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To Fable Enable Guys Like "Goliath" and the "Nephilim", I Become The Digital Dude - Christobol Mith - Chapter 3

Updated on September 2, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

Queen Meerya's Form Is captured in this Rendering of The Energy in the Female Aries

Kidnapped in the Rockies in a Super Secret Helicopter a Conspiracy Wishes to Commit a "Holy Marriage"

Chapters 1 and 2, all with the same titles is a fable about the "the Adventures of Christobol Mith - The Digital Dude" pursuing the "Nephilim of "Fallen Angels" Mythology. Ironically, because of a hostile radio talk show Personality and Writer, who has begun a hate campaign against a Tarot Reading personality, Queen Meerya and her new writer friend, Meerya and Christobol get swept into a story about a "Nevada Miner who drags a dead monster out of the Desert and surrenders it to the Police."

In the first few days, it's a News "Laugher", because the Sci Fi magazine out of NYC portrays this kind of story as the thing that people salivate over. and the Kind of thing that Myra and Mith promote.

Unfortunately. the Miner's Nephew shows the cartoonish bloody cover to the old man. His reaction, in his bloody hands is to plaster the bloody front page right on the decapitated head on the victim's face. It only takes the boredom of an August night into a "Wild Conflagration!". Within weeks a freaky news story sweeps Myra and Chris into a "Story Older Than The Hills."

Chris and Queen Meerya were at her Staten Island Shop the 4th Sunday Morning after the "Nevada Event" when a group of SWAT team uniformed personnel flooded into the front office. Four "suits" flashed badges, and identified themselves as members of the Eresberg Group (a secret government entity).

By now Queen Meerya was used to the intrusions of the Press, but was visibly offput by how the SWAT team dispersed the public and "shooed" away the local camera crew. Within 10 minutes, the setting was "official and quiet". Whispers filled the old Shop. Chris and Meerya were trading reassuring looks around the circular table, as 5 of the "suits" boxed them in. The most dignified SWAT officer with a resounding basso profundo voice:

SWAT Team Brings Official Quiet and Introduces A Government Entity

"Are you two Queen Meerya and Christobol Mith?" He stumbled over my first name. We both looked at each other and mumbled two quiet "Yes's".

"Our team is only here today to guarantee order. "I will now hand the conduct of this meeting over to General Beresford Anthony."

The Explosive Event Between The Decapitated "Neph" and the "Baby Neph Who Walks Out of The Caves".

Total Internal Chaos is how I would describe the time between the Sci Fi/Graphic Novel commotion and all the undue attention Meerya and I were getting in the talk show world. It felt unreal and unnecessary. It felt like a strange undue Hell.

That lasted for about three weeks. Then, as if a noisy thunderstorm had just left town, a tornado suddenly heads down main street!

Crazy New Video Splashes Onto the National Stage Featuring a Decapitated Bloody Giant and "toddler" Neph (Size of Teenager) Coming out of a Cave holding Christobol Mith's hand!

Summary of Fast Forward and Look Back Events of First 3 Chapters

1. Reflections Upon Heavenly Visions, References to Genesis Settings of "Sons of God and Daughters of Men".

2. Images of Villages and Towns of Post Mosaic Settlements Before and After Period of Joshua, Judges

3. References to Philistine Settlement of Land called "Palestine" from Which Legendary Giant "Goliath" Comes, and David's Defeat of Same.

Nephilim Events in America - Erebus Group, Meerya & Christobol and Media Reactions

1.Previous Knowledge of Nephilim by Government (Erebus Group) Unknown by 2.Public Happenstance of Myra and Mith Shared Experience re: Aliens is Happy Coincidence 3. Nasty Media Verbal Assassination of Meerya and Mith by Ego Driven Enemy Gives Them Unpredicted Notoriety. 4.Strange Nevada Apparent Murder by Drunken Miner Brings "Nephilim" Phrase to National Overnite Sensation and Instant Fame to Meerya & Mith.

Cave Events With Nephilim, "Goliath", The Decapitated Victim, Dealing with Erebus

1. Mith and Toddler Go Deep into Labyrinthine Caves and Meet Goliath and his Tribe.

2. Erebus Group Enters Caves, begins Linguistic Training Bio/Medical Exams & Food.

3. Erebus Group lays down the Law. Goliath and Team Quietly Defy Erebus Group.

4, Myrna and Mith try to stake out Diplomatic Center.

5. Goliath's Daughter Falls in Love with Mith.

© 2020 Christofer French


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