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Triad of Creation

Updated on April 4, 2015

Egyptian Triad

Egyptian pyramid model
Egyptian pyramid model | Source


A few of the ways to use the concept of triads.
A few of the ways to use the concept of triads. | Source

Using See / Feel / Be Triad

Use breathing and meditation to get into a beautiful state of awareness. Take some time and go through your life memories. Find a time when you felt very confident and good inside. Remember this and study the memory until your memory is clear. This technique can be used to go through life and reconcile old patterns of habit.

Imagine yourself being confident (or any desire) using your memory to See it with imagination, Feel it as if its happening and pretend as an actor would to Be it until it becomes real. The more you believe in this the better it works

Ancient Egypt had the White Mirror and Black Mirror techniques to reconcile good and bad deeds in the life of the up their old lives for a new one upon initiation, as described in the book Initiation by Eileen Hatch.

Triad of Creation is a formula

Triad of Creation is a name I made up for a formula or tool with many uses. It is defining two extremes and then a relative link between the two to allow one to use it as a mental tool to help them accomplish a specific goal. Such as:

Formula to create a magical spell or can be used to accomplish any goal, as in to See / Feel / Be.

See or imagine your goal as clearly as possible.

Feel this goal by imagining how accomplishing the goal will feel and empower it with emotion or any way that makes it feel more real to you.

Be or become the accomplishment of this goal as best you can within your mind. Live it as if it has already happened. And I did create this tool long before The Law of Attraction book was published, but it is a very good book.

Triad of Creation can also be used as a meditation tool in the same way. It is a formula that you assign particular parameters to in the way they will best progress for your goal. Or, you can use this formula as guidelines to study mind, nature, or spirit. It is simply a tool that anyone can use for any purpose they can define in parameters.

We could use it to help us study reality or the creation of the world as we know by defining it as such. Divine / Female / Male - this being our triad formula. Meaning that divine, singular awareness splits into two extremes female and male to experience life in the world and also to express itself in this world. You could say this another way ... God divides into both female and male to enjoy life as we know it. But I did not mention female before male for any particular reason other than I am attracted to female because I am man who loves women (its your choice).

This is a very simple concept to understand and use. It is also a powerful mind tool with as many uses as one can dream up. Once you catch my meaning you will easily be able to apply this into your own life. The Triad of Creation is basically a tool to help one achieve their goals, what ever goals they may be.

The triad can point upwards to represent the idea of one concept being split into two extremes to work with or the two extremes being combined into one complete concept. Triads are very useful tools and I'm sure there is much more this can be used for than I have imagined. It works along the same lines as the law or force of attraction. Triads are very useful in meditations such as Sliding Awareness, using the triad concept to help achieve the goal you are sliding to or concept you want to slide towards you.

We can also use a triad to view our own awareness as in, Awake / REM Dreams / Daydreams or Meditation. Or if you will, Life / Death / and the bliss in-between. This is all just the strange way my mind works, hope it can help you.

Colors of mind
Colors of mind | Source

Egyptian mystery model

Egyptian pyramid model
Egyptian pyramid model | Source

Sorcery is a word

Sorcery is a word that defines what you believe it to mean. And you may judge it to mean what others have taught you or decide for yourself. To find the true meaning of any word, you must experience it for yourself and then decide what it means to you, ergo there is no absolute true meaning as its all really an agreement. The power of words is the power of defining our perceptions both to each other and to ourselves. And these definitions are creating our reality because we believe in them. But its reality that is fueling our perceptions ... over and over again. Creating a paradox loop (chicken and the egg kind of thing). And so the act of perception is also the act of creation (same paradox loop). Its all a reflection of unconscious mind as we create and live our mental patterns.

This is simply another perspective or view of the world allowing one to notice subtle patterns to help them achieve more balance and harmony, or to notice what ever they wish. The magic is YOU learning to control your own mind. Sorcery is not a contradiction of anything, just a set of awareness tools. Just like any tool, its up to you to decide how to use it.

