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To Want or Not To Want: The Perils of jealousy

Updated on May 26, 2017

Society teaches us that to want is ok. In fact, to be forever in want is encouraged. If we don’t “have” we should not be satisfied until we “have”. When finances get in the way of not having, payment options and credit are offered. One of the many consequences of not having is that some resort to stealing what they do not have. We are taught to envy others if they have what we do not.

What society did not prepare us for is the anger, violence and despair that would accompany the desire of wanting. To what lengths would an individual go to have what they do not and when is enough enough? Society tells us that “enough is never enough” and that we must consume as much as we can. Children are born into the world and quickly become aware that “to want” is ok. How many children have begged their parents for something they’ve seen on television? During the holidays, commercials bombard us with items “we must have” and that ‘we must get”.

Imagine what the world would be like if we removed desire. How would businesses whose livelihood is consumption-driven survive? What effect would this have on the economy? Does it really matter what happens to the economy if we removed desire?

How do we rid ourselves of the desire to have, to want? Why is it that we want? Why are we envious of someone else when that person has something we don’t? What will it take for us to be content with what we have? When is enough enough?

We can begin releasing our desires of wanting by telling ourselves that we already have enough. This can become our daily mantra which will change the way we feel about the need for money, love and materialism. We should say to ourselves, “I am love. I have all the love I need within myself.”/”I have all the funds I need in order to take care of my basic needs.”/ “I have enough. I have all that I need.”

Establishing these mantras will help to reprogram our minds into thinking that our lives are just fine the way they are and that adding more “things” to our lives will not create happiness. Once we have reprogrammed ourselves into being content with what we already have, then we can make any changes in our lives that will push ourselves further in a positive direction. We can focus on making what we already have better. Very soon, we will realize that what we have is abundantly developing and growing without us having to worry about what is already present in our lives.

Learn to be happy. Learn to appreciate what each day brings whether it be good or bad because we had to learn something from each circumstance. Take joy in the sun for its warmth, the rain for its ability to enhance greenery and the snow for its detoxification of the earth. When you learn to take in everything as an important part of life, you quickly will see that everything we need is already present in our surrounding and this realization will help to silence the need for more.


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