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To Fable Enable, Mith Learns He'll Be Made a Nephilim High Priest Along With a Wife. Then New World History. (Chap 5)

Updated on September 4, 2020
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Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

A Real Live Beautiful Angel Walking into an Old Testament Setting Might Make Everyone Salute!

Catching Up With Myself in The (New York) Media, And Segments from Pagosa Springs

We did get picked up by "The Ultra Copter" as Goliath named it. It was calm actually. Alethia stuck by my side. She truly did care for me. We all sipped on a brew from the hills of Mt. Hermon. The place where they originally landed.

"We first took note of you on the promo about you. We dismissed it and cursed it. Then you said something interesting in your parting remarks. "Obviously this issue boils with sensationalism. I would like to speak with these "Nephs" in the quietude of a campfire in the Catskills, and then go from there."

"It was Alethia who commented. ----- "Daddy, look at him. He has truth in his eyes."

The copter discharged all three, as Alethia hugged her Daddy and her High Priest Beau, Goliath made a prouncement. "Darling, oversee our unpacking, the two of us have some serious talking to do before any wedding services can even begin to begin."

Lovely Mountain Cabin - Cedars, Pines, Aspen, Little Old Me and Goliath Sipping Brandy

As the Media kept buzzing about the missing Independent Reporter and his Female Friend, taken from somewhere around Staten Island, and then the Night in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, in which the Strange Group, apparently now led by Crystobol Mith suddenly disappeared. The Media was able to cloak the entire story in fabulous theory, but declared that it was under investigation; and then the whole tale was put to bed, in jocular language about fraud and sensationalism.

Things That Should Not Be Told--- "The Nephs Never Had a High Priest Earthling". This High Priest Could Be The End of Me. But What of Alethia??

Goliath Liked Harder Rock. Mith Fought For His Faves. "Good Golly" Gimme Quick History!

When You Landed What the Hell Happened?" Crystabol was feeling his Schnapps.

"Imagine no real population Density. We could settle anywhere. Earth babes liked us. No one wanted to fight. Humans looked innocent. And then things changed. We looked like big dumb oafs. And humans?"

"Then humans hired us as mercenaries." The Phillistines loved your Grand Dad - "Golly." But then Nephs woke up dead one by one." They died in their sleep by poison, knives, accidents. Humans plan well."

The Nephs Retreated to the Hills and Hollows and Peaks

We used to be like Lions on the plain, then we shrunk to look like aging elephants. A small surviving HighTech corps came from far off and helped us to resettle in caves and remote valleys and hidden mountain scapes. (THERE WOULD BE MANY SECRETS ABOUT THIS CORPS.) It was an Idea from on high that the Divine gave up on. Golly was about to do the BIG REVEAL. "But Solomon changed everything!"

Then the Time of Judges Ends! King Solomon Took Nephs to the Waters.

Crystobol stopped in mid thought. "Archaeologists have found extra large skeletons here and there from continent to island." Yes, but our big find was the Living caves that provided fresh water and moderate climate. Hold it! How did the Nephs get to THE NEW WORLD, in 1000 BC?

So, Solomon Got You to the New World! (Solomon's Mines)

Once we left Solomon's Group (we noticed a strange animosity from The Jews when we joined the Phoenecians); we began "Mutiny Thinking" Our numbers were housed in 3 ships, Still no Israelites had our language, so planning was easy.

"We made our break when the Rio Grande narrowed. All those +14 teeners" beguiled us. In one night we made our break! The key was the fresh water that we found in caves and regular streams that helped us survive. We left the Colorado River and found the wild country of Utah, and how to survive. We could have families, deal very warily with the Indians and purloign things from Voyageurs and Hunters. Of course our major size made people think we were ghosts or monsters. We dealt with mines and small forts and little villages. Once the 18th Century came along, our learning accelerated".

Hold it! Christobol was still stunned! "Not the Nile! Not The Kilamanjaro! The Rio Grande! The Rockies!"

"Once we came up the Rio Grande, we got up into Colorado, and we started making plans of our own! Nobody understood our lingo anyway. We picked up boats, hauled stuff up and down. Then we started getting minds of our own."

By now, the Schnapps was helping Mith see into the past. "Let me give my first High Priest Reading. Golly was agreeable. It was late. He gazed into the vast panoply of the starry splendor. "The New World felt like another planet. You felt free. I bet you made off with lots of stores, weapons, what maps they had and one night you just took off with burros and donkeys. You didn't want to kill them in their sleep because you believed deeply in Nephilim Karma. But once you took off your new Era was going to begin."

We would Have Perished in So Many Ways

We were good hunters. Bow and Arrow. Younger ones made traps. Skins turned into Clothes with wonderful help from all hands.

The Indians that we happened upon stayed away. We were Outsized to them.

Somehow we fit into their Gods and Heavenly Characters. We traded a few times, and once the women shared dolls, That was very helpful.

One of our warriors saved a child from a Mountain Lion. That caused a Celebration. That night the Chief's Wife gave a Spirited Lecture about Killing Poisons.

© 2020 Christofer French


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