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Truth Is All That Matters

Updated on November 5, 2017

The Way to Eliminate Suffering

Suffering seems to be a continual, never-ending state of reality for the human race here on the physical plane; better known as Earth. This is why many people believe Earth to actually be Hell, with its perpetual cycle of suffering. Some may refer to this as Karma; the debt we must pay for the wrongs we have committed in past lives. And certainly, in order to truly understand what I am saying in this and future articles on this subject matter, you must have a basic belief in reincarnation and the human soul. If you believe beyond death nothing else exists then you will never truly accept or understand the Truth.

Basic definition of Truth
Basic definition of Truth | Source

Are your beliefs based in Truth?

The Truth is intricately related to why we experience suffering in our world.

Truth is simple! Events that have actually went through the process of occurring in our three dimensional space-time reality is Truth. If we can understand these events then we can come to understand what is actually taking place both within us and around us. The core reason for our suffering as a collective consciousness is because we have gone far off the path of Truth. In general, we are engaged in illusion, fantasy land type thinking.

Our belief systems (fundamental axioms) are at the root of the problem. When we take ideas as being true and self-evident when in reality they are not fundamentally true the result is suffering. Our attachment to these core beliefs that are not in alignment with Truth keep us in a state of suffering. This is a fact many are avoiding in our society. This is a very big problem!

On a personal level, when you believe in your heart that which is not true as being true it is a very difficult barrier to overcome. It takes most people their entire lifespan, if ever, to rebuild the belief system that was put in place within them as a child.

Definition of Axiom
Definition of Axiom | Source


Understanding The Self is paramount!

If we are not to be fooled, or not to take deception and falsehood as truth in the world we must have a deep understanding of The Self and what's going on in human consciousness. We are highly susceptible to manipulation when we accept things as truth that are not true and when we refuse to accepts things that are true. In our society where there is falseness everywhere, manipulation and deception work on us on a daily basis to keep us away from finding Truth and seeing the truth that is right in front of us.

Self-knowledge is the way out. The solution really lies in understanding who we really are and the only way you can do that is to have enough knowledge of yourself and how your own consciousness works and how to bring that consciousness to a place of balance.

Soren Kierkegaard Quote
Soren Kierkegaard Quote | Source
Adolf Hitler Quote
Adolf Hitler Quote | Source
Paul Joseph Goebbels Quote
Paul Joseph Goebbels Quote | Source

Heed these words......

The Oracle of Delphi
The Oracle of Delphi | Source

The Full Lecture

In my next article I will go into deeper detail about what consciousness is, how it works, what the qualities of consciousness are and how it manifests and expresses itself, as well as getting some deeper understanding of the human brain.

"Get offended as you like"-Mark Passio

Mark Passio has been a huge influence on my own personal journey of self-discovery & search for Truth.

I love his rough in your face style!.

So, what did you think?

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