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Two Major Types of Core Beliefs: Destructive and Constructive

Updated on February 21, 2019
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Jenny was trained as a Bible Woman under International Missionary Society. She earned three Masters degrees in Education and Philosophy.

As you know so far from our recent discussion, a core belief is that most powerful part of your being that seats in the core of your soul. No matter how you look, whatever your health condition is, and whatever the condition of your life in all areas are determined by the type of core beliefs that you keep deep inside you. It is not necessary that you are aware of all the core beliefs that live within your soul structure but looking at the condition of your health, beauty, and the condition and situation of your life in all areas will show the type of core beliefs that are ruling your life. The type of belief you keep cause you success and happiness in life or may bring you all miseries and destroy you eventually.

Let’s survey first the destructive core beliefs. Destructive core beliefs are those beliefs that block you from success in any endeavors you take in life; in a sense they are bad luck beliefs that you had not realized you had been dragging with you through out your life. If you are aware of these types of core beliefs, would you still continue to keep them?

Some examples of bad luck core beliefs that cause you to live a miserable life:

  1. I am not beautiful, maybe I am sexy or not really ugly but surely not beautiful enough to my liking.
  2. I am not really good, I just pretend to be good so that people won’t dislike me but I am actually a liar, a pretender.
  3. I am not as smart as my sister or any friend but so what?
  4. I am poor, I come from a poor family so no matter what I do, I stay poor.
  5. Life sucks, everything in life is just misery.
  6. Life is full of problems.
  7. I am just born unlucky in everything. I had learned to accept this fact.
  8. I just cannot do anything right.
  9. I am full of inadequacies in anything I try to do.
  10. My Mom and Dad said that I am sickly ever since I was a baby and that is true.
  11. Hard work is the key to success.
  12. I am lazy.
  13. I am not really lovable but I try hard to be one.
  14. Rich people are arrogant.
  15. I don’t really want to be rich, that is impossible.
  16. Money is the root of all evils.
  17. Beautiful people are boastful, I don’t need to be one.
  18. Best friends are best enemies, I don’t need one.
  19. Happiness is a strange word, it does not exist.
  20. Love is a foolish word, people are naturally dishonest.
  21. I am always in need of money, who is not or everybody is.
  22. Men are liars.
  23. Women are untrustworthy.
  24. Children are spoiled, they should not be given anything they demand.
  25. Spouses cheat on each other.
  26. Wives only want their husbands’ money.
  27. Husbands are selfish.
  28. Miracles never happen, not to me.

There are countless of these types of destructive core beliefs that rule the world, I cannot mention them all, no wonder billions of people live miserable lives. If you have all of them or any three of these in the list hen you better check yourself, they are bad lucks that come from within you, they block you from becoming a wonderful person or for having a good life.

Now before we go to the healing affirmations let us look into what constructive or creative core beliefs are. Constructive core beliefs also seat in the core of your soul and they have been there creating patterns of good luck and miracles in your life. Do you have many miraculous events in your life? Be happy, you have a guardian angel keeping watch over you in every turn of your life and that guardian angel are your constructive core beliefs.

In my next video I will discuss constructive core beliefs which are actually healing affirmations. I will deal on how to discard the destructive core beliefs that had been operating in your lives replacing them with constructive core beliefs. To cement these constructive core beliefs into your soul will be the aim in the next topic.


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