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To Fable Enable, I Transform "Goliath" and the "Nephilim" and Become Christobol Mith - Chap 4 - Sum up to Pagosa Springs

Updated on June 24, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

No Need for Diamonds in the Labyrinthine Caves, However Lots of Hope in Gold

The Most Recent Stunning Events

Summary of Fast Forward and Look Back Events of First 3 Chapters

1. Reflections Upon Heavenly Visions, References to Genesis Settings of "Sons of God and Daughters of Men".

2. Images of Villages and Towns of Post Mosaic Settlements Before and After Period of Joshua, Judges

3. References to Philistine Settlement of Land called "Palestine" from Which Legendary Giant "Goliath" Comes, and David's Defeat of Same.

Nephilim Events in America - Erebus Group, Myra & Christobol and Media Reactions

1.Previous Knowledge of Nephilim by Government (Erebus Group) Unknown by

2.Public Happenstance of Myra and Mith Shared Experience re: Aliens is Happy Coincidence

3. Nasty Media Verbal Assassination of Myrna and Mith by Ego Driven Enemy Gives Them Unpredicted Notoriety.

Original Event -12 Weeks Earlier - Precipitator

4.Then---- A Strange Nevada Apparent Murder by Drunken Miner Brings "Nephilim" Phrase to National Overnite Sensation and Instant Fame to Myra & Mith. The Severed Head of a 9 foot body lying in a shallow pool is carried by an old delerious Miner.

Cave Events With Nephilim, "Goliath", The Decapitated Victim, Dealing with Erebus

1. Mith and Toddler Go Deep into Labyrinthine Caves and Meet Goliath and his Tribe.

2. Erebus Group Enters Caves, begins Linguistic Training Bio/Medical Exams & Food. ( 3 Weeks)

3. Erebus Group lays down the Law. Goliath and Team Quietly make plans (3 weeks

4, Myrna and Mith try communicate with each other about Diplomatic Center. (6 weeks). New "Confidential Informant" approaches Myra

5. Goliath's Daughter Falls in Love with Mith.

At the Front of The Nevada Cave Entrance, the Tall Toddler and I Slosh Forward

Myra and I were locked together for hours getting the Erusberg Treatment in a recently minted Lockheed. Myra and I were nicely poached eggs on their repast. We were told continuously to listen, and that the government would not require any special reports until our Probationary Period had past.

Of course we were terrified that the Tall Toddler had walked out, with a note that said "Please Come In". What's more the Toddler seemed to be speaking a rudimentary English. We were happy to listen to the Group chat. And we were happy to be quiet, clutching our Non Disclosure Agreements with two magnificent laptops and leather briefcases.

It was determined that Myra and Me were to be the first pair to enter. I was given a light metal harness carrying speakers, cameras and equipment to walk into the stream for safe communication, even soothing music. (They did not tell Myra or Me about the Erebus Babes)

This Was Not A Landing on the Moon. It was a Landing on Earth!

An Ancient Large Tribe (women, boys, girls, men greet Mith Illuminatiing the Cave

Since my light illuminated everywhere I broadened the lights to wide, multi-color to lend

a joyful mood as soothing music gave a lilting feeling to the clan full of whimsy and joy.

The big surprise was provided by Erebus Babes. I called them Providers -- Food, Drinks, Sandwiches, Fruit because of the fecund nature of the provisions. This great Sharing was all deliberate and plotted and intended. Along with powders, about which I was told nothing.

It was about 4 AM in the early morning of the first night

1) All of the Nephs were in the new clothes the Beresburg Babes had provided from some "Source". Some Nephs were sucking down Yogurts and molesting fresh fruit, but largely the flotsam and jetsam of the rock slabs was scattered about with bodies in wonderful contortion and inner free abandon. (Having freely consumed the mysterious powders).

2) "You want....uhum you want" His voice sounded like Walter Brennan and Bela Lugosi. You want to know how I can talk in your tongue!" I smiled helplessly deep and long.

3) "Hell yes!!" I just squeeked out an exclamation. I wish I could have taken the "Hell. Yes!" back. The Babes looked at me with disapproval.

Goliath seemed to be searching for a response. "Charlie always said, Hold Back Hell!". Goliath opened up a leather enclosure and then a canvas bag filled with old magazines and papers. Charlie spread out the Magazines to a torn World War II magazine that showed a map of the desert in Nevada, with the word "To Hell and Back".

4) "To Hell and Back" I said, staring at the literature that he separated in his left hand. Charlie said "Yes. Our story! Others Story" He smiled generously and pushed his right hand forward. He pulled back with his left hand and stuffed them away in the reddish brown leather bag.

5) It was then that a six foot tall Neph/Human stood next to Goliath. She was striking with a strong forehead and lips that smiled naturally in an upward curve.. I would become accustomed to that long straight blonde hair splashed along her shoulders. She did not exude "I'm a princess". She was natural with wide-eyed wonder. She turned right and left beaming a great caring glow. She hadn't seen 10,000 hours of TV. She was raised in a cave. A highly sociable cave.

I Stood And Controlled An Announcement at Pagosa Springs, Colorado

In the midst of clamor and camera in front of the panoply of personalities and lights, the pressure of heat and body tension, I began a short statement: "As a result of Nephilim Hopes, Goliath is going to make this statement:

He moved his Giant Frame forward, holding my small hand upward and gently joining her hand to mine. "Tonight we are Going to Join an Earthling and My Princess Athelia in wedded Bliss!".

As a White Sports Van screeched forward, it stopped and four large attendants pulled Alethia and myself into the Van, with Goliath jumping into the right front Seat.

As the crowd went breathless and the Van speeded away, Goliath used his voluminous voice in a silencing monotone. For the next twenty minutes, mo one in the Van must speak! Especially Christobol and Athelia!

© 2020 Christofer French


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