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Today's Sophy (part 14)

Updated on August 27, 2019
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Elijah's interested in Bible prophecy led him to investigate any source he believed had a message that includes game and tarot cards.

Today’s Sophy (part 14) Introduction

Jesus said I’m in the father and the father is in me while Paul said the invisible things of God are clearly seen being understood by the things made, therefore [we] are without excuse. Together they telling us nothing said in the scriptures are beyond explanation. So why are we not able to explain the meaning of the things in them?

Personally, I blame it on our continuing to eat theknowledge of good and evil. But we say I don’t know what that tree of good and evil knowledge even looks like so how am I eating from it? To that I reply: The Bible is a book mostly written in Metaphors, Allegories, Parables and Symbol-types (MAPS) that requires determining what they relates to before one can determine their individual messages and apply them to life as we are instructed to. And if you are asking why is it that way I’ll answer it with; because that is the design of the Zeroverse we generally call Universe or Existence.

So working from there up let’s see if we can understand our subject of…

God in Man and Man in God.

The Zeroverse is God therefore we need to seek at least one written precept so we can put with our subject to establish what god is like. Since it is written God made man in [their] image and after [their] likeness it sounds like the best place to start is with us. So let us explore us.

We have a body containing skin for a covering, movable limbs for mobility, eyes to see, nose to smell, mouth for consuming and talking that our senses are able to perceive as our outer shell. The limb we call head is the control box that's connected to every organ, including the foregoing limbs and skin, since it has feeling, and the many internal organs. There are miles of sensory cables, called nerves, running from the body’s cells and organs connecting them to the head. There’s our blood composed of cells in fluid pushed through miles vanes carrying food from the digestive track to the various cells the organs are made of. There are some things I missed but you get the picture.

Medical science has proven blood, limbs and organs can be removed from one body and transplanted in another where it will continue to function. That means the various transplantable parts of a body have a life independent from the body it grew on. They can and must to be preserved for a limited time independent of its original bodies and still function once correctly connected in a compatible one. Thus we have independent organs and blood able to be sustained independent of a body for time.

Applying that to The Christ’s I’m in the father and the father is in me it says the Zeroverse is God and everything we can and can’t see contained herein is God. The rocks are living things, metal ores lives, water is alive, oil, gas and every other form we see is alive and a living entity within God. Human (the “right brained” people Adam represent) and woman (the “left brain” people Eve represent) are to God what “cancer” is to our bodies. We are something necessary to sustain earth’s existence by controlling other things of its composition. We don’t do it in the moderate earth dressing way for teaching us what and who we are but because we love and hate we overindulge is everything that causes earth to become imbalanced. The natural medication for that is man’s wars killing other manwhile the cure is The Battle of That Great Day of God Almighty to remove what has become the diseased woman and leave a remnant of man (the “whole brain” using Aboriginal of Noah’s family) that will restore the balance.

Once this civilization is eliminated an alternate civilization grows out of the remnant of the surviving man who, in about the same amount of time it took this civilization to disease earth to the point of its destruction, they produces an alternate world they disease that brings the earth back to in beginning God created heaven and earth stage.


The Zeroverse provided man with the knowledge of good and evil that divide our mental process in a way it could no longer recognize what the body actually needed. That caused us to use sense perceived preferences to determine what we wanted rather than understanding what we needed to maintain healthy bodies and over produced ourselves until we became cancerous to the earth. So Man are in God and God are in Man is determinable in the same way we see cancer in man. Like cancer, man are living entities within the Zeroverse that were allowed to over produce for maintaining the earth two seasons of this world and Revelation 21’s alternate world. Thus, Man are in God and God are in Man.


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