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Using "dream portals" to teleport - Lucid Dream

Updated on March 20, 2016

Using "dream portals" to teleport in a lucid dream

While lucid dreaming you will come across "portals" and can even create them. The portals are doorways that can transport you from place to place and are a great way to navigate your way around a lucid dream.

In lucid dreaming that are many methods of transporting yourself around, walking, driving or even flying but these methods can take a long time to get anywhere exciting and the interesting thing about portals is that they can take you out of the regular mode of transportation, not only can you go from place to place, you can even go from time to time. Time travel!

What will a dream portal look like?

A dream portal can actually look like anything but for obvious reasons they are usually something that you can go through. Mirrors are often dream portal, because mirrors work on real world physics using reflections, the dream world doesn't abide by these and it no longer just becomes a mirror. Step into it and see where it takes you!

Some examples of dream portals

  • Mirrors
  • Holes
  • Tubes
  • Doorways

How do I find a dream portal?

Dream portals can be found almost anywhere in a lucid dream but often your subconscious will place them in everyday scenarios where a door or gate would be. Almost any door you see in a lucid dream will open and you could find they could take you anywhere. One thing i have noticed is that you will often end up somewhere you wouldn't expect, these doorways down always go from room to room. Next time you see a door whilst lucid dreaming, open it up and see where it takes you!

How do I enter a lucid dream portal?

This is the easy part, you just walk through. Once you have got the hang of dream portals you can use holes and you just drop though. The good thing about this is that you don't even need to thinking about it being a portal, sometimes you just walk through and realise you are in a completely different place than you expected. Dream worlds don't work the same way normal reality does so not everything matches up how it should.

Although It really helps if you can focus on where you want to end up but its okay to just let it take you.

You should now be fully prepared to take your lucid dreaming to the next level and start navigating your way around your dreams, your mind and unknown galaxies and times! Let us know how your experience with portals goes.

Author: Dream Lucid


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    • profile image

      Dee 18 months ago

      What about someone entering my dream through a portal? Someone showed up to get me which triggered me into lucid. I could see my own dream and hers through the portal! Crazy! What are your thoughts on this?