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UFO and Alien Sightings: The Hopkinsville Goblins

Updated on December 1, 2015
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Medvekoma is a fan of the bizarre and the interesting, and loves to read different mysteries time to time, as well as collecting them.


Most alien sightings have many things in common, they are usually on a day of a comet crossing the Earth's atmosphere, there's always a large group of skeptics assaulting them and evidence is frequently nothing but testimonials from witnesses.

The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter differs however. While the former two apply to it, there's such a large amount and wide range of witnesses as well as physical evidence provided that it became one of the most credible extra-terrestrial encounters of the past century.

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The location

The events unfolded between the hamlet of Kelly and the small town of Hopkinsville, in Christian county, Kentucky. This is the location of a certain farmhouse that used to belong to the Sutton family.

The events

This UFO and alien sighting unfolded on the 21st and 22nd of August, 1955. The Sutton family was having a dinner with visitors from Pennsylvania, eleven people in the farmhouse in total. Because the house had no tap water, guest Billy Ray Taylor went outside to fetch water.

When doing so, he sighted a flash of light across the sky which he described in detail later on. He claimed the object to have been disc shaped with rainbow-coloured lights lining the sides. He ran back to the house and told the others who waved him off thinking he merely saw a shooting star.

An hour later, at eight in the evening, the families started hearing strange noises from outside the Sutton farmhouse. The host family's dog began barking and hid underneath the house where he remained for the rest of the encounter.

Bill Ray Taylor and the Sutton patriarch Elmer Sutton left the house to investigate, armed with a shotgun and a .22 rifle. They allegedly saw a creature emerging from the trees, approaching them before they started shooting at it. The creature fled, and thinking that they wounded it, the two men set off to chase it down.

When they stepped off the porch, they saw another creature on the awning, and once again shot at it. The creature fell off, but was left unharmed. The two men returned to the home where Elmer Sutton's brother told them that a creature was peering in through a window. The men set off and fired their guns at the creature, forcing it to flee.


For the next hour or so, the house was terrorized by the creatures. Family members reported numerous sightings with the men of the house shooting at the creatures, only to repel them for minutes before they'd return. One time a creature was shot on point-blank range, still unharmed with the impact sounding like "bullets hitting a metal bucket", as explained by the witnesses. They described the Hopkinsville goblins as having weak, unusable legs, floating around instead of walking with a hip-motion propelling them.

At around eleven in the evening, the families decided to flee the farmhouse instead of fighting back the creatures and drove to the Hopkinsville police station. Police reported that the witnesses were genuinely frightened. They were escorted back to the farmhouse by twenty policemen. The witnesses were later deemed to have been sane, not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Officers interviewed the neighbors who reported the same strange lights, noises and the gunshots they heard from the Sutton farmhouse. Inside, investigators found hundreds of empty shells, bullet holes all over the home and an odd patch of luminescent material at the place where the men reported one of the creatures getting shot.

Police left around two-fifteen in the late night, with the creatures allegedly returning to the house and mister Sutton shooting yet another window to repel one. The creatures forever disappeared after some more haunting, never to return or be seen again.

Later the next day the seven adult family members were interviewed independently by the WHOP radio, giving consistent descriptions of the events. They also had the chance to consult a professional artist who drew sketches of each witness' description, leading to once again consistent pictures of the creatures apart from tiny details. After this interview, the families refused to give any further descriptions because of the major publicity the events gathered.


Skeptic explanations

Skeptics attempted to attack the case on numerous fronts, accusing the families involved of orchestrating a hoax for publicity. While this may be the case, explanations for the happenings and the seemingly genuinely frightened witnesses are still too vague to be considered acceptable.

1957 saw a US air force official leaving the statement that the families probably saw a "monkey painted with silver escaped from a circus", with the imagination of the witnesses exaggerating the events. Ufologists tend to disregard this statement as being an insult to the case itself, as monkeys are very far from the witness descriptions, even if painted silver.

Other ufologists like Renaud LecletIt argue that the creatures could have been owls that were agitated and were defending their nests. Astronomers confirmed that there was a comet sighting that night, with numerous reports from the area including police officers claiming that they saw the shooting star, which could provide the explanation for the UFO, although not the creatures.

© 2015 Medvekoma


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    • Medvekoma profile image

      Medvekoma 2 years ago from Durham, United Kingdom

      That's what I find rather intriguing in these sightings. I'm quite the skeptic myself, yet some are left unanswered despite so much effort towards finding a credible explanation.

    • kalinin1158 profile image

      Lana Adler 2 years ago from California

      Interesting. Never heard of that encounter. As phantasmagorical as the account of these creatures is, the skeptics' explanations are even more unbelievable. Owls? Monkeys painted silver? Sounds like another weather balloon :)

    • Linnea Lewis profile image

      Linnea Lewis 2 years ago from South Carolina, USA

      What weird aliens. I always liked alien witness accounts and this is one of the strangest accounts I've ever seen. Good hub!