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Time For Spring To Begin

Updated on April 7, 2013

elusive spring
won't begin
cold artic air keeps pouring in
weekends we wait
with hopeful gaze
to feel a hint of
coming summer days
but so far
they've stayed away

life is terpsy
turned around
and once again
I picked myself off
of the ground
and found my way to
brighter days
even while spring
stayed away

up and downs
seems the cycle
of things
and we just have
to wake and see
what each day brings
and take our coats
until May
if the spring
stays away

but here I am
on this sunday
and I think I
can sense a change
and have another drink
of my hot coffee
and listen to
death cab for cutie
knowing it's time
for Spring to begin


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    • profile image

      Star Recipe 4 years ago

      Nice poem JB. It made me realize that I never even thought about why so many things in nature oscillate, and this applies to our lives no less.