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Types of Hands in Palmistry - Shape and Meanings

Updated on May 19, 2013
Types of hands in palm reading
Types of hands in palm reading

Small and Large Hands

People with small hands are busy people, they work hard and get things done. These people rush around and may move on to something else (or someone else) quite quickly.

People who have large hands are slower but they are capable of fine and detailed work. These people also stay put through thick and thin.

Women who have small hands are more likely to put on weight as they get older. Many women with larger hands can also gain weight but they are less likely to do so.

Rounded Hands

Rounded hands denote sociability and a desire for variety in life. They make friends easily and have a sense of the ridiculous.

However, these people are also easily become bored, so you need to stay on your toes to keep them interested. Rounded-hands people are quick to think, move, act and make up their mind but they can change it as quickly.

Square hands indicate stability and hard work
Square hands indicate stability and hard work

Square Hands

These hands represent persistent and determined individuals.

Meticulous in their work and very punctual, these people are not ones who do well in chaos, square-handed people seek order and conformity with the laws.

Responsible and practical, they are people who can be trusted and do not usually rely on pure instinct.

Long, delicate hands belong to artistic people
Long, delicate hands belong to artistic people

Long and Delicate Hands

Individuals with this type of hand are usually artistic but impulsive in nature. At times, this person will be completely absorbed in his/her own interests.

Highly sensitive and expressive, they are people who tend toward the physical pleasures in life but easily be influenced by others.

While these people are interesting to be with on a short-term basis, they may be less raedy to settle for a mundane family life. An individual with this type of hand often be irresponsible and have a short-fused temper.

Hands that somewhat look undeveloped
Hands that somewhat look undeveloped
Veins on hand
Veins on hand

Small, Less Developed Hands

Hands that somewhat look undeveloped, with stubby fingers and few lines on the palm, then the owner may be very pedestrian, not adventurous and unwilling to try anything new. These people have hard time expressing themselves and prefer a regular job and a well-ordered life.

Here are a few other things to watch for:

  • Look at the backs of the person’s hand, if his/her veins show through or if they are prominent, then the person is very sensitive and easily get hurt. If the veins do not show, the person is less into his/her own feelings and therefore less easy to upset. However, he/she may not be too interested in hearing your feelings.
  • Now look at the edge of the person’s hand, this area is called the percussion by palmists. When this percussion is thick and meaty then be careful as the person may lose his temper easily, very little will shock him, and he could become violent when things are out of control.


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