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Using star signs to form relationships

Updated on August 10, 2014

A brief overview

If there’s one thing apart from our DNA that sets us apart, it’s our personalities. We all have differing personalities to the extent that sometimes these clash with others around us in a less than favourable way.

For some, this is an everyday part of life and they accept that they can’t get on with everyone. However some people have a different approach to this in that they only surround themselves with individuals that they feel are a close match to themselves, or that they feel can be a great supporter over time but not necessarily an initial match.

Having said that, it can be hard to gauge how well you’d get along with others without investing a large amount of time with them since it would be foolish to instantly dismiss someone within five minutes, unless of course you’re an advocate of the Lemon Law.

With that in mind, one way in which some people filter out the people that they know that won’t gel with is by using their star signs in an attempt to accentuate the positives and dismiss the negatives. This may seem like a strange approach to some, but by using star signs a lot of people find others that they are compatible with. Whether this is due to there being any real basis for the authenticity of stars signs of it is merely a placebo effect is still up for debate.

A look at someone under the sign of Aries

On the flipside though, people of certain signs tend to have unique and exquisite qualities and this is the exact reason why people use star signs to relate to others. A key example of this is aries personality traits. For many, it’s believed that those that fall under the sign for Aries are extremely adventurous individuals. Not only will they undertake exhilarating tasks that they’ve done before, but they’re always willing to stretch out further and learn new things and perhaps even totally do something out of the blue such as changing their career.

Similarly, it’s been seen that time and again that those that are Aries’, they have a great sense of style and take an exceptionally high level of pride in their appearance and they appreciate others that do the same. They carry themselves with a certain flair and they’re always willing to go the extra mile and spend as much money as possible in order to make sure they look as great as possible.

If there’s one case whereby an Aries will excel, it’s when it comes to a committed relationship. When an Aries is in one, they’re in it for the long haul. One thing I’d like to point out is that this is regardless of sex, in that both male and females have been classes as being just as committed and faithful when they fall under this sign. Not only do they love the one they’re with, but they also go the extra mile to make sure that their partner will never want for anything and that they’ll always be as happy as they can make them.

It's not all positive...

With that being said, no one is totally perfect. Whilst Aries’ are normally very placid, they can also be very arrogant which is an offset of how adventurous they are, as well as their grooming and overall appearance. This is something which really goes hand in hand with the positives of this star sign, although for many this is the perfect balance or the ying and yang if you will.

With that being said, it’s really up to you now if you feel that it’s appropriate to judge an opinion on someone based on their star sign. Although in some ways it’s no different from basing your career and life as a whole on horoscopes and adapting your daily routine around a pre-determined suggestion of what will happen in that day.

If anything though, it could be a great way to strike up a conversation with new people and see how your friend ship develops as you discuss just how intricate this approach to developing opinions of people is, and if it is really something you should employ when talking to said new person.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, and any and all feedback is appreciated as always.


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    • Crystalhubbard profile image

      Crystal Hubbard 

      4 years ago from Tulsa,Ok

      Well by reading the title I thought you would be writing about all signs Lol.

      Good piece


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