Sorcery is just a different lens to view the world through. Many times sorcery is a pre-defined system pattern or set of patterns created to cause change, of one type or another. There is no outside force empowering your sorcery other than your own mind. A person may conjure up an entity, but I say to you that this entity is just a symbol of something within their own sub-conscious mind. I am not saying angels are not real in their own right, but they are only as real as we together and alone allow them to be. Where do we draw the line between sorcery and advanced quantum physics? I think they are really two different lenses to view the same things, but that's just me and you must create your own definitions and world to live in. I am also not saying that God is only in your mind. But I may be saying that you are only in the mind of god? Before we can make any truly accurate assumptions we have to first decide what the word "god" means and who we really are within and without our body. So go for it, you tell me because I'm still searching and learning. But even after you tell me your truths, I may not believe them anyway, but I will not degrade your beliefs because they are as valid as mine and anyone's. I personally do not believe that there is any absolute truth anywhere, other than we are aware. Awareness is the only absolute because it both exists and does not exist at the same time, depending on nothing to do this. Even though, it does not appear this way on the surface. Awareness is the keystone, all depends on awareness to perceive it and awareness depends on no perception to be aware. Awareness cannot die, as it was never born. The body was born, awareness has no beginning and no end. Pure, clear awareness is divine and beyond the concepts it conceives.

I sometimes like to work or play with an angel, but she is really a meditation deity. In other words a kind of symbol from my own sub-conscious mind. And she has told me this herself, which is when I began thinking along these lines. I believe that all of reality is really a refection and expression of our own sub-conscious minds. And to be more precise I believe that all of us, everyone is really the very same awareness who is dreaming this world into being to experience. My beliefs may not fit for your paradigm, just as yours may not fit mine and all is good. If all of us think and believe the same, this world would be a huge stagnant bore for everyone. Diversity is the dance that makes this world so interesting and beautiful.

Umbrella Pattern

Pattern on umbrella
Pattern on umbrella | Source

Mental Patterns

Patterns are natural to the human mind. Creating patterns that we can relate is what we do and how we know our world and interact with it. Without patterns we could not function because everything would appear as chaos to us. We need to organize everything into a pattern or set of patterns and then relate to them so we can function. Many patterns are taught to us and so we are conditioned to know and use them since birth. This we can call social conditioning. Social conditioning is a good thing because it is what allows us to function well in our society and world. Becoming lost and trapped in them is what causes us problems and pain. We forget that they are merely patterns and believe them to be real in their own right and controlling us. This my friends is an illusion and a part of the grand illusion that we all get caught in. To See through these patterns allows us to recognize what they really are and so we can also see what we are. The one's creating the patterns who can and will exists with or without them. To say that we want to step through our social conditioning is simply stating that we want to step through our self limitations, not stop using our mental patterns of social conditioning.

Seeing through the box of social conditioning is much easier than stepping out of it. But one can never step out of a box they do not see.

Self Realization can hit with the impact of a sudden awestruck epiphany, that lasts for a while. Everything drastically changes while nothing changes at all. Everything is just two more extremes of the same thing. And that same thing is what we really are. Now how to live it?

Life doesn't change but you can See its being unconsciously weaved together by everyone. It's our dance. We are kind of like points of creation for divine awareness.

Seeing the box of social conditioning allows one to collapse it because they can See the mental patterns. Collapse it by detaching from it, simply do not care about it and for the moment stop believing your inner descriptions. See through them as the patterns of thinking and believing they truly are.

To directly work with these box patterns we can split them into small triads. Because we have a method of working with triads. Collapsing preconditioned boxes takes time. Doing it causes a progressive increase in self awareness. But even so, we still need to live within these sets of patterns and work with them to live. And so be it ... all is good.

Triads (diagrams) to cause effects

Magic Formula
Sates of Awareness
Slide Polarities
States of Reality
Calm Courage
Meditation / Trance
Subtle Reality
REM / Day Dreams
Opposite Extreme
Some triads can be used in different ways by altering their order. Create your own triad to slide a polarity or extreme to yourself, or you to it (mental self control).

Nonsense Quiz

1. Does a falling branch make a sound if there is no one in the forest to hear it?

a. NO - because if no one is in the forest it will not pop into reality from its natural state of potential.

b. YES -because the tree at least, is in the forest to witness it. If no one were in the forest there would be no tree with a branch to fall.

c. UNSURE - because the whole question is stupid.

d. NONE OF THE ABOVE - because its all a dream anyway, so who really cares?

e. ALL OF THE ABOVE - because it is what ever you think and believe it to be.

All in reality is made from the same awareness. Our world is entirely alive with a vast array of different levels of conscious awareness. All is a reflection of mind and we can learn self control.

Does any of this make any sense to you?

Does the idea of Triads make sense to you?

See results

© 2015 Randy Hirneisen


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