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Tribes of Israel

Updated on June 15, 2014

Writing a book

So I must confess, I thought I could write a book in a few months dealing with my research on the tribes of Israel in the Bible. Little did I know it might be an extensive research project to find out the truth first and then extract what I can with the best of my knowledge to do this book. I have learned that the Kingdom Version is not the original book written in English. Also, I have learn that marketing for book will have to take time and maybe a few workshops. I have my work cut out this summer.

I am fortunate enough to have people that have already embark on this subject matter and can maybe cut down on my time in researching this matter. I learned a lot of interesting views and many that makes sense that are not considered popular views but with common sense it is the truth. I just hope that I can bring a clear concept to enlighten everyone without going into small details that can be controversial.

Making sure it's according to the Word

Many revisions of the Bible has cause me to wonder what has been lost in translating. When I read a book stating that there were rules to go by when translating it made me wonder what those rules were and why were they being implemented. Nothing should hinder your view of truth. Many of the writers decided to leave out words and/or alter views based on what they believed instead of what they knew was actually being stated in the original text. Anybody that wants to write according to the Bible to me should seriously consider all commentaries. I believe that's the only way to piece together the truth since some versions have been burned and/or hard to obtain.

Minor details

When I read through some text about various subject matters like the color of the skin of the Jews. It doesn't seem like things that should be include in a book. We all came from one man and one woman. To me it's not edifying anyone. I want people to understand the big concept which is what matter in life, not the small things like the color of the sky. We need things that will change our soul for a more abundant life. A life that is pleasing to God. It is a shame after all these years of the Bible being in circulation that we all can't full grasp simple and big concepts which leads me to believe that we don't have the fear of God in us. We have assume the role of God and want our race to be more superior to another race. Our race is the chosen race. Everybody has the opportunity to be God's chosen people. Pray for me as I intake all these ideas and concepts of the tribes of Israel.


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    • cnj02c profile imageAUTHOR

      Colesha Jackson 

      4 years ago from Hattiesburg, Mississippi

      Thanks. I appreciate your comment. I have been praying like three times a day sometimes and twice daily.

    • Liz Jimenez profile image

      Liz Jimenez 

      4 years ago

      If you really want to understand the bible, understand the truth, the Word, pray for revelation. If we really want to live by the Word of God because of our love, reverence and gratitude for Him, then we should seek revelation of His word - not just for ourselves but to share it with others.

      My purpose behind saying this is you don't necessarily need to seek any kind of documentation to figure out what God is saying. All you really need to do is trust that He hears you and answers you. Know that He speaks to us all the time, but you have to want to hear Him. He wants us to know, to understand His Word.

      If I may suggest, go into your prayer closet daily, tune out everything and everyone, and focus on Him. Ask Him to reveal to you what His Word means. Don't try to understand it with the flesh. The flesh will always fail you. Seek to understand it through your spirit. Believe that He will answer you and He will. Ask for guidance from His Holy Spirit, to be guided on this (your books as well as everything else.) I pray your eyes and ears will be open to Him and the only voice you hear will be His.

      God bless you


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