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Cain & Abel Fratricide Episode Four

Updated on October 15, 2022
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People distance away from religious subjects because society teaches they're taboo, Read instead. It's hard to argue with an article.

Cain's Declension

Abel loved Cain, and associated with him to some degree it appears from the scriptures. Either that or Cain deceived Abel to follow him into a field. He probably told Abel he wanted to pray with him or the like. There was no reason Abel had to distrust Cain as far as he knew, but Cain served darkness and ruled Satan's lies.

Satan intended, and succeeded, to pull Cain so far away from the light of God's love that he could get him to do all the evil he could imagine. Cain allowed Satan complete domination of his will. Ceding control of his will to Satan, Cain's almost compensated him for not having possession of his physical body--something devils and demons never gain.

After Satan saw that Cain had completely turned away from God and towards him, he appealed to hiss jealousy of Able saying, "Swear unto me by thy throat, and if thou tell it thou shalt die; and swear thy brethren by their heads, and by the living God, that they tell it not; for if they tell it, they shall surely die; and this that thy father may not know it; and this day I will deliver thy brother Abel into thine hands. Moses 5:29

Such oaths had never been entered into among the children of humanity. Satan knew that the bodies of all mankind must shortly perish and wanted control over them when they died and in mortal life. Megalomania describes Cain and Lucifer, sinister plotting incognito. Lucifer's desire to be worshipped as God helped him bring about death through murder. Inserting himself into this action of brothers allowed him to claim credit for the decreed resolution, death, of human existence given in the Garden of Eden through Eve and Adam's forbidden fruit.

This final part of the four-episode series on Cain and Abel covers the death of Abel and Cain being the instrument of murder. Abel's fame is due to being the first fatal victim of selfish pride and jealousy.


Abel's Death

Jealous Cain could not see past his own lust, which, with the help of Satan, became a blood-lust. He called himself, according to Moses, Master Mahan. The great secret was that he could murder and get gain without getting found out--or so he thought.

Cain spoke to Abel in a field casually as if all was well between them when he suddenly rose up and slew Abel. Abel was not sure what to do--murderous violence not known amongst humanity until Cain acted on his urges. Cain dealt the crushing blow of death and let out a hellish cry of victory, "I am free; surely the flocks of my brother falleth into my hands" Moses 5:33. Thus another son of the birthright lost to Satand.


"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

God confronts Cain about Abel's whereabouts. Cain utters the infamous, "Am I my brother's Keeper?"

Immediately the Lord reminds Cain of the curse that would come upon him, "from this time forth thou shalt be the father of his lies; thou shalt be called Perdition; for thou wast also before the world. And it shall be said in time to come—That these abominations were had from Cain; for he rejected the greater counsel which was had from God."

And the pronouncement came,

...thou shalt be cursed from the earth which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand. When thou tillest the ground it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength. A fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. Genesis 4:11-12

Cain pled with the Lord saying his punishment was too great. He was a farmer and now the ground was cursed towards him. There was no remorse for the death of Abel. There was only agony over his personal loss.

In compassion towards Cain, God gave him protection, for Cain knew any who saw him would kill him. The Lord put a mark on Cain that any person who found him knew not to kill him.

Cain's Curse

Special Note: The Curse of Cain

God specifically told Cain that as a curse upon him,

I will deliver thee up, and it shall be unto thee according to [Satan's] desire. And thou shalt rule over him; For from this time forth thou shalt be the father of his lies; thou shalt be called Perdition. And it shall be said in time to come—That these abominations were had from Cain; for he rejected the greater counsel which was had from God; and this is a cursing which I will put upon thee, except thou repent Moses 5:23-25.

Before Cain received a curse, God personally warned him of a potential curse if he did not change. God recognized the downward spiral in Cain's behavior leading him to succumb to the temptation to commit an evil tragic act of murder.

God let him know ahead of time there was a curse in his future if he did not change his behavior. He even told Cain that Satan desired him to have a curse given, which is what occurred, the curse of perdition, the father of Satan's lies, and to have evil attributed to his name ever after.

Seed of Cain Today

Moses informs that Cain took a wife from among his brothers' daughters, which provides significant revelation to the world, dispelling some racist teachings imagined by people. Since Cain was not the first child Adam and Eve conceived, by far, there's no need to construct myths about the origin of his wife.

Cain and his wife embraced darkness.

All people who served themselves and worship the devil by so doing were, and are, wicked, but Cain and his family were even more wicked because they enforced their wickedness with murder.

People who murder for personal gain are the seed of Cain.

In commentary regarding those who, like Cain, serve Satan, Mormon scribed, "And thus we see the end of him who perverteth the ways of the Lord; and thus we see that the devil will not support his children at the last day, but doth speedily drag them down to hell." Alma 30:60

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2018 Rodric Anthony Johnson


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