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Universal Salvation and the one way street. Folks claim to know the rule of God's heart, stay clear of them.

Updated on August 28, 2014

I bet you that Christ had a few scars on his face.

come on, rock fights, fishing, carpentry countless days hiking in the wilderness. No special surgeons.
come on, rock fights, fishing, carpentry countless days hiking in the wilderness. No special surgeons. | Source

Do not comment here, unless you can take the heat.

Universalism is very poorly put forth by proponents of the notion. Universal Salvation is very poorly understood but at the very heart of Christiandom or the Kingdom of Christ. Just ignore the term but look at the concept that God can and will save just who and when and how He wants to save. No where in the book does it say, "God cannot save you from yourself".

The best selling book the world has ever known has many authors. It is the book of life. We love other books and we hate some of the history of this best seller. It is ourselves we do not like. Our book shows mans worst behavior. But perhaps his best.

The book on the hardest study reveals Christ is the only way to salvation.

If that bothers you, get a life. Christ is our intercessor. Get over it. But here is something else you need to get over.

Christ decides, not morons who think they decide who Christ will decide who will go to heaven. These evangelist strict constructionists think they get to decide. How mundane and egotistical.

Just because Christ is the only route to heaven does not mean we get to choose. OK fine we can. But so can He. My wife did not choose Christ, she did not come to Jesus! Jesus came to her. Neither does death hold us down. There are no boundaries or impossibilities or rules for God.

Just how smart are you?

Are you aware of any restrictions placed on God?

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Do not listen to this if you do not want to be infected

Wake up! The Gospels are Gospels of Love, as different as love is they are different.

How do you not take a record of wrongs? Love. I ask everyone and anyone: What is the best part of you. What of you is closer to your concept of God than God?

The definition of Love is Jesus Christ. The definition of Jesus Christ is Love. Non-believers are welcome to love. You are not restricted. There are no chains. You do not need to know dogma or liturgy or history, what you need to know is love. That love cannot die. That love cannot be bad, it cannot be a hell. If you know love that is what will be your eternal soul and being.

Love is the creation and realization of any notion of God. Jesus who walked this earth was Love. If you "know" Jesus you know love, and if you know love you know Jesus.

Suggesting one interpretation is a child's errand.

If you can read it you can interpret it for yourself and probably should.
If you can read it you can interpret it for yourself and probably should. | Source

What is your job?

Your job on this earth is about you. What impact do you have and why. Your job sure as shooting is not to judge the afterlife of someone else. That is lunacy. Does anyone have their own house in order well enough to straighten their neighbors? No. What plank in your eye have you removed worthy to let you judge the splinter in another's?

Who here has earned the right to judge eternal life?

If you have truly loved another you have earned God's love.
If you have truly loved another you have earned God's love. | Source

These mental arthritic folks who claim exact intention of God are false Prophets.

There is peace and understanding to the man who knows his own heart, and leaves the heart of God to know His own.

You are not and I am not the boss.

A man started his first day at a new job in a big office. He had a handout of rules. Things were explained. There we memos to follow and there were email directives for conduct. And there was a bulletin board with announcements. And the man had a supervisor and a employee handout.

Nowhere in any of the stuff did he find a rule or rules for the boss.

One day the boss came through and promoted two people on a whim. He had a bimbo on each arm, was smoking in the office and clearly drunk. The man noticed all the rule violations. He checked them off in his head and a piece of paper. The boss violated every single rule.

The new man gathered himself together and walked up to confront the boss. And he did. He said "boss, I love you, and thank you much for my job, is there anything I can do for you more than make you money by my work?" The man was made President of the company on the spot.

We do not put restrictions on the boss, we serve Him. Get promoted. Do not restrict others because you think you have a safe job.

The point is that we can understand that the boss is always right on this planet but we have a hard time not putting restrictions on God.

The Bottom Line

God is not controlled by man. If He is then He is man made and of no use save a myth. As soon as man puts restrictions on God then he is saying "I shall make God in the image that I choose". God is and can be all things to all people.

In the Sistine Chapel there are drawings of God. And they are magnificent.The paintings are historic in their own right and are something to see that is for sure. However they are not meant to tell us that "this is how God looks". They are meant as dramatic paintings of praise as best we can do.

We praise God for what He has done. Yet we do not understand fully what He can and will do. The Holy Bible is instructional for man, not a rule book for God. It is not meant to suggest that God is restricted to what is written therein.

In Jonah we learn that God saved the sinful city of Nineveh. Because He could. He saved Jonah because He could not because He had to save Jonah. As with saving Shadrach. And on and on.

So when we say we must do this or that to be saved for eternity, we are really saying that this is all that we can do. And even then there is no guarantee. And certainly if we do not do this or that we can still be saved if God so chooses. Deadly sins are for us to consider. God is not restricted to not forgive us. That would be mans doctrine and not that of God.

For what it is worth department

This article was written by Eric Dierker. I reserve all rights to this article and desire no duplication without attribution. On the other hand feel free to share the content just let folks know where it came from. Copying it and claiming it as your own would be stupid and subject you to my legal harassment of you. Besides if someone asked you what it meant you would not know so yes it is copyright protected as original work by me. Just leave a comment to ask to use it elsewhere and please share it.

To read more by this fascinating author visit, Eric Dierker on Facebook and Pinterest and my sweet blog resipsaloquitor on google blogs.

OK I admit it, I need more publicity. If you steal this content please let me know so I can make a big deal out of it and get some press time.


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    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Thank you Christopher, Indeed the world is strange.

    • christopheranton profile image

      Christopher Antony Meade 

      5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

      Great hub Eric. I expected the guy in your story to get sacked. Instead he got promoted. The world is strange.

    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Mommy Needs a Nap, I am so. I am chosen. How wonderful and also how sad for those who do not know it. Yet they will. Happy Happy and happy is what me and mine say!!!

    • Mommy Needs a Nap profile image

      Michelle Clairday 

      5 years ago from Arkansas

      Jesus is the only way. I love that you made that very clear and that you pointed out that He chose us. How precious and humbling to be chosen!

    • Ericdierker profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      The it is a hard concept to really grasp, I am glad you obviously have. Have a great weekend.

    • MrsBrownsParlour profile image

      Lurana Brown 

      5 years ago from Chicagoland, Illinois

      "You do not need to know dogma or liturgy or history, what you need to know is love. " Yes!


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