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Tips for a Feng Shui Space

Updated on September 25, 2012

Feng Shui Your Space

Ever been interested in Feng Shui? Heard the term but not sure what the heck it is? Well Lets fix that, because it could be effecting your life! There are a few simple guidlines of Feng Shui to create a harmonious environment which provides energy and positive flow through-out your space.

First of all, you should be well aware of the exact location of the property, cardinal orientation, because it depends on the distribution of furniture in every room and environment. A good Feng Shui consultant would ask for all kinds of crazy information to align the Chi of you space. Like How old is your house, how old is your neighbors house, which way does your house face... and so forth. All in the effort to achieve a fully Feng Shui space.

Everything requires good balance!
Everything requires good balance!

From your bedroom to your office

Tips on how to make your space more Feng Shui

Here are some quick tips on making your space have a Feng Shui vibe to it. 

 Upon entering the home furniture distribution should be so that nothing impedes the passage, since energy must enter freely, there should be nothing blocking the clear passage through your room.

The atmosphere of your entry should be bright and uplifting. Allow light to be free-flowing in the room. This way the positive light won't be clogged and that clarity will allow better circulation.

  Good Feng Shui decor includes light colored walls and warm, clear lights to better achieve a comfortable feel to your environment of Chi. Natural light is always better then artifical.  

Feng Shui promotes Positive Energy

Think of your space in terms of a cage of positive energy. Does it circulate? Does it move freely? Can it escape?

You want it to be free with nice clear windows of light, but you don't want it to escape through too many doors. Some suggest even covering up some doors to keep in the positive engery.

Mirrors are a key part of the decoration Feng Shui and are always present, reflecting the Chi energy and evenly spread throughout the interior of the environment.

Items to help create a positive atmosphere

There are a variety of ornaments and decorative items that are sold online and in specialty shops Feng Shui decoration that can give a special touch of harmony at home.

A few objects that sing Feng Shui can be

Chinese Exercise Balls

Bonsai trees


Buddah statues

Open containers of money

and many more


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    • Midasfx profile image

      Midasfx 7 years ago

      Well, your not the only one! My room can get messy at times due to my lack of putting away clothes. But I sometimes take an hour to clean up the bedroom so its spotless and then re-arrange it. Once I'm done I can actually feel the good positive energy being able to flow throughout the room. Thanks for the comment!

    • Iontach profile image

      Iontach 7 years ago

      I'd love to have some Feng Shui in my house, I don't think I have any :(

      My bedroom is the worst, basically no natural light and no clear passage to my room, just loads of piles of clothes and stuff in the way...I need to improve on my feng shui me thinks.