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Using Crystals Without Religious Views

Updated on March 25, 2016

What it is all about

People have long used crystals and religion together. Some feel they are inseparable. They see things as they are without being open-minded about other's beliefs. One of the first needs of using crystals is to be open minded. If someone using crystals does not have their mind open, how can they receive a message or the needed and wanted help? No matter which religion or creed they hail from, every person should be open-minded. Only when the mind closes can it no longer progress beyond its bounds.

This isn't just in religious means, but when someone is learning science or such. If they close their minds to the process or to what they are learning, they wouldn't be able to take in anything more. It is important to note while using the crystals don't have to be religion a fair amount of 'meditation' is involved. What is meant by that is entering a state of calm that allows the mind to explore the issue being experienced. Meditation doesn't have to have mantras chanted or a position entered into, nor does the individual have to make a pact with some entity. Also, that was a joke. Crystals all have different 'frequencies' that can be measured. Science doesn't know what these are exactly but knows they can be measured.

In personal beliefs, these crystals operate on a frequency that alters the persons being. As living creatures, people and animals live on an electric basis. Our nerves are constantly firing neurons. Little bits of electricity are shot from one place to another at such a speed it is near instantaneous. Even our voices are just different frequencies shot at one another. It stands to reason that different frequencies affect us in different ways. Just like the experiment of seeds planted with words of love or words of hate. Or rice being whispered words of hate or love. The experiment can be found with a simple google search.

Each crystal has a metaphysical property that is believed to help with a wide variety of ailments. Some of which are emotional, physical, or spiritual. A lot of articles base the information around the spiritual, bringing in chakras and color into the mix. It doesn't have to be so. If someone doesn't believe in chakras, they don't have to use the crystals for that reason.


Starting to Use Crystals

Crystals, for whatever reason they are being used, can have a positive effect for a person if only to focus their attention on something specific. The human mind can do remarkable things. When focused, it has been seen to heal itself or the body and much more. There's no need to take it to heart immediately. If skeptical, a search will show everything the human mind has been capable of. Crystals can help harness these traits and perhaps focus them to the wearers desire.

It is assumed the reader has some desire or belief in crystals or just curious. Either way, the information will be laid out as if there is belief.

A crystal can be used by directly laying it on the injured area or holding it while the mind focuses on what is desired. For example, if someone wanted to focus on the meaning of their life, they could hold angelite while meditating on it. The user would need to calm their mind, clear it of thought except the feeling of meaning. What do they want with their life? What had they always hoped to accomplish. Further into the article, a step by step meditation will be laid out.

There are many places crystals can be purchased keeping in mind most who sell crystals are religious in some fashion. It's easy to accept their religion as theirs and still accept the crystal from them for use. It's sounds absurd some of the things that are done, but a lot of it has real scientific backing. Links to articles, documentation, and studies will be placed near the bottom.

After the crystal is in hand, some like to purify the crystal with various methods. The least religious would likely to place the stone in a specific place where it can touch the earth and/or be in sunlight or moonlight. As it is not known how this works, it won't be touched on. Personally, it has felt cleaner or better afterwards. Other methods are salt, prayer, white light, other crystals and music. Though, the music would need to be specific. Binaural beats or 'cleansing sounds' can be found on youtube easily. It's important to know some crystals can be poisonous if ingested. Don't eat them even if it sounds like a really good idea.

Crystals as a focus object

Crystals can be useful as a focus object. When you want something specific, you can pick up an appropriately colored crystal or rock and hold it while you think about whatever it is. Whether you use the stone as a 'worry stone' rolling it in your hands as you concentrate or simply hold it enjoying the weight of it, the crystal can be helpful in some fairly basic ways.

If you are studying for a test, you can hold the stone or do a specific motion such as rolling it in your hand. When you are taking the test, holding it and repeating the same motion can help with recall. While this method has generally been used with other things such as gum, scents or such, the same concept applies. A blue stone would be useful as it is calming psychologically. Plus, keeping the hands busy while being required to sit down can be a great benefit to those with conditions such as ADD.


