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Three Benefits of Believing in God

Updated on August 30, 2014

Most people believe in something. They either believe in themselves, in God or in money. In other to live life to the fullest believing in God is crucial. I remember growing up believing everything that I read in the Bible; it was so easy. Then I grew up and had to question everything. I realized that believing in a God I do not see is not easy but that it requires faith. One scripture on faith changed my mind, "faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the substance of things not seen." I realized from this scripture that I could not comprehend believing in God without having what is child-like faith or blind faith.

Here are the three benefits of believing in God:

Mental Health:

Before I worked on my faith, I was very fearful of everything. I was even fearful of spiritual things. Believing in God does not just mean believing in God, it also means believing he is the good, powerful and will always protect me if I call on him. My mental health issues were a direct result of my lack of faith. As soon as I prayed," [which] is the greatest exercise of my faith" I received my healing. I realized that God does not want me to hurt, be poor or die but if I do not believe in him, "[I] cannot please him." In addition, my blind faith in Jesus Christ gave me my healing.

Social Health:

Socially believing in God is foolish to some but it creates a healthy society. I trace back the religion and believe of people who do wicked things in society. Ninety-nine percent of the time, these evil people break the laws of God. God's laws are what create health for us socially. If no one believed or followed God's laws, society will be destroyed, literally.

There is a certain level of integrity that comes with wealth. In order to be wealthy and have it last, believing in doing the right things is crucial. After believing in God, doing the right things comes easy because of a certain level of responsibility we gain to be like God and be good. Besides, the Holy Spirit, God's spirit lives inside the heart of every believer. Financially, I have never lacked because I trust in my abilities through God. I exercise faith that "I am beautifully and wonderfully made." I put others before myself and only the Spirit of God through faith in Jesus can help me with this.

Life is not about the physical only; this is the cause of being materialistic and experiencing un-fulfillment, poverty and mental illnesses. Trust in God and he will be your anchor. Trusting in God and believing in Jesus is the key to a fulfilled life. Choose faith today and God will bless you.

Listen to this Video to Learn about Logic and Faith


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