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"Thoughts are things"

Updated on February 17, 2020

"Thoughts are things"

These are my graditude rocks, they are like different things.Thoughts are things.
These are my graditude rocks, they are like different things.Thoughts are things.
The bible teaches about thoughts and Job's story tell us this truth.
The bible teaches about thoughts and Job's story tell us this truth.

"Thoughts are things"

The famous words of Job: Job chapter 3. verse 25-26

25. For that which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.

26. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came unto me.

In my quest for for truth about the knowledge of thoughts of the mind and how thoughts work in our every day lives. In my research of thinking, the fear of anything bring on things in our life that we do not want. Job proves this when he speaks of his fears and the fact that everything that he ever feared came unto him. Which bring us back to thoughts of the human mind that we all entertain. What I have come to realize is our thoughts can be a help or a hindrance, a blessing or a curse to us. It will be up to us to use our thought pattern wisely. We all live our lives by the choices we make in life and most times our choices are detrimental to us. The sad thing about this analogy is that 90% of us don't know that we are the direct cause of the out come of our life, whether it's productive or unproductive.

The whole idea of right thinking wasn't taught to us as children because no one taught our parent. We picked up the wrong pattern of thinking from our parent and they from theirs parent. We cannot blame our parent for this huge over sight because they didn't have access to. this valueable knowledge themsleves. So, when we learned this knowledge we try to pass it on to our loved ones and anyone else that will listen. Then their lives want be screwed up by the lousy thoughts they entertain. You try to get the message out there, that if we can change our pattern of thinking to good wholesome thoughts. Our lives will turn around and become more healthy, happy, prosperous and harmonious.

We will never know the truth about succeeding in life if we don't try thinking better thoughts. We can make a conscious choice of thinking positive and living a happier life in harmony with the universe because good thoughts will help us live happy productive lives. You really can't teach anyone this knowledge. Unless they already have an idea about how thoughts can work for you or against you. What I have learned so far is right thinking is like working a job 24-7, because if you stop making conscious decisions to think right. You'll get back into the habit of letting your wrong thoughts control your life again.

We all have choices to think right thoughts. If we want to ever accomplish our goals in life. we have to develope a pattern of right thinking every day until it becomes like breathing to us. I promise you this is not a game, this is a true fact of life. You are what you think and thoughts are truly things that materialize in our lives. I have also learned by experience that what ever we worry about is exactly what we bring into our world. Most times it's not what we want at all. It's true, thoughts are things, so we should be busy thinking of healthy, happy,cheerful, prosperous thoughts and bring the things that we want into our world and nothing else.

Benny Faye Douglass


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