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Influence or Influenced.. Thinking for Yourself? REALLY?

Updated on August 4, 2017

An issue of Influence.

Many things can be said about today's society and the direction that our country is going. With a heap of problems in a troubled Economy there are many things that are taking place right in front of the American people, and they are doing nothing about it.

The time is now that we need to be more aware of what is taking place in our cities and even in our own backyards... What it is that I am talking about are the influence's that are raising today's youth. These influences are coming from the television, or a video game, and even maybe a local neighborhood drug dealer..Something needs to been done, and brought to our attention.

There is a needed time of preparation in the upbringing of a child. This time is essential for the development of the child, and the child's identity. The characteristics a child will be exposed to will determine the adaptation of whom and what they will become later in Life. Like most people, children will imitate their influences at some point in Life.

You reap, what you sow...

For many children in our society they are not concerned with the influence that they are exposed too. They to like most of us want to be their own person and experience life just the same on their own. What it is they don't understand is the consequences for their actions and the results from poor choice that are made at such an early age.

For example "Let’s talk about Sex". Our society is so sexually charged in the media, advertisement industry, and a majority of television shows as well as entertainment industry such as movies. What it is they produce is a standard that is pushed onto the youth in regards to appearances and they activities one will engage into in order to be accepted into the desires "social clubs" if you will, and the status quo of expectations set forth. You have to be and act like this if you want to be popular and get others attention.

How is it that such industries get to define what is beautiful and what is or is not acceptable especially when it comes to behavior and activities that one must partake of to make the grade...?

What it is that is happening is that they are exposing young people to subjects and situations that they have no wisdom concerning, and really should have no understanding of in the first place at such ages.. Then these children imitate what they are seeing and enter into things that are beyond their years and they end up BROKEN and HURT at such a young age and end up with a distorted image of Life and Love, and become even worse later in life because of the pain that they have already endured...

There are many things that can be said, about of a lots of things, but one thing is for sure are we taking the time to notice what is really going on concerning the development of our future leaders? Should we as a people be concerned with the moral standard of our society and the direction it is going?


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