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Dramatic UFO Encounters Coincide with Triple Day Cycle Peaks

Updated on March 28, 2015
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MUFON UFO Journal author (March 1995, June 1996). Self published on UFO Window website from 1997 to 2002. Hubpages articles began late 2011.

Depiction of an alleged meeting between aliens and military officials at Holloman AFB on March 25, 1964.
Depiction of an alleged meeting between aliens and military officials at Holloman AFB on March 25, 1964. | Source

Loading the Bases for UFO Sightings

In past hubs, I have mentioned fairly regularly that, rather than a Wednesday Phenomena causing more sightings than usual on a Wednesday, I am convinced that there are UFO day cycles that peak at various days of the week due to them being the result of periods or cycles that are either a bit more or less than a full week in length. In an attempt to validate them, I have actively tried to determine when all three might peak together. Recently I was able to pin down just when all three proposed UFO Day Cycles: A, B & C (presently estimated to be 7.1436 days, 7.0076 days, and 6.76 days in length) would peak in unison. I have discovered an 8058 day or 22 year and 22 day main cycle and two sub-cycles within that period of 4779 days or 13 years and 30 days and a period of 3279 days or 8 days shy of 9 years. Interestingly, there is another cycle between the two subcycles of 1500 days exactly but it is only accurate for two of the three peaks (with Day Cycle C being about 21 hours off in it's peak when compared to the other two). More accurate sub-cycles of short duration are 378.5 days and multiples of that (757, 1135.5, 1514, and 1892.5 days) following one of the triple peak day cycle days given in the chart below. The most reliable period or best refined at this point is the longest one (UFO Day Cycle A).

Using the three main cycles and a starting date of 4/25/1977, when there were two dramatic UFO encounters in Brazil and it is believed that all three Day Cycles peaked together, I traced backwards and forwards to determine similar dates before and after that date.

22 Years +22 Days............ 9 Years -8 Days.................... 13 Years +30 Days
Before/After 4/25/77.......... Before Left Column Date...... Before Left Column Date

2021/06/10........................ 2012/06/17........................... 2008/05/10

1999/05/18........................ 1990/05/26........................... 1986/04/17

1977/04/25........................ 1968/05/03........................... 1964/03/25

1955/04/03........................ 1946/04/11............................ 1942/03/03


As can be seen above, 6/17/2012 is the next such date to come up on the horizon. During such a peak, sightings can be more numerous, especially in the high strangeness/credibility kind or landings, close encounters, and daylight sightings. The peaks extend for one day before and after the peak and for similar three day periods a week before and after the peaks. As an example of this, there were no UFO sightings found for the date 3/3/1942, but if you add a day and then subtract a week you get 2/25/1942 which was the "Battle of Los Angeles" UFO encounter (which actually occurred mostly over Long Beach, California). Interestingly there were no UFO sightings located for the date 3/11/1933, but there was a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Long Beach, California that day that caused the death of 120 people.

Project Blue Book personnel in 1964, then directed by Major Hector Quintanilla (seated)
Project Blue Book personnel in 1964, then directed by Major Hector Quintanilla (seated)

Too Peculiar to Be Believed?

Another interesting date is 3/25/1964. On this day, as the story goes (dismissed by most serious UFO researchers as a hoax) an alien saucer landed at Holloman AFB in New Mexico, big nosed aliens then exited the vehicle and met with military officials. Since this date just happened to fit in with a triple peak of my proposed day cycles I have decided to look into this matter in more detail. It would appear that serious UFO researchers have been baited by government agencies with this reported encounter in the past. My impression is that there may be something to the event but, in a concerted effort by clandestine government operations, the waters have been muddied surrounding it so as to both discredit it and any UFO researcher who would dare to get near it. Ufologists who have gotten too close to the story include Linda Moulton Howe and Robert Emenegger. There may actually have been more than one landing of alien saucers at Holloman. One story has then President Eisenhower meeting with aliens who landed in at least one of two craft there on 2/9/1955. The 3/25/1964 date for the landing of one of three craft seems to be accurate although Emenegger was told by his sources that it occurred in May, 1971.

In May 1968, from the 2nd through the 5th (surrounding a 5/3/1968 triple UFO Day Cycle peak date) there were many interesting UFO sightings throughout the world. There was a higher percentage of unexplainable events than usual during this period. While 1968 was a big year for UFOs, 1986 was not and thus there are only a few noteworthy European reports for the triple UFO Day Cycle peak date of 4/17/86.

The day before the next triple UFO Day Cycle peak day or on May 25, 1990, there is a report of a huge disc shaped UFO over a military area in Mary, Turkey. The object reportedly beamed damaging rays at missiles and two jets that apparently were trying to pursue it (from Timothy Good's book Alien Update).

A second-hand report revealed by Peter Davenport at the National UFO Reporting Center is of a sighting that occurred on 5/18/1999 near Satellite Beach, Florida's Patrick AFB. An oval object was observed in the area and several planes were dispatched from the air base to pursue it.

More than usual daylight sightings occurred on the next triple peak date of 5/10/2008 in Australia, the US, and Germany (per the National UFO Reporting Center). Shortly, on 6/17/2012, another triple UFO Cycle Day peak will occur. As I state earlier, this should bring more rare type or stranger than usual sightings beginning on 6/9 (a week and a day before the peak) to 6/11, cresting on 6/16 to 6/18, and ending the period on 6/23 to 6/25. The best days of each 3 day groups are expected to be the central days and each day following those (6/10-11, 6/17-18, and 6/24-25).

© 2012 Joseph Ritrovato


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