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Today's "Christians", Modern Day Israelites: Truth Is...

Updated on July 26, 2011

Are you an Israelite?

Most of us know the story of the Nation of Israel as it pertains to God making them his chosen people as part of his promise to Abraham, the ONLY human to ever be called his friend. The bible account is right there for you from Genesis thru the end of the Old Testament. I'd like to just touch on a few points about the Israelites and then move forward...

First, despite God going all out and displaying MIGHTY powerful acts on their behalf including leading them out of Egypt and oppression and sending them on their way following what amounted to a skyscraper of fire in the night and and huge cloud by day; inventing a food(Manna), and parting seas, etc. and then GIVING them the most prime land availableon earth at that time for their possession; they repeatedly rebelled against him! yes, they worshipped idols, disobeyed his direct commands, and did everything that the very people God TOOK that land from were doing. They eventually were even responsible for the death of Jesus, God's Son and our (and their's) redeemer. Through it all God repeatedly basically PLEADED with them to change, often getting so angry that he sent them off into exile for decades at a time, then again softening his heart to allow them just one more chance...

Sounds like my life story, how about you?

In time, God grew weary of this rebellious nation and basically did to them what He did to the nations they despoiled when taking over the promised land, He took it away from them, He removed his full blessing and treated them as they were no different than the rest of the world; they were no longer God's Chosen People...Truth Is...

Over and over they rebelled against God, basically telling him:"Hey, we're the chosen ones and you promised to take care of our every need, you promised to bless us with prosperity, you promised to protect us..." For all intents and purposes, they flaunted their standing before God, to him!

Mercy! How could they do something like that after all He did for them? When you look at those Israelites then and compare them to today's so-called "Christians", you will see there is a remarkable resemblance; Truth Is...

Most christians today flaunt their "righteousness" before the world. They go on and on about how blessed they are, how "saved"they are, how God's gonna keep his promises no matter what.

Well this is your wake-up call!

Christians like to wave their "Christianity" like a flag. Look at all the praise songs they have out now: "I am a friend of God, he calls me friend"; well GOD only called ONE man on earth his friend, Abraham. Although I kinda like the song's lilt, the presumptuousness of it irks me somewhat. "He saved me": Paul said run the race to the end, and again the bible says to do good and you "MAY" be saved...So WHAT are they "saved" from? They still sin, and are subject to die. Those are the only things we need to be saved from! I could go on and on, but the point is that most of these songs are really nice, but their content tends to add to the self absorbed, self-serving nature that today's Christians have attained to, and that bothers me.

We have become exactly like the world that we are supposed to be "separate" from! We are overly offensive, mean-spirited, tight-fist ed, defensive to a fault, and covertly carry-on in all sorts of ways that definitely attests to idolatry. Look at the many pastors and preachers falling like bugs in a Raid commercial! Look at the ever increasing rate of young teen mothers in the church. There was a time that the church was a place to turn to, now it's become a dues paying club as it were, and the love that one would expect to find there is Nil. People go to church for years and don't know people that have been attending that same church as long as they have! pastors don't make house calls the way they used to unless it' to a female member(male in some cases).

Like the Israelites, most of today's "christians" display an attitude of entitlement, they constantly speak of how God promised this or that and is going to reward them in some way or another with grand blessings! Yet, they as the Israelites ignore totally the fact that God placed before them as Moses stated: "The blessing and the malediction". There was indeed an "IF" involved. They were to keep certain commandments and perform certain actions. We too today have an obligation before God that sadly the majority simply will not perform or live up to.

First and foremost we MUST evangelize, and not to each other as we often tend to do; but to strangers and enemies even. It is the duty of EVERY christian to preach and teach God's word, and not just the promises He made, but also the premise that they fall under. If you do not want to evangelize then you don't really want God in your life, nor will you get the promises that He has laid out. Just because you got a new home, car or job, doesn't mean God has kept his promise, it just means He allowed something very nice to occur, but before He brings ultimate salvation which is the true promise, there will be instances where He permits tragedy to you, me and others.

We must also have a natural love and compassion for others. This is a HUGE sticking point with most Christians as they dread parting with money or material things and giving them outright(as we should) to those less fortunate. Jesus said GIVE to the poor; he did NOT say make them fill out an application, go to classes, follow a process, or jump through hoops. As for telling people that you only help those within your church, Jesus also said that if you only greet your brother then what difference is there between you and the rest of the world!(Matthew 5: 46, 47) Did he not also say to let your light shine before the world and thus set yourself apart as being different? In saying this he did not mean be boastfull that you are "special", but rather let the genuiness of your love for others set you apart. Jesus wasn't worried about being "burned" by people seeking help; in fact in the instance where he heeled ten lepers(the worst disease one could have at that time), only ONE returned to thank him; did that stop Jesus from healing and performing m,iracles to help others? Did he afterward start making folks go through a "process", do applications, or deny anyone?

If you or your church does these things to people then frankly you and/or your church is NOT really Christian as you are not Christ-like!

Then there is the matter of Christians becoming embroiled in politics; Jesus nor his disciples and apostles after him had ANY political involvements whatsoever, actually, that is one of the things that made the Jews reject him, he did not attempt to overthrow or "change" the government in place, but rather taught that we must wait on God while we go about attending to the task(s) that He has assigned us, namely teaching about the kingdom and showing love for others. Those two things make up the major portion of our requirement(s) before god, yet they are the two that are given the least effort or consideration by the major portion of today's Christians. It was Barabbas, the murderer and rebel that the Jews preferred over Jesus who was the one who tried to lead rebellions to overthrow the government. yet when given a chance to choose they chose him over the one that held forth ultimate salvation to all mankind. When we get all fervent about our political views and efforts for these candidates who in all truth, are NOT going to lead with God's view or principles in mind; we are doing the exact thing as those Jews/Israelites did by rejecting the course God has laid out in our desire for "right now".

