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Today's Clergy: Modern Day Pharisees

Updated on December 3, 2010

Whitewashed Graves Full of Dead Men's Bones

Whitewashed graves full of dead men's bones: that is what Jesus called the clergy of his time. They were steeped in their traditional ways of practicing religion to the point where they were actually oppressive. They were also stuck on the "Law" God had passed down to Abraham to the point of fanaticism. This is exactly what is going-on in these times we live in...Truth Is...

Look at the way ministers carry themselves and they way they perform their duties. Look at how the church has become a medium for entertainment, showy displays of fashion and wealth. Look at how you are told to support your church with all you can or you won't be blessed, and they actually lead the people to believe that the more that you give the more you'll be blessed! Rubbish! You can't "buy" your way into God's good graces. The word Grace it'self denotes something given that is NOT earned nor can be. It is often termed: God's Undeserved Kindness.

As a minister of God, I am appaled at today's church leadership and how materialistic, stingy, self-serving, and self-righteous they are. It's absolutely disgusting!

I have been invited to pray, preach and teach at several churches nationwide; but I cannot bring myself to do it. Why? Because there would be a stir of contention. The very first thing I would do is tell the people right off that I will not be dancing, rhyming, tossing-out catchy phrases, and invoking Jesus' name in order to get a response from the congregation and assure myself they're listening. Sadly these are the things that satisfy churchgoers. They've become so ennured to this garbage style religion that they will accept no other. Just as Timothy says:" The time will come when the people will not accept healthful teaching, rather they will procure for themselves teachers that will tickle their ears..."

With clergy embroiled in self promotion, lies and rhetorical double-talk, there;s no wonder why the newspaper proclaim that the fastest growing religion now is "No Religion"! People have become fed-up; they are tired of going to the last bastion of hope only to be bombarded with threats and watered-down pandering. While ministers rake-in millions, millions go through life either without hope or with false hope.

False hope? EXAMPLE:The doctrine that when we die we go to heaven. Wishful thinking indeed. Ask yourself this: Is God a failure? Is He a liar? If He purposes something will it come to be? Ok, consider this: In Genesis God placed man ON EARTH and told them to fill it an subdue it(Genesis 1:28); God's word says the Earth will be here FOREVER: (Ecclesiastes 1:4,); God formed the Earth to be inhabited(Isaiah 45:18, Psalms 115:16); God's word says the meek will inherit THE EARTH(not heaven) Matthew 5:5 Psalms37:29...

Now if God were a liar or failure then we could ignore these scriptures from his word the bible. But if you are like me and believ that "all scripture is God-inspired and of benefit for teaching and setting things aright...", then you know that God intended for man to be perfect and to never die and to live forever here ON EARTH.; and what God purposes WILL BE(Isaiah 55:10,11).

It is also appalling that one of the major purposes of Jesus' coming to earth has been ignored, downplayed and glossed over: The praise of God's name Jehovah as well as it's vindication. In the model prayer(our father prayer) the very first thing Jesus said to pray was :Let your name be sanctified, or hallowed be thy name. Even when folks sit in church yelling "Hallelujah!" they don't even realize they are saying:"All hail Jehovah!". Meanwhile God's grand and glorious name is hushed or not even spoken of properly within the confines of the very places claiming to be his house! Incredible isn't it? Of course there comes the "double-talkers with Jesus and the father are one and praise goes to the father, son and holy ghost. First let's get this right. The trinity doctrine was in use thousands of years before Christ walked this earth and comes from ancient Babylon as part of the deification(worship) of Nimrod, his mother whom he married, and the claimed rebirth of him upon his death. December 25th is his birthday. Second, not one time did Jesus ever claim to be almighty God NOT ONCE. He always said "My father". This is not to be repetitive(although rote is a major teaching tool) but rather to be replete in making things clear. The point is when you have a minister, pastor, preacher, etc who has been well-versed in the bible and they present and perpetrate the false teachings that have permeated religion for thousands of years, they do it intentionally as it is what is traditionally accepted. But know for certain that somewhere at some time in their study of the bible the truth bore it'self to them at some point and they chose to ignore it! Of what real use are these men(and women) to God? Just as Jesus did with the clergy in his time, I now repeat his words: "you are of your father the DEVIL..."(John 8:44,read it).

Returning to the theme of the earth being inhabited. Another part of Jesus' ministry was to ensure that mankind knew that there will be a ressurection of the dead here on earth. When his dear friend Lazarus was ailing Jesus was sought by Lazarus' people to come and heal him before he would die. But the bible tells us that Jesus basically took his time getting there!(John 11-1-6) This scrioture says that Jesus LOVED Lazarus; but he also said that this was yet an opportunity to glorify God. Upon arriving Jesus found that Lazarus had died and was actually buried in a tomb, something he assuredly knew would occur. Then was when he performed the miracle of raising Lazarus from the dead. By the way, it is important to stress the fact that Lazarus had already started to decompose. But when Lazarus came from the tomb he was totally rstored having the same mind, body, memory, etc he had before dying. This was done to illustrate what God plans to do far into the future when restoring mankind to perfect life here on earth. But they won't tell you that in church because that's not what most want to hear. Satan does'nt mind you getting on the narrow and crampred road that leads to salvation because he knows all the detours and is steady veering us to the various "offramps" as it were.

This is yet another taste of TRUTH that is being withheld by today's clergy, which in turn misinforms and misdirects us from true salvation. There will be much more in coming articles...

Truth Is...


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