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This Holy Queen

Updated on September 9, 2011

This Our Holy Queen

On the queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we celebrated this holy day

And honored Mary, our Holy Queen that day. Holy Mass took place this day @our Holy Catholic Church

where Fr. Joe Watson said noon Mass.

The entrance antiphon was,

“the Queen stands at your right hand arrayed in cloth of gold.”

And so we received prayer that said Mary is our queen and mother.

The priest mentioned this new piece of knowledge where I learned that

we have the support of the blessed prayers of the Virgin Queen

And that we may come where we can share in the glory of the children

That are of the kingdom of heaven.

Of our Blessed Virgin Queen we realize she has exceptional integrity.

And we do love her for she is for us with her motherhood and her discipleship.

And by faith and believing, that is of her power, for she has with God all things.

And on this day, we were asking to be more like this Holy Queen, for love reigns!

By Shea Jubelirer


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