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Using Tarot Cards to understand your life

Updated on April 18, 2011

How do Tarot Cards work?

I have been an amateur Tarot card reader for over 30 years. By amateur I mean that I never charge and read only for myself or if asked to by friends or strangers.

I always use the same pack, The Crowley pack, which I was lucky enough to be given as a gift when I first started.  I used this pack initially for the extraordinarily beauty of is design, and the endless imagery and beauty of the  cards, I use it now because I am so familiar with it, and feel that it is mine.  The pack must believe I belong to it since it has stuck with me for all these years, and seems determined not to lose me!.

I have never been frightened off by either the technical complexity of learning to do a reading, or by supernatural fears.  The pack and I have jogged along comfortably for many years, gradually getting to know and understand one another, so that I feel that  the pack is now my best friend.  We feel very comfortable when we meet up and work together, and I trust my pack completely.  It has never let me down, or given bad advice.

There is nothing frightening about Tarot reading, after all I'm only playing about with mass produced cardboard pictures, whose to say that that 'THE TAROT' is not a load of old clap-trap anyway, and who am I , certainly not Nostradams nor Poor gullible, (though very clever) Dr Dee to be able to see anything new or true.

I no longer even think about how a few bits of well used old cardboard pictures  can tell me peoples lifestories, past , and present so accurately,  nor how they coluld possibly present future outcomes so precisely.   From experience i just know that they always have, every time, even when I think at the time, that they haven't 'worked' at all.

I am going to bed now, to dream about all this, so I can explain better in my next 'instalment'.

bye now from Maxine

Finding Tarot cards and understanding my life


I understand that right now at silly o'clock sat night/Sun morning, when I should definitely be asleep for to-morrows car boot, early start, that I am not only thinking about them , but am now up and writing about them!.

I was thinking,"I ought to put some pictures of my own cards on the hub and then maybe some lays' and so on and so on. Then...... "it would only take two minutes, I know where they are, exactly".

O really. Went straight to the cover I slip them in for safety, my superior senses drew me to the exact spot on the floor, where, under various layers of sundry collectables and other life detrius, this cover lay, empty!; furthermore the cards weren't lying about anywhere close by. Why.??

Won't bore you with the 2 hours of absolute PANIC, seasoned by the terrible irony of timing and synchronicity that then set in 'til i found them about a foot away, where they normally live in the bookcase right in front of me.

Now I'm otally gone, out for the count, not even funny any more. " I'ts 2 in the norning, and whats more the dawning just woke up the something in me"

I'll see what the cards have to say about this to-morrow, little sods.

Re-reading this, I realise that I did not do a reading next day as promised , but I did interpret a tarot reading for myself in another hub, which is still published under my hubs.

tarot cards

My old Tarot Pck
My old Tarot Pck
The Trump cards
The Trump cards
shuffling 1
shuffling 1
shuffling 2
shuffling 2
The spread resulting from above  personal reading.
The spread resulting from above personal reading.


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