That is the biggest problem today's so-called Christians have: they want to tell GOD what He will accept, then continue boasting that they are "favored". They are only deceiving themselves...Truth Is...

The ancient Israelites also tried God's patience repeatedly much the way today's christian does. yes, they continued to worship him, but in THEIR way, not his. They mixed pagan rituals and beliefs in along with their worship, much the same as we do now with Christmas and Easter, both of which are actually pagan in origin and have absolutely NOTHING to do with Jesus. Just because your pastor says it does, doesn't make it so. Many Pastors don't even know the true origin of these holidays! But God does and yes, GOD does get fed up! Look at the times of Noah and the many times He l;eft Israel to be captured and led into exile as proof. The ultimate came when they slew Jesus (Mel Gibson wasn't the first to say the Jews killed Jesus, the apostles said it first and yeas, they did); God then took his favor from them and gave it to those who actually would obey him. That is exactly what is about to happen on a VERY large scale right now today. Watch as now many staunch dyed-in-the-wool 'old time religion' practice-rs and so-called good church members start to experience the very things they look down their noses at others for! First the mass of pastors falling began, now it starts in the church in the pews. GOD IS FED UP!!!!

Let those who feel they are standing beware lest they fall. Humble yourselves before God and accept what He tells you to do even if you don't want to do it, or run the risk of him taking from you all that He has bl;essed you with, just as he did the Israelites.

Isaiah 1:10--17 tells of God not accepting the worship of those who try to force him to accept what they want to call worship. They've gotten away with it for a very long time and now judgement has come. Many criticize me for the message that I bring, but it is that which is from God in heaven that I deliver and I care not who doesn't like that. I say it all the time: they felt the same way about Jeremiah's message, Noah's, and Jesus; while I am not one of them, I am a messenger of God and need no-ones approval save his.

With that I'll close and prepare the second installment of this message: Modern Day Israelites Blessed and Highly Favored- yet Judged Unworthy...

Truth Is...


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    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      5 years ago from Southern Clime

      I am providing clarification of this statement that I wrote above: "Many Christians know that they are lacking, but they enjoy high praise."

      Many Christians know that they are lacking in acceptable Christian character, but they enjoy praising God highly.

      If the truth be further told, we human beings are mostly alike from the first people to present-day people. We constantly need shaping of our characters and Jesus' righteousness to cover us. We cannot even be right without Him. So, we must pray for each other and move on doing our very best knowing that we can never be good enough in our own efforts, not one of us. His grace and mercy will save those who "endure until the end." That is nice to know.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      5 years ago from Southern Clime

      God's way is not man's way. Think about the character of the loving God. Does anyone believe that He would be partial to any of His created beings unless they became lost? God loves all men and wants all to be saved in His kingdom.

      The Israelites of old were His chosen people, his pilot people chosen to spearhead His program. They did not understand at first that they were not chosen and the rest of the world neglected. They were chosen to receive the message and give it to the world. Peter learned this valuable lesson after a dream on the housetop. He made Peter understand that not one of His peoples is unclean. They all should be given the message to have a chance to become part of His family.

      Ruth, a fine example of how one becomes an Israelite by acceptance, became an Israelite after accepting God and choosing to serve Him rather than the idol gods of her people. She chose to stay in the family of the true God. Ruth, not originally an Israelite, was a fore-parent of Jesus. God gives all men the chance to be a part of His modern-day family of Israelites. They come in all races, not just one. God's love is that big, and even bigger than we can imagine!

      You also wrote, "They mixed pagan rituals and beliefs in along with their worship, much the same as we do now with Christmas and Easter, both of which are actually pagan in origin and have absolutely NOTHING to do with Jesus."

      We just can't compromise with the devil just as God told the Israelites not to compromise with the inhabitants of their inheritance (Promised Land). When they did, they paid the consequences. Solomon was wise in judging the people, but he was unwise in choosing wives who were “strange” and eventually caused him to turn to idol worship. Many give Solomon credit for being wise, a genius really, and he was, but he did make mistakes as we all do. Aside from that, the man was awesome! God gifted him well.

      Many do not quite see it, but Santa Claus and Easter Bunny carrying eggs were designed by Satan to distract the world from seeing Jesus. "Don't forget the reason for the season" came about as a result of the observation that Jesus is fading out of Christmas. That was Satan's intention.

      Many Christians know that they are lacking, but they enjoy high praise.

      You delivered the truth! Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      How few there are today that speak the truth as you do.... many are called, few are chosen, straight and narrow is the path and few there are that will find it. Bless you my brother in Christ, our eternal Lord and Savior

    • lsin82 profile image


      7 years ago from Houston

      "It is the duty of EVERY christian to preach and teach God's word, and not just the promises He made, but also the premise that they fall under." I agree with you here. Todays message coming from the church seems to be soley focused on the promises and the blessings, but no one seems to be teaching the standards that we as Christians should be upholding. We have, in my opionion, become selfish and self absorbed. We need to quit focusing on the resources and get back to focusing on the source, GOD our Father. Thanks for the Hub...

    • garynew profile image


      7 years ago from Dallas, TX and Sampran, Thailand

      You make me want to live in Pittsburgh just so I can hear you preach!


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