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Top 10 High-Priced Possessed Items

Updated on March 10, 2020
Shawn Tangcalagan profile image

Shawn Tangcalagan is a 22-year-old man who lives in the Philippines, also a writer and outdoorsman.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

1. The Anguish Man

Which is a painting in case you didn't know, the painter of this piece is unknown. But it's meant to be one of the most cursed paintings in the world. It's said that he mixed his blood into the painting and soon after finishing it committed suicide somehow the painting gone to the possession of Sean Robinson's grandmother who stored it away claiming it was evil. But she died and Sean inherited it after he hung it up in his bedroom his whole family started hearing crying and whispering late at night and seeing the appearance of a shadowy figure and either way when it was for sale it was going for $1,500 but now no one even knows where it is or who has it.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

2. Diana

Now, Diana is a doll that causes a lot of problems of her previous owner according to her seller on eBay ever since she acquired the doll, she had her neighbors in the area site seen phantom children just running around her garden and her swings moving on their own apparently the doll is haunted by the spirit of a 20-year-old woman also called Diana, the doll is obsessed with moving jewelry around the house and was sold for twelve hundred and fifty dollars.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

3. The Schweppe Mansion

Located on Mayflower Road in Lake Forest, this isolates mansion legit looks like the Gatsby's house I'm not even kidding you it's very bougie another twenty-four thousand five hundred square foot home has 15 bathrooms 10 bedrooms and 400 feet of beachfront to roam around on was bought by Chicago socialites, Laura Shedd and Charles H. Schweppe, back in the day but that fate was shrouded with darkness the couple committed suicide and left the house empty for 50 years there's not that people didn't want the house they definitely did. That room is of the couple's ghosts roaming the halls of the mansion left a bad taste in everyone's mouth however it's still currently on the market for 12 million dollars.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

4. Ozzie Nelson’s House

The show depicted America's ideal fantasy couple and their life miss home was the backdrop of the show Ozzie and Harriet Nelson the couple on the show lived in the 5813 square foot home for over 25 years multiple owners have come after them have reported actually seeing Ozzy's ghost around the house still doing things he normally did they would hear footsteps all over the house and the baths would always randomly start running despite having no plumbing problem the house was then put on the market for five-point two five million dollars.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

5. The Psycho Pot

This old dingy looking metal pot that doesn't look like much actually belonged the infamous horrible serial killer Ed Gein, aka the butcher of Plainfield. During the 50s. Ed went on a murderous rampage not just killing his victims but skinning up their cut of body parts and then turning them into furniture and clothes. Now the part in question was actually where he kept all the body parts he cut up and he'd wonder who would want to even buy that but a lot of people are into those things like murder memorabilia it has a name. I don't know what of this well, either way, the real thought was being used as a flowerpot by its oblivious owner before being sold to Zak Bagans for $2,800 or for a dingy little metal pot with human remains.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

6. The Anabelle Replica

Infamous cursed doll Annabelle she was a fully authentic haunted doll whose actions inspired the movies the Conjuring and of course, Annabelle itself like the doll has movies named after herself, but either way, another real Annabelle is currently on display at the Warrens Occult Museum it is not for sale however there's a replica of her being sold on eBay the replica if anything is scarier than the original doll herself, the doll is on sale for $2,500 in case anybody wants her.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

7. The Ghost Town

For the 250-acre ghost town is located and up top Colorado, a pair of sisters bought the entire town back in 2000, in hopes of restoring it and brings some life back to it but their dreams would never realize now there were just too many reports of seeing ghosts, floating orbs of light and hearing noises when no one was around. They just couldn't get anyone to move out there so the entire haunted ghost town went up for sale for two million dollars which is actually not that much for a whole town.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

8. Poveglia Island

The whole island is haunted and yes the whole thing was for sale located between Venice and Lido, by 1776 island was used as a quarantine area for people suffering from the plague and other diseases and that lasted more than a century, it was then transformed into a mental hospital in 1922. Where a doctor used to experiment on his patients with crude lobotomies which is just inhumane either way after experimenting on his patients for years he committed suicide by jumping from the hospital Tower says, he had apparently gone mad from being haunted by so many ghosts. However, in 2014, the island was sold to Italian businessman Luigi Brugnaro for 672 thousand dollars but then it said he invested more than 16 million on top of that to renovate the buildings.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

9. The Black Orlov

Weighing in at sixty-seven point five carats, this jewel is set to have initially been the eye of an idol of the God Brahma had a shrine me of Pondicherry, it wasn't stolen by a monk would you set to have kick-started its curse in 1932, a diamond dealer took the gem to the US and soon after committed suicide by jumping off a skyscraper it later belong to two Russian princesses, Leonila Galitsine-Bariatinsky and Nadia Vygin-Orlov. Both of whom also committed suicide by jumping to their death in the ’40s. After the string of tragedies attached her Charles F. Winston cut the stone into three pieces in an attempt to break the curse. But it gets even Shady a diamond scholar Ian Balthus said there's no evidence of any blood diamonds found in India or even a Russian princess named Nadia Orlov. The diamond was auctioned off in 2006, for three hundred fifty-two thousand dollars. But say if it was auctioned off again now it'd be worth around 1 million dollars.

(Pictures: Wiki commons)
(Pictures: Wiki commons)

10. The Van

The van in question right now, was owned by Dr. Jack Kevorkian and it was dubbed the Death bus Dr. Jack, an American Pathologists, and euthanasia proponent actively advocated how people have the right to die by physician-assisted suicide and they felt like he wasn't being heard enough so he took matters into his own hands and I guess in his own van inside the Death bus Dr. Jack performed over a hundred thirty assisted suicide so I mean the van has seen a lot and again it was good old, Zak Bagans who bought it for thirty-two thousand five hundred dollars.

© 2020 Shawn Tangcalagan


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