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Twas The Night Before Jesus.

Updated on January 1, 2010

Twas the night before Jesus




Twas the night before Jesus
when all over the world,
lambs were led off to slaughter
and on alters were hurled,
for back then it was written
that one must take a sheep,
from the finest they owned
and then stop it's heartbeat.

With a knife, sacrifice it
to atone for one's sins
and thus such was the norm
till baby Jesus dropped in.

He brought hope for all men
with his birth on that day
till not far in his future
for each sin he would pay.

For your sins and for my sins
he would hang on a cross
saving sheep everywhere
from the pain of sin's cost.

So some went to his manger
and they bleated their thanks
shedding wool to help warm him
midst the frozen snow banks.

They all gathered to honor
this baby who came
to deliver all sheep
from taking men's blame.

Men too were like sheep
and a shepherd was needed
to lead them to heaven
with his death he succeeded.

From then on sheep were safe
from the priests and their knives
shedding innocent blood
of each purest sheep's lives.

Jesus paid for it all
Lamb of God he atoned
for the evil of man
and sheep were left alone.

The sheep have a hero
and are often found gazing
at the stars in the fields
where they sleep or are grazing,

remembering the baaaa-d days

and his grace so amazing.

In heaven some day
if you are where I am
you'll find peace not of earth
lions sleeping with lambs.

Since that day before Jesus
they were sheep just like ewe
now we all are God's creatures
who he promises too....
grant us passage to heaven
if we just call his name
asking him to forgive us
thanking him just the same
for his taking our blame.

aren't you glad that he came.



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