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Updated on February 12, 2016


Do you want to get God into your life? Do you need to learn how to pray? To get close and personal with God. Read the word, the Bible. A way, the only way to live life, the right way..

If you look around, you will see God everywhere. In the beauty of nature.
If you look around, you will see God everywhere. In the beauty of nature. | Source
Whenever you need guidance, friendship, love.Whatever you need, look to the sky.God is always there for us.
Whenever you need guidance, friendship, love.Whatever you need, look to the sky.God is always there for us. | Source

To know God is to love Him.

How many times have you heard people say? "How do we know there really is a God?" How many times have we ourselves ask that very same question? Especially when things went wrong. Well, let me help you.First you have to read God's word, this way you will get an understanding of what God wants us to do and how to live.Then second, you must have faith, you have to believe that God is God, He made everything, the world, Man, nature, He made it all. God loves us and only wants the best for us.He is our guidance and our protection.God tells us that He is real,so believe and know in your heart that He is real.We do not see Him but we feel Him.God lives in our hearts and in our minds, He gives us great wisdom and strong knowledge. Reading God's word(The Bible) lets us know how God wants us to live our lives, how He wants us to love each other and to be close with him through prayer everyday. Not just in hard times but even through the good times too. .And He loves us so much that He gave His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Everything is planned out through God. Is why we are told in the Bible, Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.Hebrews11:3 tells us by faith, we need to understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible. You can't see Him but you can feel Him.When we, as Christians talk about God, there is great happiness in our hearts,and big smiles on our faces, and love for others. We get so excited when we talk about Heaven, the permanent home that our God has promised us.By reading God's word, we know the way that God wants us to live and how to live our life right., He had plans for our lives long before we were even born.That's right, He knew us when we were in our Mother's womb, now isn't that awesome? We need to have a close relationship with God, a relationship that is strong and everlasting.God will never turn his back on us,we are his children, He loves us very much. He is our Father and our protector. He is the head of our table,the teacher of our children and the planner of our days.God is the creator of all living things and that means even, you and I, yes he made us. He gives us so much love and understanding . He is always there for us and will help us through hard times, but don't just pray during hard times, pray during the good times too. Thank God for everything, the sunrise, the sunset, the garden, the butterflies.What a wonderful God He is. He has promised us a place with no sickness, no evil, no sadness,only happiness and glory days of living with our Father in Heaven,and we will walk with Him on the streets of pure gold. There are so many reasons to love God and to talk and walk with Him each day.Through prayer we talk to God, and he does listen. He is a great listener. He gives us what we need, He may not always give us what we want but He does provide for our needs. God is sending His son, Jesus Christ to return to the Earth and to take us home.He could have just put us on this Earth and forgotten us, but God never forgets us, we are his children..He is our Father and always there, even when we turn our back on him. God loves and forgives us.He gives us many things to be thankful for also. He gives food, shelter, children, pets and nature to look at.He may not give us everything we ask for, but He makes sure that we are well provided for. And in times of troubles, He wants us to come to him for help.God is our Heavenly Father,He will help you and get you through. We can always count on God.He is our refuge and our strength.He gets us through anything, big or small.But don't just turn to Him in times of trouble, turn to Him also in good times,let God know how happy He has made you and give Him thanks for letting you live another day on this Earth. Talk to God and thank Him for all that you have and all that He has done for you in life,the beautiful nature He has given us to look at.There are so many things to be thankful for. In PSALM33:1 Shout for joy in the Lord, O you righteous! Praise befits the upright . Show others what the Lord has done for you, and tell them what He can also do for them.If seeing is believing, then others will see you happy and smiling,they will see the glow of God shining from your heart and your warm smile, they will know that God is doing some amazing things in your life.Whatever your needs are, take them to God.Today God is still showing signs of His love on this Earth and He is still performing great miracles.Though many people are way too busy to see God's work, they only see the earthly materials, money ,gold, watching television and getting caught up in the dramas of the celebrity lifestyles, they are too busy with their lives and because they have not read God's word and do not know Him, they are clueless as to live life the right way and what God wants us to do. Our Heavenly Father has promised us a home to live with Him in Heaven forever, Earth is only our temporary home. Just look around.God is everywhere, He is in the wind, in the trees,in the oceans.Make it a point to talk to Him many times a day. As you are scheduled to go to work or school everyday, then talk to God everyday Read PSALM34:17 says, when the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears.The Lord always hears. He is never too busy for us We are God's people and He loves us very much. He knows what we need even before we ask. He may not give us everything we ask for, but He will provide for our needs.He is a very faithful and loving God. We, as His children can count on Him. This is told to us over and over in the Bible.To love God, means to be faithful to Him, to not have any other idols, to only love and worship our God, the God of Heaven, the one who made Earth and us, the beautiful nature and the cotton candy sunsets. to let others know what He has promised to us, if we follow His