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From out of the World to Divinity

Updated on May 21, 2015

Go To The Cross Just Like Jesus Did And Rise Anew


Come back to God’s beginning,

The way he wanted us to be,

He created us for non-sinning

His motive is deeper than we can see,

God is the most beautiful thing

That I see when I close my eyes,

I go deep into His being,

I see that He wants me to be wise,

He is the strength of my mind

If I ask, He gives it to me,

To me, He is beautifully kind

Only through Him can I see

He provides for all my needs,

I need not worry about anything,

He’s given me faith

And it’s worth keeping,

I love my strange brother and sister,

I live according to His orders,

He made me a disciple ministers,

To be a giver not like hoarders,

Yes, I love a spirit that I cannot see

But it is as real as I am...

To exist and be free

If I ever see it, it would be a sham,

So, I see Him in Spirit and in truth,

In nature and in proof,

I love you so Lord!

And you know others do too

Today, Oh Lord, You have me on this mountain,

Praising Your Existence

Like a spiritual fountain

From a short distance

Jesus' Illustration

The purpose of Jesus Christ as the Son of God was to allow man to pick up where the goodness of Adam and Eve left off. Jesus by His sacrifice at the cross allowed man a second chance, a third chance and even a fourth to die to sin and live a life of obedience and righteousness to God and Himself.


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