Crystals and Meditation

When using the crystals for meditation, several steps can be taken. You can use the weight or feel of the stone, the 'smell', or any other of your senses. The steps taken for a basic meditation will be listed out here.

1. Be sure you are in a safe and quiet place to meditate. While meditating while driving might sound like a fantastic idea, be assured it's not. Meditation can be quite distracting especially when epiphanies strike. The shock can jolt a person and distract enough, if you were driving it wouldn't go well. Also, only advanced users could keep themselves in a meditative state while fighting a kung fu battle. It takes years of practice, so unless you are a master, let's keep meditation and battles of epic proportion separate for beginning meditators.

2. You can turn on some quiet, non-distracting music with no lyrics. The words of a song can influence the mind and it is important to keep the music neutral. Binaural beats work well as it is neutral and by choosing something in line with what you are seeking. It can help focus. Silence is often preferred, either way, whatever helps you concentrate. The point of meditating is getting the mind NOT to think and to be open to solutions.

3. If you have several crystals, gather them in front of you to be available while you meditate.

4. Take this time to close your eyes and breathe deeply into your belly. Feel it rise and fall. If you need the extra help, guided meditations are available online. If a thought occurs to you, recognize it, be at peace with it and let it drift away as if you are floating on a river and it a leaf on the surface of the water. As you breathe, let your mind focus on the cooling of the breath. The relaxing of your muscles. The calming of your thoughts and emotions.

4. After you feel calm, state what you are wanting to accomplish. Whether you want to know why you feel a certain way or hope to receive help with a health condition, state clearly and positively what you want. Examples are "I want to know why I am so sad" not "Why am I being so whiny?" Be kind to yourself in your questioning. This is all just a learning experience for all of us.

5. Reach out and take the crystal that feels right at this time. Place it where ever you want. On top of the head, on the chest, in your hand. There is no right or wrong. Allow yourself to touch or be aware of the presence of the crystal.

6. Think on what you want to know. Be aware of any judgemental feelings, anger or resentment that may float up. Whatever emotions float up accept them peaceably. Watch and 'listen' as emotions speak in images rather than specific words, or they may remind you of an incident that happened now, yesterday or years before. Watch as a calm observer of your own emotions and thoughts. Let them say whatever they need to say. Calmly acknowledge your feelings letting them come to the surface, bubbling up from within and drifting away or around. Let them exist. Don't fight though you may or may not be afraid. It is important not to shove them away or down. Accept them as they are. Even if it may be scary. Let it be. Your emotions are energy. Once it is no longer contained it can and will dissipate.

7. Keep observing. Any thoughts that surface calmly let go. Vacations, dinner or other distractions can wait a few minutes. Promise them you will get to them and let it go. If the thought is related specifically to what you asked, listen and think on it. Let it evolve and change into your answer. This may take seconds or minutes depending on how calm you have allowed yourself to be or how open you are.

8. Come out of meditation slowly. Stretch, yawn and move around taking a deep breath before standing or sitting up or moving too much. This pulls you out of the meditation and tells your mind it's time to go.

Tip: Be aware the answer may not come immediately. You have stated what you want. If it is an intense question, for example, your mind will still work on it even when you are not 'thinking about it'.

What to do now

There is no specific way a crystal should be used, unless it's a crystal that should NOT be put in water. Using the crystal for your person can be placed anywhere you feel is right for you. If it worked, who's to say it is wrong? The more you practice meditation the easier it will be. It's recommended to meditate at least five to ten minutes a day. Mindfulness is another way to help ease the mind, and there are many guided mindfulness recordings out there.

Be sure to take care of your crystals and research how to for the individual ones. Some of them darken or change when exposed to light, water, or salt. Rose Quartz is one such crystal that shouldn't be placed in sunlight. The rosy color will change to white.

What do you do with your crystals?

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