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Understanding Dreams; how to influence, record and interpret dreams

Updated on December 15, 2010

Since being interested in dreams I have bought no end of dream interpretation books and if your anything like me you will notice that they are all a bit different but sometimes you look through them and just cannot find what you are looking for? I was like that until I found a different kind of dream interpretation book and one I wanted to share with you. I will be giving you an idea of the what the book has to offer but more letting you know what my thoughts are and also a little interpretation for you.

Understanding Dreams - Paul Roland

This book isn't your ordinary A-Z of interpreting dreams, it starts with the first section "The science of sleep and dreams" which explains why we sleep, what makes us sleep, what the scientist say and so much more. He goes on to explain the 5 stages of sleep, sleep deprivation and hallucination which is great if you want to figure out what it all means

The second section of the book: The Dream-Worker" explains everything on recalling your dreams, keeping a journal, dream meditation, visualisations and how to lucid dream. This is a wonderful in depth section to help you develop more with your dreams and try out different ways to ensure you capture every moment.

The next section of the book is my favourite and instead of A-Z like normal dream books this book is sectioned into different topics so no more A - Apple, if you dream of an apple it indicates......etc etc. instead it has for example "committing a crime", "Broken Objects" or "losing something". To me this is a much easier way to interpret dreams because if you do dream of "losing something" how can you interpret that in a normal dream book as dreams are very strange and you may not be aware of what you have lost so this is a great way to interpret dreams that you don't have all the symbols or facts, it lets you interpret a scenario instead of a "thing" or "object". If you have more than one dream book then this is even better because you can use them all to really get a good interpretation.

I have put together a little taster of some scenario interpretations for you:

Committing a crime - Its quite common to dream of committing a crime and this can cause anxiety, the worry is that such a dream might indicate that we will inadvertently commit a crime in the future, or that it is indicating repressed impulses. Such a dream can also relate to fear of being falsely accused of something or of being persecuted for an inadvertent error. However the most likely meaning is that the dream represents a comparatively insignificant action in the distant past which we have regretted for so long that it has been magnified by the subconscious to the point where it now demands to be dealt with.

Undressing - Undressing in public indicates that the dreamer feels restricted and subconsciously harbours a desire to throw off inhibitions and discard conventions and conditioning, in search for a new identity. If the attendant emotion is one of unease, it could indicate a fear of being ridiculed or exposed for imagined failings.

Hunger and thirst - It is likely the appetites are symbols of hunger and thirst for something the dreamer does not possess at present, such as a house similar to the one in which the meal takes place, the money necessary to pay for similar luxuries, the ability to be at ease socially without being self-conscious, or even the undivided attention of the person they are doing it with.

Odd and even numbers - Odd numbers are generally representative of the mysterious, intuitive, unknown an unpredictable elements in life, whereas even numbers represent the familiar and practical everyday elements. However, in ancient Greece even numbers were considered to symbolize feminine, passive qualities and odd numbers the active and masculine qualities.

Youthfulness - If the contexts of the dream indicates that the youth is not the male aspect of the self. embodying enthusiasm for life, then it is likely to be telling you to look for something of relevance from this period. Instead of presenting ourselves in this guise in the dream the unconscious may even use a youthful image of someone that we know well to make the same point. Perhaps the dreamer is struggling with feelings or a situation to one at an earlier age? If so, the unconscious could be hinting that the solution lies within the lessons of that previous experience.

Broken objects - These are often connected with the suspicion that life is not all that it could be, that we have been let down, ill-used or fobbed off with shoddy goods or an unsatisfactory explanation. It could also imply that we do not believe that we have what we need to fulfil our present needs or future ambitions. If the damaged object is a container in which we need to carry something crucial, such as water to put out a fire or sand to help build a house, it indicates the feeling that time is running out for something we are desperate to complete and possibly the fear that our efforts are being undermined by less conscientious people.

Seasons - In dreams the backdrop can be as significant as the detail. The traditional interpretation of the seasons as representing the phases of life, with spring corresponding to childhood, summer to youth, autumn to maturity and winter to old age, are still relevant and revealing. The weather can have great symbolic significance, reflecting the way it dictates our choice of activities and affects our mood.

So as you can see its so much more in depth than just an A-Z dictionary with a lot more meaning than just symbols and objects in dreams. The book is such a wonderful in depth book which really makes you look differently at your dreams but also gives you the understanding of different kinds of dreams and above all why we dream. I highly recommend you try to keep a journal of your dreams because even if you don't understand them or cannot figure out how to interpret them at least you will have some weirdly amazing material for your writing.

Do you keep a dream journal

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    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 5 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Dreams have always made me wonder about their meaning. Good hub. Voted up.

    • Vin Chauhun profile image

      Vin Chauhun 5 years ago from Durban

      interesting........i don't know if U will get a chance to reply to my comment....there was a time, long time ago i dreamed of jumping from building to building or very big distances...i wonder what that could mean ...

    • Fluffy77 profile image

      Fluffy77 6 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      Well done hub here, very nice to see others working with there dreams too. I believe it to be a growing, learning, and very important part of our lives here.

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      I really need to start keeping a dream journal. I very seldom remember my dreams.

    • Susan Miles profile image

      Susan Miles 7 years ago

      Like this Hub!! I keep a dream journal from time to time. I find it interesting to analyze my dreams. Have you ever have the same dream more than once?

    • Rickrideshorses profile image

      Rickrideshorses 7 years ago from England

      Fascinating, I always try to remember my dreams when I wake up. Astral projection is really interesting, too.

    • John MacNab profile image

      John MacNab 7 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

      This hub has me thinking vicki. I don't keep a dream diary but I may start soon. Thank you.

    • vicki simms profile image

      vicki simms 7 years ago from northamptonshire

      Thank you IdiditAlready and Dawn71 for your comments, its good to see that people do keep journals. It really is fascinating what they mean, I don't think I will ever get bored of it :)

    • Dawn71 profile image

      Dawn71 7 years ago from UK

      Nice hub. The book sounds great Vicki, I may just have a look for it! The interpretations not being one word objects etc is a definite plus. I used to keep a journal, my memory is very good for dreams, three pages of writing is not unusual for me for one dream. People who have offered to interpret for me before don't offer much any more! ;)

    • IdiditAlready profile image

      IdiditAlready 7 years ago

      I do keep a journal. I do not keep it up however I usually put in the really weird ones.