clear as the crystal rivers of water that flow through Heaven! All I have to do is walk out of the storm, and into the eye. That's where my God is! That's where He's been all along!

God's Hands
God's Hands | Source

Finally at Peace!

He takes me by the hand, and brings me in closer to Him. I feel incredible love rush from His heart to mine. I have finally become as one with my Creator. Thirsty for more, I drink in the perfect peace that runs freely like a silky river of pure sweet milk. I inhale, widening my lungs to breathe in the sweet aromas of joy, happiness and contentment. I close my eyes and feel massaging warmth spread through my loins, healing every broken and hurting limb in my body. Pure and everlasting love flows effortlessly through my veins, and spills out through every pore like fragrant perfume. I bathe myself in the gentle foams of kindness, tenderness, and grace. Suddenly, every thought, everything I see, every breath I take is filled to overflowing with beauty, love, and yes, peace. There is no longer any conflict, tension, or anxiety. Worry has slipped away like a dense fog lifting with the rising morning sun. Hatred, resentment, jealousy, and anger melt quickly away into shapeless blobs. I look around, my senses heightened to a level I've never before known. It's like I'm seeing, hearing and tasting everything that is good, and pure and honest for the first time! God’s abounding love and goodness is magnified a thousand times, and everything around me is in perfect harmony and balance.

“Come closer. Stand close beside me and I will fill you with everything you desire,” He says. I yearn to move closer to my God. I yearn to stay with Him in this calm, quiet place that has quickly become my sanctuary; my refuge, my new home! I am finally at peace. I feel a bold assurance and confidence that my life will no longer be the same. It will be incredibly better! I look around and see everything I have ever wanted or desired, hanging in front of me like juicy, ripened fruit on a healthy, flourishing tree. No longer do I have to fight the tempestuous storms of life to get what I want. All I have to do is be still with my God, in the eye of those storms. I know as long as I am in the eye with my God, I am safe from all the terrors of the storms that lurk just outside.

I look cautiously over the edge and see worry, stress, and anxiety clamoring to get into the eye with me. But their efforts are futile. God laughs at their feeble attempts. “You are safe here. They cannot get in – only you can leave and go to them. But do not let them persuade you to come out,” he cautions. “As long as you are here with Me, they cannot hurt you.” I move even closer to God. The closer I get, the more love, peace, and strength I feel. And power. There is so much power standing next to God in the eye of the storm! Another epiphany emerges. I realize that in the quiet and stillness of the eye is where I will find the strength to rise above the storms in my life! God never meant for me to fight the storms of life. All I have to do is step out of them, and into the safe center of the eye with Him!

Finally, I understand. THIS is where God is! This is where He has been the whole time! This is the place every man and woman on earth struggles to get to, but don't realize it's been within their reach the whole time! This is where the fighting stops, and the peace begins! This is the place where eternal peace, love, and goodness reside, because this is where God lives! God is in the eye of EVERY storm in my life! I look up and see a sign resting on a cloud:“WELCOME HOME!” Below, it reads; “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28 NIV. Come, and He will give you rest. Rest and peace. Peace that passes all understanding. Powerful peace.

Where is God, you ask? He’s in the most beautiful, most peaceful, and most calm place this side of Heaven – in the eye of the storm you are so desperately fighting against. But He can’t bring peace to you – you must GO to Him to find it. Just like evil, darkness, negativity, and worry can’t enter into the eye. It’s impossible because only peace, goodness, love and all that is a part of God, dwells in the eye. But take heart - it’s not far from you– just a few steps into the light. Go quickly – everything you’ve ever wanted or needed - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, is there. Stop fighting and trying to control the storms in your life. Simply walk away, and step into the eye of the storm. That’s where you'll find the peace you so desperately want. Because that's where your God is!

May you soon find perfect peace and abundant blessings from the One who dwells in the eye of the storm - Jesus Christ!


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