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Time to See the Light

Updated on August 2, 2022
Sandy R Mays profile image

I am a devoted follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ and my aim is to spread the simple messages that have been revealed to me.

No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper.

Spreading Christ's message is a passion.
Spreading Christ's message is a passion.

When I look at the horrible violence taking place in our society; the assault on the young perpetrated by outside predators as well as one another, and by the religious extremists, who both have unlimited access to social media, which they use as a tool to deceive and manipulate, it appears to me- based on the teachings of the Apostle Paul- that they're being guided by an unseen force. Also, there are some who have taken an oath to serve and protect, who are also being guided by this unseen force.

We have elected officials who took an oath on the Holy Bible to uphold the laws of the land which were born from the Bible, but because of their own personal agendas fueled by cravings of power and greed, - two of Satan’s most powerful tools, - now no longer have the trust of those they were chosen to govern and protect.

The very same culture exists in businesses where they are driven by greed and power as well. The goal no longer is to provide quality services for those who need them but to simply turn a profit which at times influences negligible and reckless decision making. In other words, Satin can control what we consume and from whom we consume from. He is using demonic possessions as a means of control.

Our Churches are now also being affected. Because it is up to Faith Based Organizations to be delivers of the Word of God, Satan is trying to introduce strife and division among them. As followers of Christ, it is our Job as Christians to introduce Gods Word to those who are struggling to find the truth and are struggling to uphold the “Just “laws of our society. But if there is division among us, we cannot deliver His message. It won’t have an impact.

Some of these issues are stirred up by outside influences which Satan initiates to prevent us from fulfilling our role in society as messengers. It will take a collective effort by all Faith Based Organizations to confront the ill of today’s societal issues. And unless we confront them God cannot come in and do battle on our behalf, for the battle is not ours to fight. God and only God can destroy Satan. (Ephesians 6 vs 12, "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in high places"). We as true believers in the teachings of Christ have in our power to call on the only One who can cast him out of this world, and he must be destroyed. I believe the reason there is so much senseless violence today is because Satan knows his time is drawing to a close.




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