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Today’s Sophy (part 9)

Updated on March 28, 2019
The0NatureBoy profile image

As a preacher turn philosophy, Elijah doesn't discord any concept but puts them in his to be proven mental file until making them logical.

Today’s Sophy (part 9)

There are many things written in the Bible that, on the suffice, appears irrational but also written in it is the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that [we] are without excuse. That suggests that there's something on earth that will give us a glimpse to cause us to understand the unseen.

In the early 1980s I took "Peyote" where I had a vision of a large ball of what looked like string that revealed no beginning nor ending. That one wasn't on earth but I have seen string balls on earth that had visible ends, therefore seeing one without an end had to mean something spiritual and invisible.

During the evening (time preceding light) I first wrote this I had previously conversed with a friend about Karma and found myself tying the 1 billion timelines in such of a way that they were a ball without end. The following is what I discussed with him.

Timelines, What Are They

Timelines are the sequences a life-force follows to pay off karma. I've found Karma's definition means It Is and is used to represent the fact that no action is good nor evil. They reveal how anything done by any one to another or received by one from another their life-forces will change places so both life-force gets to experience both results of the action.

If it’s possible to make sense out of what, on the surface, doesn’t make since we need some point of reference. I wanted to make logical sense of Jesus’ words I am in the father and the father is in me so I needed someplace for a reference. To find it I said to myself if everything is possible how do I make those words logical and the timeline gave me that answer. It required accepting the possibility of Evolution, Karma, Reincarnation and many other things human-en-mass tends to reject that being educated requires one to be an objective observer, participator for discovering different outcomes and reasoning to be able to share the findings with others I realized I needed to accept everything objectively.

In discussing Evolution, Karma and Reincarnation I use Timelines that may not be clear to the readers what they are and their purposes. Lacking that understanding may cause the readers to become disinterested in what I am attempting to convey. After contemplation on the matter I’ve recognized a need to define what it means for your comprehension of their importance, therefore I will share the vision implanted into me to give a depth of their importance.

Thus, Timelines are the sequence the life-forces of the various entities continue to migrate through every manifestation contained in and including the Zeroverse that's usually called universe.

The One Timeline

Actually there is only one timeline that goes through every existing manifestation from the Electrons, Protons and Neutrons of Atoms through all of existence known and unknown of the Zeroverse. The only way god can be the all knowing ever existing and ever-present entity we say it is it has to be in everything at the same time. So I will use our bodies and what medical science has done to explain god’s everywhere existence.

We know our bodies are living entities and must believe our life-forces dwell in everything within them because we can take our blood out of our body, store it and later infuse it into another body and it will continue to work. We can do that with different origins and even graft skin from one body or one place on one’s body to another and it continue to function as though it originated there. Those things would not be possible without each of them having an independent life-force and means they require a person's life-force to run through them and their being properly connected in a similar locations before they are able to work. Thus, we are forced to say the earth and all things it's composed of have individual life-forces through which the life-forces of mankind have evolved through, as Genesis creation imply.

Expanding that to the Zeroverse zero rather than uni because it means one and every number added to its negative of equal value equals zero – we should realize electrons, neutrons and protons each have individual life-forces and the atom has another one running through it and the others entities within it. What the union of atoms forms has an independent life-force that does what happens in our bodies, thus, we can see that it happens throughout everything seen and unseen in existence. So with the zeroverse being a living entity that encompasses everything within and outside of it its life-force has to run through each separate entity.

I use the Bible’s parable of the ten virgins to represent the number of woman (minds unable to comprehend all things or exceed the ability of the earth and all thing hereon) that will go through the metamorphosis called new birth. The ten represents 10% of world’s population that become man (minds able to comprehend all things and exceed the earth and everything hereon) to survive or are be killed during civilization’s destruction. The earth’s population is estimated at 10 billion which 10% of equals 1 billion. Each body that survives represents one timeline with 9 billion, 999 million, 999 thousands, 999 mankind following the exact same sequence of incarnating that each survivor incarnated as.

Jesus said he was going to prepare a place for the ends survivors which means each man will have a different destination they raptured to except the one called the alpha (the first woman to become man in the last days) and omega (the last man to leave earth) and remains on earth to establish the alternate civilization for the 100% of alternate bodies after the survivors gives birth to those who will live on the alternate earth of Revelation 21. The various locations indicate to how long prior to another civilization’s end each man became each the other man prior to becoming the alpha and omega – per Matthew 20:1-16 – and determines where they go until then. Those differences determines something in the eternal scheme of things which I am unable to elaborate on since they are not anything I have experienced but they do determine just how long it will take them to become the zeroverse’s life-force called the supreme god.

Due to Karma, most major things anyone does to another are done to people in their timelines but there the minor things crosses the billion timelines passing through earth. The Bible's description of karma, whatsoever a man sow so shall he reap, suggests everything any one life-force do to or receive from another require their life-force to incarnate in the exact body of the other as some stage in their eternal sojourn. Taking Jesus as an example, the people who spat on him, judged him, threw lots for his garment and the like were minor so they may be in a different timeline: those who actually charged him, beat him, did the crucifying and other major things were in his immediate timeline. Thus, each of the billion timelines, except one I'm saying the alpha and Omega leads, recycles themselves through earth for giving or receive minor karma before becoming the life-force of the the Alpha and Omega. The timeline not recycled through earth will be replaced by another one that begin as the minutest of entity earth is made of and begins it's sojourn once again.


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  • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

    Elijah A Alexander Jr 

    7 months ago from Washington DC

    Thanks John.

    Once I became a nomad I had 24 hours of everyday, other than getting nourishment, to think and reason and I would lay them on anyone who took interest enough to reason the differences. Once most differences were defused or included in my reasoning I considered that the answer until I found new objections. That's why Jesus said "teach all nations what you have observed", a reasoner will explain why they reject it which gives one more to consider.

    I became a nomad in 1976 and am only now satisfied with the findings while looking for oppositions to reason with.

    Again, thanks.

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 

    7 months ago from Queensland Australia

    As always, your article offers much food for thought, Elijah. Thanks for sharing.


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