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Upliftment of Women

Updated on June 19, 2016

Upliftment of Women

Women who make half the population of this world are suppressed by the so called male dominated society. Why do they have to face such disparity? Average women of this world are victim of some or the other action of men.Why always women? We keep saying that the world is growing, its changing, women are becoming aware of their rights but how many of them are actually being benefited. The crimes like eve teasing,molestation,not only at homes but at offices is also on increase as the percentage of working women is on rise. The number of rape cases have increased many folds as compared to data available of previous years.

In spite for working in 9-6 shifts, they are expected to be home and cook for the family, they do not get tired while men working as per the same schedule do not even enter the cooking places. They are tired and it is the women who is responsible to complete all the household cores. Isn't it stupidity? its it a satire on our parents, who inculcate in our minds from the very beginning that it is the sole responsibility of a women to handle the household stuff? It takes two people who make a house "a home" and when women are expected to contribute equally towards the finances, why not are they being recognized in other fields?

Women must be aware of their Rights

Women have proved themselves in various arenas, they are better managers than men, not only at homes but at work places also, but still lots of women are unaware of their capabilities. All the women of world must join hands,against the disparity and discrimination they have to face on day to day basis, women must not remain quiet and bear the injustice as it does nothing but increases their pain.They must revolt and fight back as the question is not about gender equality, it is about how important they are in the society. Men and women can never be equal, both are important in their own ways, there can be no life on Earth in the absence of one.

Women Empowerment

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    • sunitibahl9 profile image

      SBHK 22 months ago from India

      thats true

    • profile image

      amit rath 3 years ago

      its nice and i want to add something to this very beautiful topic ,there are many women who have great ideas in their mind but fail to implement because of various reasons. so my suggestions for them is to try to implement it and its very easy due to the development of the internet system. you can make your own site and share the things you are very good at .for example if you all are very good at cooking then you can share your recipe. by this people on the net will follow you and you can make a very handsome money using that. this is my suggestion which may help in the up liftment of women in our society

    • profile image

      Sapan rai 5 years ago

      To be checked stricked