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Tranformed by the Glory

Updated on February 20, 2011

Transformed by the Glory

In the summer of 1992 I experienced supernatural metamorphisis. It was a time in my life when everything seemed to be falling through. My friends disappeared. My family wasn't there for me. I had no money because I spent it all on wreckless living.

The LORD called me, and I answered. I had everything to lose; my reputation, my friends, my career, and my life. But I surrendered... and I would gladly do it all over again. In fact, I wish I would have done it sooner.

But this article is not about my transforming experience with Holy Spirit. This article is about the aftermath of that experience. What happened? How did it change me?

A few facts about me at the time of transformation:
Age: 18
Marital status: Single
Occupation: General labor at a neighbourhood factory
Educational status: grade 10
Net worth: less than $1000

Why would something so wonderful happen to somebody like me?

Thank God that He chooses the meek, the lowly, the poor, the undereducated, and those of low status to raise them high. He chooses the foolish to confound the wise. He chooses the weak to manifest His strength. He chooses the lowly to manifest His Majesty. He chooses the uneducated to manifest the most profound and perfect wisdom this world has ever seen. Not many noble; not many rich; not many high class people according to the world's standards are chosen by God. Why? So that no flesh should glory in His presence. He is a jealous God. He shares His glory with no man.


Pre Transformation
Post Transformation
Before I was instantaneously transformed I was involved with the New Age movement. One of the aspects of New Age is the inpretation of dreams. I loved to dream. I loved to sleep. I couldn't get enough of it.
After metamorphisis I renounced New Age. Holy Spirit clearly showed me that New Age was a false religion. In fact, the occult is an open door for demons. During the experience of metamorphisis I felt the demon leave my body. I felt so good and free. As for my love for sleep and dreams: I didn't like to sleep anymore. I wanted to stay awake. No more did I love sleep. Holy Spirit filled my life with supernatural joy... a joy that I wanted to experience awake.
I used to love to receive presents at birthdays, and especially Christmas. I looked forward to Christmas so much because I knew I was getting presents.
I didn't value gifts as much. I didn't look forward to Christmas as much because presents wasn't what I wanted. I had the greatest of all presents. I had His presence. Materialism desolved in an instant.
English was my worst subject in school. I hated it. I got extremely low grades in English, reading and wrting. I barely passed. In fact, I was pushed through. Reading and writing was my weakest point.
I received instantaneous aptitude from heaven to read and write. In fact, a pastor recently told me that I am a "wonderful wordmith". How could an English failure turn into a "wonderful wordsmith"? God downloaded this talent into me instantaneously by His glory, presence and power. I immediately began reading and writing articles, sermons, and books.
Pre-Metamorphisis I had many addictions. Some of those include alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. I couldn't get enough of it. I spent my entire earnings, paycheck to paycheck on these things. I was so addicted that I would pick butts off the street when I didn't have money. I would beg for money for drugs. I visited the local bars late at night just outside the back door just so I could "harvest" the "roaches" (butts from joints). Powerful and destructive addictions and dependancies controlled my life.
All of those strong addictions broke off instantaneously. It happened in one day. I didn't even have a desire for these things. Drinking, doing drugs and smoking fell off without effort and without withdrawal symptoms.
I loved to hate. I wrote songs about hate. I wrote songs about killing and destroying. I would NEVER even say the word love, except to mock it.
The Father filled me with His love. Now I can say the word "love". My stone cold heart was removed, and love filled me. His love filled me. Love is the heartbeat of my life. Love is at the core of the message of my life.
I had a foul mouth. Curse words, and offensive language was normal. It was habitual speach. It was as natural as breathing.
Like Isaiah, my foul mouth was instantaneously cleansed. My habit of cursing, swearing and offensive language was purged by the holiness and power of the Holy Spirit.

In Closing...

The above table is certainly not exhaustive. But it does provide a glimpse into the aftermath of my "born again" experience.

Some less educated, ignorant people would think that these changes happened naturally because of "maturing" or will power.

I defy ANYONE to reproduce these results instantaneously without the presence and power of God.

Is it any wonder why my neighbors asked me what happened to me?

In my neighbors own words, "Its like a night and day difference!"


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    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

      Beautiful testimony