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Understanding the World Mothers East and West

Updated on October 7, 2009
Mother Mary of Catholicism
Mother Mary of Catholicism
Kuan Yin of Buddhism
Kuan Yin of Buddhism

The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother and The World Mother are two titles that have been used to define the Mother aspect of God in the systems of religious philosophies that I have studied through the years.The sacred mysteries of the world's religions have purveyed a continuous stream of understanding that God is Father and Mother, God has Father and Mother aspects. The ultimate True story of where and why Omega got divided out from Alpha in history is still a mystery, but I can reiterate a few of the "clues" that I have discovered in my studies that have offered me solace of the Unity of the Holy Family above and below/ within.

Believing of course, that one's spiritual path is subjective and totally an individual understanding, I can only speak from my own perspective. But as with my philosophy, that taking in the perspectives of others can be beneficial, I will share with you some of my soul perceptions. Make use of them as you will.

The wholeness of God is: Father, Mother, Son and HolySpirit in the heaven world of Energy. These Energies of the Holy Family come into our dimension of life (as the white light that separates out into the colors of the rainbow) in the forms of the family: father, mother, son and daughter.

We as individuals, choose to allow the heavenly Energies of the Holy Family into our earthly family by coming to understand gradually, more and more, our spiritual life and our human life and how they are One. This is a lifetime endeavor, creating a stream of Energy in a figure eight flow between heaven and earth, as our consciousness expands.

To put it more plainly, our soul is born into a biological circumstance where we are to learn the ways of love/acceptance in all the aspects of God: as a father, a mother, a son, or a daughter. Because we have within our soul what psychological patterns we learned in life of what it means to be a part of a family (whatever "type" of family you were raised within, or lack thereof), the soul gradually raises to God consciousness...or not. But I do believe it is the ultimate life goal to seek God, no matter how unpleasant our life circumstance is.

For instance, where, as a daughter, I had certain types of interactions with my earthly father that were less than ideal: he was never home, so busy working, that we didn't develop a healthy father/daughter relationship.This left a psychological pattern in my soul of what it means to be a father. This pattern of absence, unkindness, lack of emotional self-control, etc., were less than the God the Father pattern of always being present, if not physically at least emotionally/spiritually, of love and kindness, and eternal patience. So within my being I was experiencing that this unhealthy pattern of fatherhood was what God the Father is like...hence, because of other factors, as well, this stuck very deep within me and I ended up not thinking/believing much of God the Father.

And so it goes with each interaction of each type of relationship with family members. This expands out into the other types of relationships we have in the world. And we ultimately have a world of dysfunction. Losing the love and understanding between God and earthly relationships. Our soul wants and needs these good examples to become internal patterns so badly, and rightfully so, because our soul (that is our feelings, our psychology, and often hidden in our subconscious) knows of the Oneness that is Truth, even though our conscious mind may not be totally aware; so the soul prods us to seek healing and understanding. We are, each of us, intended to Be whole within our self as Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit (Daughter). me...the Divine Mother becomes the World Mother, in representatives, as examples to help us create better internal patterns of Mother, such as Mother Mary of Catholicism, Kuan Yin of Budhhism, the female aspects personified within Hinduism, the feminine sefirot (aspects of Shekhinah) of the Kabbalah, the Yin in the Tao of Yin/Yang, and all the others of the world's religions and philosophies through the ages; and of course our earthly mothers. God the Father/Mother, was trying to tell everyone the same thing, but it was heard and personified in various ways in the different cultures across the planet.

I also have a theory about Paganism. Again, from my limited perspective at this point in time, like any other religion or philosophy, Paganism used to be an honoring of the Holy (Whole-y) Family, but at some point before Abraham, became separated in the minds of humanity and they began to honor only the Mother aspect of God. And that was why Abraham got " heavenly input" to start focusing on the Father aspect; because a balance needed to be re-acquired. Though of course, I think, things got all out of whack with many wives and slaves, etc. He was after all living in an imperfect human body and mind, and as everyone else, prone to error, but as a prophet he was able to "hang onto" more of the Truth as he received it and as was needed at that time.

And so, also, the understandings of Mother Earth, means to me an honoring of God Energy that is in and is the Creation of the Earth and all hereon that is natural, to be treated with respect for mutual need. The earth needs us to care for and continue life and we need the earth to continue our life. Just another manifestation of the balance that perpetuates life; an eco-system.

The analogy of Eve being from the rib of Adam, I interpret as symbolic of process that out of Apha/Omega, Father/Mother God, The Energy that is Alpha, that comes out of the Wholeness of God and that is used to create Matter (Mater/Mother), and to show the stepped down action of that Energy (i.e. as the Holy Family becomes the earthly family) and is to help us to understand the figure eight flow of that Energy; be grateful for it and view this energy of life as sacred and that is our sacred sustenance.

I believe in a progressive revelation of God and in an evolution of the soul of each individual. Most of us are moving forward/upward (increasing in vibratory rate) toward God/Oneness, even if we think we are not or haven't even thought about it! The few souls that are choosing not to move toward Oneness, their energies will eventually be regenerated, still a part of the Oneness, but whose soul consciousness will be dissolved, and no longer be a soul with the opportunity to evolve to higher states of awareness through living another life on earth or evolve between earthly lives.

