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UFO Peak Experiences of May 29, 2010

Updated on March 28, 2015
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MUFON UFO Journal author (March 1995, June 1996). Self published on UFO Window website from 1997 to 2002. Hubpages articles began late 2011.

ufos-over-phoenix; 2/20/2010 blog at
ufos-over-phoenix; 2/20/2010 blog at | Source

On May 29, 2010 or five weeks and a day before the July 4th, 2010 flap of red/orange fireballs that occurred mostly in the western half of the U.S., but especially just west of Omaha, Nebraska, there was another flap that was a bit less focused. It was a bit more spread out across the United States and in the time span for this series of events that, besides several good nighttime sightings, included more than your usual daytime sightings. One thing in common that all of these reports had on this date is that they occurred during a peak of all three of my day cycles (A at 7.1436 days in length, B at 7.0079 days in length, and C at 6.76 days in length). Looking back in time to aid in refining the periods and timing of these cycles lead me to this interesting day for UFO sightings. Based on this and other triple peak days such as occurred on 3/2/74 and 4/25/77 (the later already reviewed in an earlier hub), I have concluded that the next triple peak will happen in June, 2012, with the most likely peak dates being 6/10, 6/17, and 6/24 (but at least one of two Sundays just before and after those Sundays would be a good bet as well if the best peak day falls on the 10th or 24th rather than the more likely 17th). It is my impression that this upcoming triple peak will be tighter than the last ones that I have studied. However, since it is in June rather than the usually more active months following that month, the peak may not be as strong as the one following the next one which should come either 750 or 757 days later in July 2014 (even though that later date should be less tight than the nearest one to come).

Initially I considered sharing a daytime video said to have been taken on this date of a possible UFO over Moscow that supposedly appeared next to a dual contrail, but I felt it was something that likely could have been fabricated. I felt the same way about a fleet of UFO mother ships circling the sun that supposedly appeared in a photograph taken by NASA on this date. And then there is the daylight disc that was reportedly taken on either Saturday 5/29 or 6/19 over Bristol, England (reported to MUFON as the later date but given elsewhere on the net with the earlier date and yet the picture file was still dated 6/19) but it looked too good to be true. Anyone is welcome to do a Google search to find any of those and determine for themselves whether or not they are genuine. Selected UFO events for May 29th, that I feel are worthy of your time to read, are now included (the first and third report are from MUFON and the rest from NUFORC).

At 1:40pm (apparently Pacific Daylight Time), while over Nevada on a San Francisco to Atlanta flight, two female passengers witnessed a "whitish, greyish, metallic disc" hovering on the left side of the jet as they flew by. It was out of site in ten seconds. They said it was frisbee shaped with a curving top and flat bottom. They learned from the stewardess that they were at 14,400 feet elevation at the time (above the clouds). They then wrote a note for the stewardess to deliver to the captain, reporting what they saw and asking if he saw it as well. He said that he was distracted at the time and not looking outside the plane but that there should have been no other aircraft in the area at that time.

Less than three hours earlier, at approximately 1pm in Lancaster, Ohio, the witness was laying in a hammock and looking up when a "white chevron shaped" craft flew quickly (faster than a fighter jet) and silently overhead in just a couple of seconds, moving in a "laser straight" line to the southeast.

Another UFO, this time V shaped or slightly like a boomerang with rounded edges, was sighted in Tualatin, Oregon, during the day on this date (no exact time was given). The witness was on their back porch drinking coffee and looking at the birds when they noticed the out of place object. It was "dark dull charcoal black/grey" in color, silent, and moving northwest, higher in the sky than most planes would normally fly there. The course it was taking was not a normal flight path either. The unexplained aerial object was witnessed in a clear sky for about two minutes.

In Taos, New Mexico, at about 8:05pm, MDT (same as CST) or just before sunset, two coworkers (type of work not mentioned but something that has them working outdoors) witnessed two large objects that released a group of smaller objects were seen 5-7 degrees above the horizon and moving away from them towards the northeast. The UFOs were seen flying below that of normal aircraft in the area (around 1000 feet) at what was estimated to be near the speed of sound and within 1-5 miles away. There was no exhaust coming from them and as they moved the smaller craft, which were first seen randomly dispersed around the larger vehicles, eventually disappeared. The UFOs were visible for what was believed to be 5-10 minutes before they were lost in the distance. This was reported to NUFORC and its director spoke with one of the witnesses and took him seriously.

To end this particular hub, here are two reports that occurred about an hour apart and both in the Oregon City, Oregon area:

At 9:20pm, while driving to work and about to turn onto I-205 North, a married woman witnessed a peculiar triangular pattern of lights (she could not see a solid object joining them). The leading light was higher than the back two. She said that "the points of light were way to far apart to be any plane or aircraft I have EVER seen!" The white/yellowish colored lights took turns pulsating rather than flashing. The object was flying lower than a normal military jet would and was visible for approximately 3 minutes. Before she lost sight of them a fourth light, brighter and larger than the others appeared, lower than the rest and appearing to be following the other three (like a tail).

At 10:30pm, while leaving work in downtown Oregon City, Oregon, a 34 year old witness noticed four lights high in the eastern sky in a triangular pattern. The lights didn't appear to be connected by a solid object. "As they rose the formation began to break up and they criss-crossed each other. They gradually faded the higher they climbed, eventually disappearing altogether. As one formation began to fade another rose up over the cliff and a similar pattern was repeated." There were around a dozen lights in total, orange/red in color that did not blink.

© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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