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Truths about Mahatma Gandhi

Updated on January 13, 2015

Hidden Truth

1 : He and his movements were not even close in bringing Indian Independence :
When Atlee(British Prime Minister during the period of Indian Independence) was asked whether Gandhi had any importance in this independence. He smiled and said "minimal" .
The important reason why he was forced to give freedom was WW2 and Indian Army that was not anymore controllable because of movements done by Bose .

2 : He supposedly played roles in death of Subhas chandra Bose and Bhagat Singh (Great Indian Leaders unlike Gandhi and Nehru who sought power).
He called Bhagat singh's act as heroism and he will not support it , and called Bose as "spoilt Child".

3 : He was actually a racist .During his struggle in South Africa he demanded rights to Indian saying Indians should not be treated a Negros.He was actually acting as a catalyst in killings of local Black population.

4 : He was a sexual Freak/Maniac , He used to sleep with naked young girls to test his restraint . When he was 77 ,he called upon 18 year old girl to sleep with him saying they might die in violence that was going on in Calcutta.

5 : He played an important part in India Pak separation and finally played "fasting till death " card to stop violence that was raging between two communities. Surprisingly the fast did not kill him !!!

Truths about Gandhi were revealed by Godse in his trial , Reporters were present during the trial and had everything captured, but Nehru did not allow anyone to leave the court with their note, the police tore all the reporter's notes . The truths were hidden by Nehru for political dominance and for the purpose of exploiting Gandhi's influence among people.


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