I would like to share a poem and some affirmations that can be used in the Science of the Spoken Word (see my Hub on this subject) to speak to our soul of her Oneness as Father and Mother, as Son and Holy Spirit (Daughter).

Prayer To The World Mother*

O Mother of the World, we are all children of thy heart--

Kept apart by triviality, We remain separate from thy cosmic ecstasy.

Passion of cosmic freedom, when denied to all, bind blind mankind to sensedom, do enthrall.

To fight each other we are pledged-- by dreadful doings, dining on man's shoddy, senseless

spewings of aborted patterns, charged with hate-- delusion's senseless, fate confusions.

Do thou now, Great Silent Mother, teach thy children how to have no other

Than thyself--to hold our hands from mortal error, to keep our minds from mortal terror,

To seal our hearts in purpose now supreme, to forge thy cosmic union--Reality, God-dream.

Long the night has vacant been from the Light of thy radiant Manchild;

Standing in the sun of united Oneness, we confess to loss of happiness.

Thy office of pure Light fears no competition; let non doubt thee, but find instead

Attunement with thy blessed head of hallowed thought; Thy Love, which flows from glowing

heart of cosmic dreams from God's own musing, clears the air from each confusing dream

of man that splits, divides, and saws asunder many lives until all wonder,

Where's the blunder lying 'neath our feet?

Shall it defeat us evermore-- never to pause and take our store with all our reason, wisdom

evanescent, vanishing to a point of nihilism?

I AM a child of cosmic diligence; Immaculate is thy concept of my willingness to be God-taught,

To learn to love, to shatter matrices of dense desire.

O Cosmic Mother, from thy lofty star position, set my heart afire!

May I move by impulse of thy Love To the Fount of Brotherhood

Where, washing feet of all my competitors, I shall serve them all and see Poseidon rise,

The new Atlantis of our Allness, nevermore to sink into the smallness

Of the lesser self that raiseth Cain.

I AM able now to serve and reign as thy beloved Son.

Affirmations of Alpha and Omega*

I AM Alpha

I AM Omega

I AM one in the heart of Love

I AM the manifestation of the Flame of God

I AM fearlessness, for I AM one with Alpha

I AM the magnificent Reality of the Flame, I AM one with Omega

I AM the seed of the whole creation

I AM Omega, the key that will unlock the future of a planet and a people

I AM the perfect balance of the androgynous nature of the Father/Mother God

I AM the magnet of the Love of Alpha and Omega

I AM the rediscovery of the I AM THAT I AM

I AM Unity

There is so much more I could say about the feminine and mothers. But I don't like to write excessively long hubs. There is enough here to chew on for a while!

Please ask any questions, or offer opinions.

I AM (God in me IS !) learning to accept my self as the best Father, Mother, Son and Holy Spirit in manifestation that I can be, and becoming/realizing I am more so each day. Which to me means, among many other attributes, that I AM strong and fearless (Father), understanding and merciful (Mother), intelligence that is wisdom (Christ Minded), a soul filled with the Holy Spirit sharing Love and healing with all people (Daughter).

Many Blessings to You all today!

Sparkling Jewel

Sources for additional reading on the Divine Mother and her important connection in history of religious matters, check out the published books by: Elaine Pagels, i.e. Adam, Eve and the Serpent ; The Gnostic Gospels; Visions, Appearances, and Apostolic Authority; The Gnostic Paul: Gnostic Exegesis of the pauline Letters; Elizabeth Clare Prophet,i.e. Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine, Jesus' Lost Teachings on Woman ; The Lost Teachings of Jesus ; Margaret Starbird, i.e. The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail ; Magdalene's Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity ; The Goddess in the Gospels: Reclaimiing the Sacred Feminine ; Nicolas Notovitch The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ ; Ean Begg The Cult of the Black Virgin ; Susan HaskinsMary Magdalene: Myth and Metaphor ; Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince The Templar Revelation: Secret Guardians of teh True Identity of Christ ; John Temple Bristow What Paul Really Said about Women: An Apostle's Liberating Views on Equality in Marriage, Leadership and Love ; Karen Jo Torjesen When Women Were Priests: Women's Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity ; Ruth A. Tucker and Walter L Liefield Daughters of the Church: Women and Ministry from New Testament Times to the Present ; "Divine Wholeness" in Pearls of Wisdom, Mother Mary August 15, 1981 online archives of Church Universal and Truimphant ; G.R.S. MeadFragments of a Faith Forgotten ; Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare ProphetThe Masters and Their Retreats ; Keys to the Kingdom and New Dimensions of Being ; The Path of the Higher Self ; James M. Robinson The Nag Hammadi Library ; Marvin Meyer The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus: The Definitive Collection of mystical Gospels and Secret Books about Jesus of Nazareth ; James Churchward The Lost Continent of Mu ; Karen L, King Images of the Feminine in Gnosticism....

The list of books goes on and on about the Divine Woman and the relationship between male and female in history...go out and find The Divine Mother for yourself !

*"Prayer To The World Mother" and "Affirmations of Alpha and Omega" are from Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc. 1967 & 1976

Mothers of the World

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