commandments and believe in Him..Our Lord is preparing a kingdom in Heaven,where we will go to live with Him forever and with our loved ones, where we will walk the streets paved in gold and sing glorious songs with the angels..So you see, it is very important to pray and to love God.To have Him close in your heart and to love Him more than anything in this world.Nothing comes before God,Nothing! I have talked with others who do agree with me, that our country is in dire need of getting prayer back into our schools, and in the White House and in the homes. As for me and my home, we serve the Lord. But many in the world today today are wandering far away from God. Some do not even know who He is.This is not a good thing.We must teach our children from a very young age ,teach them how to love and to pray to God, to teach them of His importance in our lives, that without Him we are nothing and can do nothing.For the way that our world is today,with many sinful acts such as, adultery, haters of God, gossips,inventors of evil. We need to have faith and trust in the Lord, to keep Him in our heart. and know that He is sending his one and only begotten son Jesus Christ to come and take us to Heaven one day, We do not know when this will happen, but we are told this in the Bible, the word of God. So we as God's children try to do good on this Earth, waiting for God to call us home to live with him in Heaven forever. God is a loving God. It is only God who can deliver us.So whatever you do or wherever you go, give all the glory to God,To pray and to love God, means to make Him number one in your life above all else, to read His word and to understand what He wants from us, to live everyday with God by your side.Before you start anything,whether it be decisions,ideas,etc, talk to God about it first,He will guide you and show you the way. When you make a mistake of any kind,talk to God about that too.We all make mistakes. And if you ask God for forgiveness. He forgives,He is kind and loving and most of all, patient. He understands all.. That is the great thing about God,He knows that we are human and make mistakes,He is our Heavenly Father, He made us.. To pray and to love God means to give God your whole heart, to follow His law, to be good and kind to others,to teach your children to love God and to obey. To live your life for God, without Him, we would not be here. I find myself praying and thanking God for everything, He is number one in my life .The head of my house,the author of my life, the one I go to, not only when times are bad, but when times are good.This is what is wrong in our country today,people have turned their back on God, the country is now going through hard times and it will only get harder without God.We need God in our homes, He is our Father and protector, we need God in our White House, to guide our leaders in the right direction in making decisions.People are in such denial when it comes to God.They have many other idols, they idolize money, celebrities, fancy cars, diamonds. God's word tells us that this cannot be, there is only one God.Our God in Heaven. So do good on this Earth and you will be rewarded with a beautiful kingdom in Heaven, to live with God and our loved ones forever. All He wants is for us to pray and to ask Him for things, We are also to pray when we have troubles, God will help us in bad times and good. God wants us to come to Him, just as we would to our Father here on Earth. No matter how bad things seem to be, It is God who sorts it out and gets us through He is a very loving and understanding God.. He determines what happens to us and where we will end up at the end of this life... No matter what we do, God is there to pick us up. And when others don't have time for us or treat us badly, it is God who will always make time for us. He listens and He heals. whether it may be a broken bone or a broken heart, God is listening and able to help. When I feel down and lonely, I go to my bedroom, I get down on my knees beside the bed and fold my hands in prayer, I have private time with God.I ask Him for help, I know that I can't solve problems alone.I need God in my life.He is what keeps me alive and together.Without Him I would be nothing.I know in my heart that God has always been with me, How? because I feel him, I read His word everyday and He tells me that He is beside me and will never leave me.God is so mighty, this makes me feel so secure and comfortable, and it should make you feel this way too, knowing that your God will never leave you and keeps you safe during the day and night. He makes me feel safe, secure and very loved.And it feels good to be loved.God to me is many things,He is the flowers, the trees,the seasons, the air that we breathe, the sun, the moon,the mountains so high.God is the hand we hold when we are sad,when we hurt, when we feel alone, when we are scared.God is the happy times too, all the love,hugs,singing and dancing,nature,our family, friends and pets.Remember Prayer goes a long way, all the way to Heaven.Talk to God,let Him know that you love Him.

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    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 3 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      PREACH Sister!!!!!! This article lifted up my day!!! I am so blessed to have you as a wonderful writer in my life!! You keep preaching sister, God LOVES IT and I do TOO!!!!!!!!! Be blessed! I am praying for you and your family!!!!! Stay in touch!

    • Debraw50 profile image

      Debraw50 3 years ago

      We so very badly need God in our schools today. Our children learn to pray and God gives them great wisdom and guidance. And above all else, He gives them protection. It is so sad knowing that most of the children living in the U.S. today, doesn't even know who God is. It is truly clear that, if you take God out of the homes, schools and the White House(Out of the country) The country falls apart.

    • Debraw50 profile image

      Debraw50 4 years ago

      With God everything is possible. Turn to God and pray everyday. As you talk with your family or friends. Talk with God. He will lead you in the right direction.If you make him number one in your life and raise your children knowing him. He will help you through and keep you safe.Also look around at all God has given us in life,His only begotten son Jesus,nature to look at, family,friends,pets,food and so much more.Look to the sky today, fold your hands and pray. Thanking God for all of his love.