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To what extent did God create man in his own image?

Updated on April 30, 2013

Does God have a reproductive system?

To what extent did God create man in his own image? (Does God have a reproductive system?)

It seems man thinks about virtually everything ranging from how we got here, on earth, and if we were created or we came to exist by evolution. A lot of thinking is going on in a man’s mind as he searches for answers to all things. Yet, not all things are made known to him for an ordinary man will not comprehend most things. I know that man thinks about a lot of things but some reasoning will even make one wonder how such thought came to be in the first place. It may be unfair to consider any thought a waste or useless simply because we do not agree with it.

Some group of people were discussing on religious issues on why the division in churches. Then someone raised the topic that the various Christian sects claim that others read the bible without inspiration and that is why they fail to learn the truth in the bible. It simply means that it becomes a problem to know those preaching the real doctrine if everyone claims to preach the truth when they are in disagreement.

At a later stage in the discussion, the issue of Satan, once, being a good angel before he was sent out of heaven was raised and people asked where it is written in the bible as it is preached by some sects. Some people claimed, in the discussion, that not everything was written in the bible while others asked how we came to know what was not written.

The height of the discussion was when one of the guys said, “I have been thinking about this very seriously each morning. I look at myself and I remember that it is written ‘God created man in his own image’ so it means I am created in the image of God. I have a penis and other reproductive organs so I wonder if God also have one. I think seriously about it and I wonder if anyone has actually seen God.” Others could not help but laugh at the guy for thinking about such. Then someone said, “God does not have reproductive system because he does not need.” Then others wondered how God will really be if actually he created man in his own image and why he would give man what he does not need or use.

The discussion above shows unequivocally that many people are thinking on various issues and some of these issues seem unnecessary and irrelevant like the one mentioned above. Then the writer recalled that Muslims have always have problem with the idea that Jesus is the son of God because they claim having a son will undermine the majesty and supremacy of God. Moreover, if God should have a son, as the Muslims would ask, then it means he has a wife. Yet, the writer thinks it is a matter of belief and acceptance because we all know our fathers but those that beliefs still see themselves as the sons and daughters of God and it does not mean that God gave birth us but it show submission and respect to the highest authority and how we choose to have a relationship with our God. Others are free to be servants of God while we are his son. Above all, the mystic are of the opinion that they are the co-workers of God.

We also know that some people worship female goddess or both (God and goddess). Maybe, for this set of people they will not need to wonder if their God has a reproductive system but for the Christian God, whom, it is said, no man has seen, we cannot be definite about his appearance.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago

      Sure, you are right.

    • SilentReed profile image

      SilentReed 4 years ago from Philippines

      I have occasion to watch people debate about religion. Some turn into heated arguments, with each side becoming more passionate to prove their point. It becomes personal and sometimes the argument turns physical. Like the topics this hub mentions, the pointlessness of the subject matter makes me wonder about the rationality of a person overly critical about minor details. Will it make any difference to my faith if God have or does not have a sexual organ? I enjoyed this article's satirical style. Religious dogmatism is the main reason why there is so much strife and schism in the different faiths of the world.