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My experience with Out of Bodies

Updated on August 18, 2010

My first out of body

My out of body experience occurred when I was 21, and in seemingly good health. I was visiting my parents, as my usual, once a month trip, and so far , everything appeared to be within that usual and normal visit, Atleast until bedtime.
9 pm rolled around, and I was instructed to sleep in my brothers old room......I had never even been allowed in that room, when I was younger. My brother was a very private and neat sort, and he did not ever want me in there, or anyone that I can recall.
Dad and I watched t.v. for a few more hours, and now it was a bit after 11 pm. I said my goodnights and gave him a kiss on his cheek, and I was now on my way, for the most interesting trip of my entire life!
Finding this room just the way it was left 10 years earlier was what was in my thoughts at that time. Looking around to see why and what was so special here, that it remained a shrine for my brother. It didnt feel cozy, and I was glad to be leaving the next day, because another night in this room was more than I felt that I wanted to deal with.
As I am drifting of to sleep, my sight had a new angle, and I noticed I was laying on my back, with my arms crossed, like I was in a casket. My realization was that I saw me from a new direction, and I watched myself for a few more moments. Then I floated around the room, in the most calm manner. Now this room was becoming more than I ever could of imagined. This was fun, and something to make the most analytical person perplexed! It was time to go outside, and I was headed for the window. However, as I turned slowly, there was darkness, and a small light at the apparant end. In this tunnel, i could see glimpes of dark blue, purple and gold specks of color, illuminating the walls of this long, and very quite tunnel. The tranquility that was within there and now capturing my entire being, was enough to make this highly anxious girl, want to stay here for a long stay.
As I am floating toward to light, I felt compelled to continue this uncertain but positive experience. The light is becoming brighter and larger, and all i could feel is the presence of good, and I am sure that this is where I need to be.
Finally, the end of the tunnel is here, and I am enveloped in that same light that without a word, had directed me here. Beauty is the only thought that passed my emotions. Within a few second, a lady appeared to tell me that I had choice, and that I was young.
Looking at her was now my agenda. Who is she? I dont reconize her, but she seems to know me. I continue to do a check list of her characteristics. She has strawberry reddish hair, and very pale skin. Her eyes were a stunning blue. At this point, it didnt matter where I knew her from, or who she is. I had a choice to make, and she made me feel that time was of the essence.
I wanted to stay, but had remembered her saying that I was young. What did that mean? Does my choice really have anything to do with that? She was about 50, and she looked extreme happy. What a decision to make. This is the best vacation ever! No stress, no money needed, never had to write out the bills or worse talk to the bill collector! I need more time, but she gave me an insistant order to make my choice, and that whatever I choose would be fine.
At that time, I turned around, back to the direction I had so calmly came from, and was immediatly pulled back through the dark tunnel. It was so fast, that I didnt see any of the magical colors within the dark travel.
I was bolted back in my old body, and I was at that point a bit shaken up. Now it was time to evaluate this trip, so I headed to speak to my father, who was half asleep, still on the couch, and the tv blaring.
He felt my adventure was all a dream, and told me to go back to sleep. Knowing that I had not even gotten to sleep, and that this was something very real and special. That was enough for me. I got a drink of coke, headed for bed , with hopeful thoughts , that someday I would honored again once more. That day has still not arrived, but I am waiting so very patiently, for my next really relaxing permanant vacation..........and yes with God!

23 years later my next out of bodies ( 3 in one nite)

Last night was a far cry from being peaceful and serene, or at least it started out with mega pain and distress. I now know that it was gallbladder issues and many stones........the pain was unbearable.
My girls came in around 11pm, and I was just uncomfortable at that time, but it proceeded to elevate to a full blown case of stabbing, burning and throbbing pain inside my belly, and shooting pains around my body. I prayed for relief and some sleep.
By 12:40 pm, my level of pain was immense, as I lay there on my back moaning and and thrashing about the bed......all of a sudden, I was outside my body sitting beside what I thought to be a man....dressed in a white robe, with a brilliant aura of light outlining his entire body! I realized now that there was no pain within my being. He began to speak, so I turned my head to see him more clearly. There was no face or body. The outline was filled with the colors of purple, dark blue and pink. Large lines of color were lining the inside of this figure....and the aura was so bright around him. After my quick inspection of his presence, he told me that I had taught my girls all that I need to from this earth, and the rest I can show them from the other side.
All of a sudden, my youngest daughter opened a door, and made me literally jump back in my old, tired and painful body. I was annoyed with that interuption, but just ask her to please be quiet and go back to bed.
Now, I am gonna try my best to get comfortable and try to fall asleep. It was at least an hour of the same hurt that had earlier plagued my physical being. Last Time I looked at the clock , it was 12:57, and what felt to be just minutes from that time..........I just left my body and enter the large brightness of white was so calm and painfree.......I want and need to find that presence ,that at that moment....I felt that he was God, my Lord and Saviour.
Where is he? I dont see anyone or anything.....but no fears were there and the calmness and peacefullness remained. The only thing I heard was one short sentence, and he told me to come on! I was doubt about it.
Then there was a loud rattle of paper, Paige was wresling with a bag of chips......I slammed right back in my body again!
Oh My........I am more tha annoyed now....It is high frustration! The pain is back and Paige is still up! I need to suffer alone, and really want to search for that place and who I believe to be God !
Another hour passed, with the same ole same ole occurring in my body. Help me is all I can think..........I start praying and now I am feeling that floating sensation once again. The only difference now is that I am complete darkness......but I am in no pain and it is still very tranquil. This is still very much alright by me. I will look for that light...........and I did for a moment, until Paige startled me for the third and last time.
What I said next shocked me, as I yelled at her for not letting me get to God. I meant to say to her that I was trying to get to sleep. My guilt was now very high for yelling at her, and now my pain was also high again.
Within a few hours, I called Rusty to take me to the hospitol. There we found the problem with my gallbladder. It is going to require surgery.
After having three out of body experiences in one night, I believe now I can relax a bit about my condition and this upcoming surgery.
God will never give us more than we can bear. I saw that, and I saw him sitting beside me as my friend. What a friend we have in Jesus.......that song comes to my mind alot now. Whatever fears we have or questions too.........God gives clarity and an insight that most will never know until moments like these happen. I have been blessed! my written account is what I leave here for others to know, at least have an idea about the afterlife..


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    • Momma Mia profile imageAUTHOR

      Momma Mia 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks so very much!! I appreciate you reading!!


    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      8 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      This was an interesting account. Multiple out-of-body experiences makes for quite an evening. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope your health improves.


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