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Tulku– the transformation of live flame to candle

Updated on January 31, 2013

The child Dalai lama

The child Dalai lama
The child Dalai lama | Source

Tulku – the transformation of live flame to candle

Belief in the Tulku Principle is relatively recent tradition made retroactive: thus the Dalai lama who did not exist until the sixteenth century, are considered to be the Tulku of Chenresigns . Tlku that is, the reincarnation of his predecessor who usually turns up within few years of death as the same flesh and blood but in the way live flame is passed to a new candle.

The searchers put many tests as such tests as the unhesitating selections of the dead man's personal effects, clothes, cups, religious objects, and the like from a series of nearly identical objects belonging to others. When the searchers are satisfied with the ample evidences- the child of 3-5 is choosen as Tulku.


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