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Today’s Sophy Part 16

Updated on December 6, 2019
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With no college, theology or school other than high, Elijah's life experiences objectively observed, reasoned & comprehended educated him.

Sin Is Missing The Mark

We constantly talk about the sinful world. The definition for sin I accept means to miss the mark so how do we know when someone has missed it? When using a bow and arrow one doesn’t know if the mark has been missed until the arrow has completed its flight so how do we know if the world has missed its mark unless it has hit its target? Therefore, let us explore the Bible and determine what the world’s target is if it has.

Please bear in mind that world and earth is not the same thing. The earth is this Third Rock From the Sun while the world is what man has developed upon it. So let us now understand what is target is in the Bible to know if we have sinned individually, as the world or not at all. We need to also know if it is possible to miss the mark.

What Is The bible's Message?

Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew reads “in beginning God…” suggesting here we start and will return; not the “nothing was so all things began here” as the English reads. That makes the world’s target to be the place where it began.

Since the beginning’s reading imply a cycle that verse 14 say will happen “like seasons, days and years” doesn’t that suggest, if seasonal four, for days four sections and years four sections each? Then what in the Bible and/or the world that happens in fours? That is what this writing intends to reveal, so read it with care.

The creation story suggests it took six days to develop everything with man last who was told to replenish the earth, that was followed by a day of rest. Then it begin to describe how the world was developed by Adam the woven from man and Eve who was woven from the man that he renamed woman. However, we don’t know if Adam was alone in the garden for a day or not, his days in the garden were not counted, but we know he named everything except his name, Adam, the tree life and the knowledge of good and evil that God named and no one know what either looks tree like. Yet because the latter tree was first eaten by Eve them Adam and cause them to be embarrassed enough to cover their reproduction organs. That caused them to be evicted from the garden, got be made—I choose to say left with—coats of skin and prohibited from returning to the tree of life without going through a sword wrapped in flames. How long it took for that to happen we are not given.

After the garden boys became farmers with girls beholding to them and in time spread the earth over. (The sixth day man multiplied over the earth for a day but were kept away from the garden area until Eve appeared for Adam to rename them woman.) Their spreading over earth was completed with Noah whose family represents the four primary ethnics. Noah and Adam are Asians, Japheth and Cain the American natives, Ham and Esau the African and Australians natives and Shem and Jacob the Europeans. They are the quarter divisions of the year’s seasons by their times of rule, Asians spring, American natives Summer, Africans fall and Europeans winter. But isn’t as easy to find the four times of a day because we don’t usually call first light to sunrise and sunset to dark a division of a day. By not recognizing them we miss a major Bible message.

The days of creation represent first light to sunrise. When we look at Mathew's but as the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be and realize Jesus meant as it was in the beginning so will the end be. Then see Revelation 20:4-5 as another time for repopulating earth before chapter 21s New heaven and earth without sea (vs 1), people with pains nor childbearing because of no death (vs 4) nor sun (vs 23) that makes Genesis’ days be thousand years. My reasoning is Matthew 1 has written it’s 42 generations from Abraham to what I call the second Christ advent that makes me believe there were 42 generations from Adam to Abraham. By calling each of those generation a 1000 years it's a week between the morning and evening civilizations. That means the world’s morning or time from the expulsion from environmentally living in garden like Noah, as his family still doing it, was 84,000 years. By that I recognize the evening civilization will be the same and the Bible’s message is a cycle of woman’s earthly behavior so there’s no missing of the mark.

Are We Sinning?

Looking at how the Bible is written in Metaphors, Allegories, Parables and Symbol-types I call MAPS, it should be easy to realize it has a pattern of saying things will happen in some distance. Take Genesis 2:24s instructions to forsake parents and the flaming sword in 3:24, they were not told to Adam and Eve but to a future generation. When we read the many prophecies of the Bible, although they tell us mostly what not to do less we be destroyed, they are saying what we do will come to a future end.

When we look at how God is doing everything through us in Isaiah 45:7 and that he is in our hearts in Luke 17:20-21 we have to realize there is a grander purpose behind what is happening on earth. That should be equally true when we see the evolution in Genesis 1 presents, and the different prophecies about the end-tine's last ruling nation and see the cycle of earth. Then there’s Ecclesiastes telling us everything happens exactly the same way throughout eternity that makes it clear that everything is a repetition which includes every individual bodies does what it did the first time the exactly same way every cycle except with a different life-force in it.

If we add the law of Reaping and Sowing and Daniel’s standing in his lot to Ecclesiastes 1:9 we find the law of reincarnation. because of the foregoing I question how can anyone have done to them or receive the exact same thing they did or received from another without being in the same body that you did it to or did it to you. So when we put together the most of the answers to the forgoing questions our answer to is there any sinning. The only answer has to be woman are not missing the mark but going through a learning pro to process to bring all knowledge of earth into our individual consciousnesses, which does not happen until each woman has gone through the New Birth and became man. Therefore there is no missing the mark called sin.


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