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UFO: A Personal Experience

Updated on December 9, 2013

The Circumstances

I had been visiting with friends for several hours one Saturday night. It was summer 1987 and I was staying with my parents for the weekend. I was driving my parent's car which was a late model North American vehicle. It was a comfortable, reliable and responsive car.

My hosts had been close friends of mine for a few years by the time of this visit. They owned a small 5 acre property with only one neighbour close by and a tiny, farm production plant across the street. At 2 AM the road would normally see one or two vehicles every 1/2 hr. We had eaten dinner and had one of 2 glasses of wine over several hours. I was not inebriated or particularly tired. I was alert, sober and comfortable. I felt safe just cruising along at the speed limit listening to tunes on the radio.

The drive was not especially challenging on any fronts. The highway from their place is a small inter-provincial highway used mostly by commuters in the area to get to the major highway Monday to Friday. No street lights except when you are approaching an intersection. It was pitch dark meaning any car lights in either direction stood out like a full moon on a very dark night. No one passed me going in either direction for the entire drive to the major highway.

Brilliant Truck Lights in Rear View Mirror
Brilliant Truck Lights in Rear View Mirror | Source

A Transport Approaches Fast

After driving along this dark isolated highway for about a kilometer I notice a truck approaching very fast in my rear view mirror. I know it's a truck because the lights are higher than my bumper and there are more than one set of lights. There were lights above what would have been his windshieId. I know it's going fast because these lights are getting bigger by the second. I judged him to be going at least 20 - 30 km. faster than I and I was cruising at about 100 km/hr.

His lights were brilliant, lighting up the whole inside of my car and blinding me in the rear view mirror. I slow to 90 km/hr and nudge slightly to the right indicating he should pass me. But he remained stubbornly riding my back bumper. He was so close keeping exact pace with my speed and we were the only ones on the highway. My heart started to pound and I was getting increasingly worried that his goal was to run me right off the road.

I determined that under no circumstances was that going to happen. I was not going to be run off the road so I increased my speed. Faster and faster until I was cruising at 140 km/hr. Still he kept pace.

Ayr, Ontario, Canada

Alone on the Highway
Alone on the Highway | Source

Suddenly the Lights Disappeared

The inside of the car suddenly went dark and a glance at my rear view confirmed he was no longer behind me. That made me very nervous but I held my speed and by this time I was going pretty fast. I thought he'd be passing me at quite a speed even for a large truck.

I glanced in my driver's side mirror expecting to see him coming up beside me. There was nothing in my side mirror! No lights, no truck, nothing. The shock of not seeing him in my side mirror set my heart to pounding again. Where the heck was he? I turned my head around looking everywhere for him but there was no lights in any direction or any truck visible. This truck had simply vanished.

My mind raced through possibilities. Had he suddenly turned off? There was no place to turn off nor could he have a made a turn going that speed. He had quite simply, in a matter of seconds completely disappeared.

It really did look like a truck!
It really did look like a truck! | Source

Intriguing Pictures Posted Anonymously

The Unexplained

This accompanying video shows a number of intriguing images. Some are archeological finds, some underwater structures but all demonstrate how many mysterious things are found and often not reported.

Wish a Truck Really Had Passed
Wish a Truck Really Had Passed | Source

Before this incident I really didn't have any thoughts about UFO's from other planets or galaxies one way or another. It wasn't that I didn't believe, I was just well...uninterested and rather skeptical I suppose. Logically, I thought that if there really is visitors from other planets, why hadn't they tried communicating with us? Why all the secrecy? Why be so clandestine? On the other hand, we humans aren't really a peaceful lot so communication with us could be understandably considered risky from their point of view so I wasn't sure either way. I was a complete fence-sitter.

To further muddy the waters, the UFO field is so contaminated with false data. Spammers, jokers, clowns all making spoof videos and pictures that you don't know what to take in as real. That makes researching these sorts of experiences almost impossible, which I'm sure is why most people don't. Unless they have an experience like the one I did.

When I looked in my side mirror, I fully expected to see a truck passing. I never at any time thought I was being followed by a UFO. I believed there was a truck riding my back bumper, albeit aggressive and certainly menacing but nonetheless very human and of this world. When there was nothing there, and I couldn't see anything for miles behind me with the naked eye, I was shocked, confused, and very frightened. There was nothing of this world that could have performed this stunt. Once we have crossed that line into a reality that is practically inexplicable and opened ourselves up to a new version of reality, the possibilities are so limitless it almost feels like we have shifted into an awakened dream state.

My anxious mind proceeded to race through a number of alternate possibilities. Could it be a military vehicle of some sort out for a test or joy ride? Seeing a lone driver on a dark stretch of highway...let's zoom in and ride her bumper for a while. Scare her mindless and zoom away. That seemed highly unlikely. Possible but unlikely. Military maneuvers if somewhat nefarious at times do possess their own sort of logic. They don't tend to do things just for the heck or twisted pleasure of it. Scaring a lone woman on a dark highway in the middle of the night really doesn't prove much scientifically or militarily.

I didn't know how much I wanted it to be an ordinary truck until there was nothing there. Suddenly I was in a completely unfamiliar situation and alone. Would it reappear in front of me? Would I see it again? It was getting difficult not the scream my head off, the anxiety was so intense.

I was so relieved to reach the 401 which is a large, well-lit multi-lane highway. Cars were cruising along in both directions looking so delightfully normal. I reached home without further incident and went to bed. I spoke to no one until the next morning.

Nothing was ever settled about what that really was following me that night. I watched the news the next day to see if anything odd had been reported by anyone else but nothing was mentioned. All I know for certain is that this happened to me. I decided to believe that it was a UFO. What it was doing zooming in on me driving down that dark stretch of highway, I will never know.

I wonder how many people who have reportedly had accidents on dark stretches of highway by themselves where alcohol or speed was not a factor, was in fact the result of driving alone on a dark stretch of highway when out of nowhere a truck with lights baring down on them scares them right off the road where they mysteriously and inexplicable die. Medics say they had a heart attack and drove off the road and died but perhaps something happened to trigger that heart to stop. I certainly had moments when my heart was beating so hard and fiercely that had I been older, I might have suffered a cardiac arrest.

All thoughts to ponder.

Lonely Highway at Night
Lonely Highway at Night | Source

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