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To tell wether or not you have been visited by a Ghost.

Updated on June 12, 2010

Have you ever been alone in a strange unfamiliar house? Ever get that Hair stand up feeling on the back of your neck or your arms? Hear strange things at night? Think your alone?

These are question's most asked by many people who wonder about the after life. Many people don't realize or just don't want to know that Ghosts do exist. Some people maybe saying, "I know they exist from personal experience!" others say, "Ghost's don't exist. It's all in your head." Little do some people know that they maybe right or they maybe wrong. 

There are many unexplained happenings going on in the world to this day. Some can be explained while others cannot. One way to know if you have been visited by a ghost is an easy one. First the hair stands up on your arms and back of your neck. You get that feeling like your being watched but no one else is there but you. Or you just get that sense that your not alone.

At times you could be left alone while a spouse, family member, or friend have left for a minute or two. In that short time you may hear some noises. Creeks in the floor, lights flickering on and off, an odd smell, breath, or you may hear your name being called. You have been visited. 

A lot of people are lucky. They get visited by good Ghost's. Ones that are just curious about you and who you are, why your in their home, or just looking for someone to keep them company. Then there are the bad ones who mean to do harm.

Lets say one morning you wake up and you notice a scratch on your face. You note that you just cut your nails so they couldn't have cut you in your sleep. Wasn't your feet, because well feet shouldn't reach your face unless you are that flexible. Wasn't your pet, or anything else.

So what caused the scratch on your face? Perhaps it was a ghost who isn't so friendly. So what do you do when you get a ghost who isn't too friendly? You can always call your priest if you have one (also depends on your religion as well on who to contact). Call your closest paranormal expert for advise. Follow the advise given. If worsens let that person know so they can advance to the next step to ensure your safety. 

Most of the time Ghost's around us are harmless. The wonder around everyone day and night. Looking for peace or their loved ones that they never got to say goodbye too.

If you are visited by a ghost don't be afraid. It could just be looking for someone to chill with. Remember these simple steps.

1. Hair raising = Ghost near by or next to you.

2. That feeling that someone is watching you = Ghost watching you.

3. Smelling a smell that shouldn't be there = Ghost walked by you.

4. Hearing someone calling your name with no one being there = Your not alone.

If you have experienced anything close to those or other unexplained event's you know you are not alone. Don't be afraid for it can feed them the ability to harm if they are ones to harm. Most of the time they are just wondering the earth looking for peace.

Please don't try anything on your own or with out a professional for you could be dealing with something more than just a Ghost.

One good example of knowing your not alone is:

My boyfriend, friend at the time, and I were taking a walk on the River Walk in Derby, CT. I had brought along my E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Recorder). I was walking 15ft. behind them so I wouldn't get any interference while recording. Once back to our apartment I listened to the recording to see if I got anything interesting. Halfway through the recording I heard cowbells. I thought I was hearing things so I had my boyfriend listen to it as well. He agreed that during our walk we did not hear cowbells the whole time.

So to our liking we heard something through the recording that we thought we would not be able to hear even with an E. V. P.

To this day there are people out there trying to disprove that there are ghosts. At the same time there are that many more trying to prove that they do exist.

The next time your alone and you know your alone, but at the same time not, ask yourself those questions. I hope People have questions about these things. I hopefully can answer some questions through comments. I have had experience in the unnatural and unexplained.


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    • profile image

      I'mnotahoe.. 3 years ago

      I've been scratched on the face before but what is it if the ghost is disguising itself as a human? I've seen one like that's but have seen dark, long nails and facial features that weren't on that person before,like freckles (I know her..) I've also seen a girl in the corner of my eye that never left that area until about 3-4 yrs later...(I would only see her in the corner of my eye in a certain area)

    • profile image

      Saula 7 years ago

      Hi, I'm a newly initiated Wiccan, I spent my younger years as a Christian but I always came into contact with the paranormal.... I had the ability to predict death from n extremely young age and I ignored my abilities and the other contact the spirit world tried to make with me. I left Christianity, followed my own path which ultimately led to Wicca.... I didn't no where I'd end up but I followed the path nd found it. After I stopped ignoring my gifts I could predict more than death, I now interpret dreams, do medium readings and read oracles and accurately interpret them, now the spirit world has welcomed me nd is no longer frustrated with me. I receive regular visits where they verbally speak, especially wen I am asleep but I can't c them. I'm just wondering why it might be that they choose not to show themselves and y they choose to speak to me whilst sleeping. Can u help?

    • kentuckyslone profile image

      kentuckyslone 7 years ago

      I know without a doubt that ghosts are real (although the pics above are fakes)because I have experienced them. I do enjoy reading articles like this and you did a great job presenting it. AND very nice for a 1st hub too!

    • Coils Knot Curls profile image

      Coils Knot Curls 7 years ago

      Another Good Hub, I will look forward to reading others. Ghost and the unnatural, interesting, I think I am one of the few who actually believe that there are ghost. This is a good read.

    • WildIrishRoseAL profile image

      WildIrishRoseAL 7 years ago from Trumbull

      Thank you. It was my very first hub and was up till 4 A.M. trying to write it.

    • Hashirraja profile image

      Hashirraja 7 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

      Interesting hub. Please comment me.