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Using Witchcraft Protection Spells

Updated on August 10, 2010

Using Witchcraft Protection Spells

 Witchcraft protection spells can come in quite handy.  There are many different witchcraft protection spells you can use, each with a special purpose.  There is a lot of good and help that can come from witchcraft spells for instance if you were to use a witchcraft protection spell such as one to help guard you from negativity in your life.  One of the most basic spells used for this is the wolf protection spell and for it you will need three candles two green and one white, a picture of a wolf or wolves, wine or milk, cakes, salt and water mixed together and an essential oil of your choice.

 Once you have everything you need you are ready to go.  You will begin chanting by saying candles three, green and white.  Then you continue with bring protection here this night, the moon is full the sky is clear.  The moon is full, the sky is clear.

 Be protected from harm and bane, come hither come hither, spirits of the wolf strong and great.  To finish the chant you say come hither, come hither, spirits of the wolf strong and great.  Be guarded by this circle and throughout your life and once you are done chanting it should work and you should be protected from evil throughout your life.  A lot of people find that they are dealing with slander because someone is jealous or has vengeance against them for some reason.

 Whether you deserve it or not does not matter and if you want to deal with this slander without putting the other person down, there is a great witchcraft protection spell perfect for this.  You want to get your supplies together and that means a dark altar, one black and white candle, pair of scissors or another utensil to inscribe the candle with, along with some spider webs, a pen and some paper and a calming incense like lavender or jasmine.  For this witchcraft protection spell you simply take two candles, one black and one white, and set one on each side of you.  Write their name into the candle with your scissors and make the circle while saying lady of darkness dark Isis of spells, Hecate, avenging mother, hear us and help us.

 A pair of scissors, pen or other similar instrument would work fine for this.  Then you roll the candle with the person’s name written on it in some juice from the Dieffenbachia plant.  It is important to feel safe and guarded throughout life and these spells help you to do that.  Just remember to only use witchcraft spells that are going to enhance your life and which are not going to harm anyone else.


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