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Time is the only wealth which is equal to all beings!

Updated on July 23, 2017

Use Time wisely!

Time is equally given to all and use it wisely!

There is one thing in this world which is equally distributed to all beings on earth! It is ‘time’. Neither the rich is allotted more than 24 hours a day, nor did the poor deprive of time. Invariably, time is considered as God in Indian scriptures, Veda and Upanishads. God is the Master of time but all beings are subservient to time. Even an insect abide by time without awareness. The mosquito has a life span of 48 hours only but within the 48 hours, it grows drinks blood, mates with the female mosquito and finally dies. The female mosquito lays multitudes of eggs on the water surface which become larva, pupa and grows into full mosquito. Hence the entire life of mosquito is spent within 48 hours. We know that the female mosquitoes cause many diseases on human beings like the Malaria and other serious threats like the latest avatar “Zica virus”. Such a small insect decimate the lives of many human beings throughout the globe! Is it not an astonishing fact considering the intelligence and power of human beings? Many scientists’ breaks their head all over the globe to find a remedy to such deadly diseases brought about by the tiny mosquito! The tortoise lives for 300 years if it is not threatened by other dangers. Hence it is quite evident that all the living beings share the same 24 hours a day not less or not more! God is Justice and hence he enables rainfall in areas where many wicked and evil persons occupy! I have read a poem in my school days which clarify, “even if there is one good man on earth, rainfall happens for his sake and the wicked people also get the benefit because of one good person! Now we notice many wicked deeds around the globe. Still the world survives only because of the presence of few holy pious souls in every part of the globe! “No man is incorrigible” said Sathya Sai Baba in one of his discourses.

There is only hard work!

God is Justice and treats everyone impartially!

Hence, it is evident from the above narration, that God never distinguishes people as good and bad in doling out his blessings through rain, sunshine and allotted time. We find in this world many wicked persons enjoying all luxuries, comforts and affluence! Also, there are many good people who undergo poverty and discomforts! Why this variation in treatment of bad and good people by god? If we contemplate deeply, “god never inflicts pain nor gives joy”. He is a silent witness of the phenomenal world of creation. When the so called creation commenced, god has laid down certain rules of life for each species. He created human beings with special powers to discern their own actions. Man alone has the special faculty of discrimination and decision making through their intellect and thinking powers. In spite of such blessings by god, if man wastes the precious intellect by following the whims and fancies of mind enslaved by the senses, he has to reap the punishments for his ignorance and foolish behavior! A father has two sons and he loves them equally. He gave each son, his share of property without any distinction. The wise son took care of the money, invested in lands and cattle, and worked hard and reaped bags of grain and wheat. The younger son was lazy and he befriended wicked people who took him to gambling houses, bars and other prohibited areas. Within a short time, he lost his entire wealth, contacted diseases and become forlorn. One day, the father happened to notice that his younger son was wandering on the roads without anything to wear or eat! He immediately brought him back to his home, cleaned his wounds, bathed him and dressed him with nice clothes. He fed him with sumptuous food and told him not to go out. It is enough if he sits in the house and took care of the house hold cores assisting him and his mother. How can we blame the father for the acts of his son? Even in the physical universe, there are many laws governing the actions. Long ago, Newton has established many physical laws that operate in the physical world. He said, “each action produce an equivalent and opposite reaction! Thus, if I hit the table hard, the table would have dealt an equal blow to my hand. If you throw a ball to hit the wall, it will bounce back with the same force! These laws were there even before Newton found it. Like that the laws of gravity were there since creation. Even in spiritual realm, there are laws of karma! If we help the poor in need, the same deed will reward us in future in some way. On the other hand, if we hurts someone now, the same hurt will come back to us in future in some other way. Hence, each human being undergoes some sort of grief or pain suddenly without any known cause. Similarly one reaps prize money without any effort on his side. Though the cause may not be visible, it is the results of past good deeds. When we undergo some deep suffering, the cause could be the evil done by us in some past life. Hence pain and pleasure alternate in everyone’s life!

You are the Master!

Utilize the allotted time wisely helping the needy poor!

Hence we must use the time for betterment of human qualities and value. We must spend time not for our selfish acts but for serving the needy poor in society. Never cater to the desires aroused by the senses. The mind will easily plunge us in slush and mire, if we follow its whims and fancies. Most of the people never notice the treasure inside them but loiter here and there for search of trash and tinsel. The self is the embodiment of knowledge and Bliss. The self is always Full and hence it needs nothing. It is ever existing, full of wisdom and remains in eternal bliss forever. What we seek in this external world is paper flowers, which has no smell but look beautiful like the actual flowers. What is the use of such flowers which excite only the eye? The entire creation is subject to ultimate destruction one day or other. It is not eternal. It came in the middle and fade away in the middle. What remains forever is the unborn Self which exists on its own! Hence discriminate and decide what is permanent and what is fleeting!

Everyone gets equal Time!

Time is common and equal for all living beings!

Do you accept god never distinguish any?

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