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Trees and How they can be used as an illustration for believes and non believers

Updated on January 13, 2016

When was the last time you thought about a tree? This morning I was looking out the dining room window at the big old pecan trees in the back yard I got to thinking about how strong yet flexible they are. Then my brain goes into overdrive thinking what makes it strong the trunk, age, nope none of those it's the roots! Buried deep within the ground they keep that tree upright, watered, and fed. So that sends my mind in another direction if we (Christians) are to grow and thrive like that tree our roots have to be rooted well or the first mighty wind will knock us down. We must read the word of God, study it diligently, fellowship, discuss and spread the gospel to sow seeds of faith In Others (just like that tree drops its pecans to make new trees). Then I considered the stump by the storm cellar, that tree has been gone since before we moved here but it's still there we tried burning it, pulling it with the backhoe, but it remains. Why because its roots are deep even if we manage to get the main stump it's roots are still spread out deep in the ground kinda makes me think of the legacy we should leave. You can do away with me, but Jesus saved me so I've only went home. The seeds I've sown and shared will spread like roots and multiply. Are you "rooted" in God today? If not ask me or someone how today. Today is the day of salvation don't keep putting it off you never know when your time will be up.

Finding Comfort during loss in the braches of a tree

Ok as I stand here looking at the bare spot where the limb fell I realize it was one of the main branches that reached for the sky and now there is a huge empty spot. There was no storm or wind the past few days to bring it down all seemed well with the tree but my husband called me yesterday morning to tell me it had fell. This in turn made me think of the passing of one of our church matriarchs there was no warning it just was and now like this tree our church has a bare spot where she sat and all she did. And like the branches of this old tree people will rise up to comfort her loved ones and fill this gap never to completely fill the gap but to still grow and flourish from the body though a limb has fallen the root and remainder of the tree will continue on as we will each and every day continuing to grow in Christ that's what she would want us to do show the world Jesus in US just as she did for so many years

A thought to ponder

Salvation either you got it or you don't. There isn't a point where you've got just enough to be heaven bound and still do whatever you want. Just don't work that way. Ok that being said a person who has been saved will begin to show "fruit" you won't need to hear them say they are a Christian you will see it. No that doesn't mean it will be instantaneous it can take a little time a seed doesn't become a tree in a day, but it does sprout so you will see small changes then bigger ones. It also doesn't mean they are "perfect" or always right. We are still human! But we are to strive to be A reflection of Christ. A new believer is very different then a mature believer. The more we grow in Christ the more we should study, teach, talk and just be like Him. If someone claims to be Christian and is still hanging on to all things worldly they are destroying their testimony and possibly turning someone away from Christ because all that person is seeing is a hypocrite and maybe thinking why would I listen to someone who says they are good but cusses out the paperboy for being late. Sometimes our lives are a better testimony to what God is doing for us then the words we speak. Just thoughts to ponder.


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    • Mommy Needs a Nap profile image

      Michelle Clairday 2 years ago from Arkansas

      I really enjoyed reading this article. Thinking about the blank spaces left by those we've lost is always tough, but the next time I see a barespot in a tree I think I'll pause and ponder it again. Thank you.