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To Meditate or Not To Meditate

Updated on August 18, 2011

To Meditate Or Not To Meditate?

What exactly are the benefits of meditation? Does it even matter if I meditate every day or not? Does meditation only benefit the person doing the meditating?


So what exactly are the benefits of meditation?

- Relieves Stress. Who wouldn’t want an easy way of relieving stress that requires spending no money at all? All it takes is but a few minutes that can be spent in a quiet space, even a stall in the restroom.

- Increases Focus. Who doesn’t want a clearer mind when it comes to life? Personally speaking, there were days at work when stress levels were high, options were low, but answers/solutions were needed. How do you solve a situation like that if you aren’t able to focus?

- Centering Ones Self. What can be better than being in tune with who you really are? The concept of centering ones self is not only being in tune with who you are, but being comfortable and accepting who you are. Some of us go through our entire lives figuring out who were really are, where do we belong, and where are we to go next? When you have the ability of finding out the answer to those questions, how do you deny yourself that privilege? I would go so far as calling it a “blessing” to be able to know the real you.

-Heightening the Senses. We all have two different bodies, our physical body and our spiritual body. The physical body has the 5 senses we all know : Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. The spiritual body senses everything the physical body cannot sense, including those feeling that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

- Establishing and Strengthening The Connection To Our Spirit Guides/Higher Beings And Developing Intuition. By meditating, it opens up the channel between your physical body and spiritual body to now work together, and easier. Now that the physical body can communicate with the spiritual body, we are able to utilize the senses of the spirit to build our intuition. What does that mean? By opening the channel between our two bodies to communicate, we are able to connect with the other side, our higher beings, our spirit guides, or whomever you look up to as a being of great knowledge. By being able to communicate with our guides/higher beings, we are able to get the much needed help and answers we desire. Each time we use that connection, we are strengthening it. It’s much like any other relationship; the more we get to know our new friend, the closer we are.

- Sustaining Better Health. By eating healthy foods, we make our body healthy. By increasing being happy in our lives, we make our mind happy. Now how do you make your spirit healthy? You can’t take any type of magical pill to make everything all right. It doesn’t work like that. With meditation, you are able to “feed” your spirit what it needs to continue to grow and be happy. Many natural healers claim a healthy body, mind, and spirit will lead to an overall healthy person as a whole. Whether or not you believe that concept is completely acceptable. We are each our own person and are able to decide for ourselves.

- Gathering/Creating Happiness. By clearing your mind of all its clutter, we are now able to see the real world. We are now able to see happiness in the small things in life. By seeing the happiness and the good in all the small things in life, we are able to appreciate everything around us. Once we have reached the point of loving and appreciating those small things, the bigger things seem to be so much greater. When it’s not just a chicken dinner, it’s a special meal made for us by someone special in our life because he/she remembered how much we love chicken. It’s being able to sit down with that special someone to enjoy that meal together and to know you were on that person’s mind so much so that they just had to do something for you. That is true happiness.

Does it even matter if I meditate every day or not?

Yes. Very much so. Meditation is like a key; a key to opening up the door to a whole new world, a world of less stress and more happiness. Who wouldn’t want to be less stressed? Who wouldn’t want to be happier? How could you deny yourself that? You don’t have to meditate for hours on end to accomplish these benefits. A few minutes a day will do the trick. Now the question is : Are you willing to give up time for yourself?

Does meditation only benefit the person doing the meditating?

That would be a big fat NO. Because you are now calm, relaxed, and enjoying life, everyone else around you will be able to benefit from your happiness as well. It’s like walking into a room of laughing, happy people and wanting to join in. You could feel how energizing the room was. By meditating, you will be able to take a calmer approach to life, rather than overreacting about little things. Even in a high stress situation, you are able to get answers and make things work because you are able to see clearly. There is no clouding in your head.

There are quite a bit of meditation videos available on Youtube. I would recommend you listen to the whole video before actually using it to meditate. It's really quite unpleasant to be in the middle of a meditation and hear a sound that makes your ears ring.


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